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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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January 07, 2012


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Great start by Gruden. They are executing very sharp on offense. Can he keep it up?

they played okay until the pick 6. But don't look good to open second half.

One last drop by. I figured it was fitting since this will likely be the last time anyone posts here for a while.

The whole point of this site was to pt presure on Mike Brown to make some wholesale changes in leadership. Until you correct the issues at the top, you will not see lasting improvement in this team. It is true of any organization, not just football.

Then the Bengals get the softest schedule and win nine games and folks here take off the pressure and are ready to Anoint the Bengals to Sainthood.

The reality is the Bengals just got handled by a weak team. A team that isn't the same team that won ten games. Texas has a rookie quarterback pressed into service and other injuries that made them skid into the playoffs. And the Texans took care of business.

I hope that those of you who still follow the team will learn from this. Twenty-one seasons. No playoff wins. You could be legal to drink and still not lived long enough to see the Bengals win ONE game in the playoffs in an era where six do it be default each year.

This game proved that 9-7 was a fluke of the schedule. Next year will be tougher and the record will be 6-10 again.

See you next year at this time. Actually about a week earlier.

Outside of Marvin Lewis and his awful challenges and game management, the biggest reasons they lost this game were all Mike Brown mistakes.

1. Not resigning Eric Steinbach 5 years ago. Livings is terrible and the LG play has been awful since '05.

2. Chris Crocker.

3. Pacman Jones

4. Not resigning Jonathan Joseph before LAST season. Not this past off season.

You obviously did not read my breakdown the other day. The Texans are not weak. In fact they are the most complete team on the AFC side of the playoffs, second to the Ravens. They only "limped" into the playoffs at the end b/c they were playing backups the last two games, resting hurt players.

I would not be surprised if they upset the Ravens next week. That is going to be a great game, and I am betting the AFC Champion comes out of that game. If they get to play the Steelers they will destroy them.

The thing this game displayed, quite clearly, is that the Bengals need to upgrade the following spots:
1. OG - Livings gave up at least two sacks. IF they don't replace him, I will be fucking livid. They also need a RG.
2. CB - Leon Hall injured killed them. Jones is a good nickel these days not a #1 going one-on-one with Johnson.
3. Safety - Crocker and/or Nelson need replaced.
4. DT - Most importantly on the defense, they NEED a run stuffer to free up the LB's - something they clearly lacked today. Peko is great depth, but not the stud that they need. Atkins is good, but he is better in the pass rush, which is why he is a Pro Bowl alt.
5. WR - They need someone to compliment Green, Simpson just hasn't improved enough.

The key question is who is in charge. If Mike is removed from decision making, which there is evidence that may indicate that might be happening in PBS (see He had arisen). I may be wrong, but if correct this team will get better since he is a dumb ass. If they draft a RB and LB with their 1st two picks, and don't do shit in FA, then it is time to storm the gates.

Evan Mathis could have played where Livings was.

Yeah? What time is Evan Mathis' game this weekend? When a Bengals lineman goes to Philadelphia, the Eagles don't do anything (see: Andrews, Stacy) - serves them right.

Seeing Evan Mathis received votes in the All-Pro voting made me vomit in my mouth.

Anyone else feel like our D-line got shafted on holding calls? I know we screwed ourselves in many other ways, but how many times are the refs gonna watch the Texans O-line chokehold our players before they throw the flag. Play after play, on critical third downs, Foster got to the line and the hole was stuffed. But no one could make the tackle because they were being held, so he would just bounce it outside for 7 easy yards. Yeah, we made a ton of mistakes, but they wouldn't have been game killing if the refs wouldn't have just let them run all over us.

@Wyatt: I don't know what "logic" you claim to be using, but there's this counterargument from Pro Football Focus:

"10. Evan Mathis, OG, Philadelphia Eagles

If you’ve been with us here at PFF for a while, you are probably well aware of Evan Mathis. If you’re not, you may still not have any idea who he is. Mathis was the best guard in football this past season. Lining up at guard next to Jason Peters, he helped form the best left side of an offensive line in the NFL for the Eagles–and he did it all being thrust into the lineup late in camp as the Eagles shuffled positions. Mathis played 1,024 snaps this season and did not allow a single sack. He allowed just 15 total pressures on the season (less than one per game for the mathematically inclined) and his +20.4 run blocking grade was almost three times better than the next best mark of +6.9 posted by All-Pro Carl Nicks."

@me: I think it's pretty clear that the 9-8 record this year was due to strength of schedule. 9-0 vs non-playoff teams, 0-8 vs playoff teams. Can't get any more stark than that. Not ready for prime time.

@#DNOPBS: The logic is that Mathis didn't want to be here, so he went to the "Dream Team". That worked out pretty well for him, didn't it? I won't argue his skill or abilities, as he was easily the best guard on the team during his tenure here (especially during his last year), and it was truly a shame that he was behind Nate Livings on the depth chart; however, not unlike Johnathan Joseph, good riddance. This team wouldn't be as successful as it was this year without getting rid of the players who didn't want to be here (Carson, Chad, JJoe, and Mathis) - with that kind of attitude in the locker room, they probably would've finished with 2-3 wins this year, just like everyone (including you) expected them to.

Which draws into question what "logic" you claim to be using, since this season, by and large, was a success, with the Bengals not only winning three times as many games as even the most optimistic realist Bengals fans projected, but also earning a playoff berth. Yes, they were 9-0 against non-playoff teams and 0-8 against playoff teams, but when they were expected to go 3-6 against non-playoff teams and 0-7 against playoff teams, AT BEST, that quantifies to being better than expected.

There again, though, you're missing the point. There's a difference between "enjoying a surprisingly successful season while still advocating front office change" and "believing the Bengals are now perennial Super Bowl contenders". When you realize that, you might actually be able to add some value to this site.

Mathis didn't want to be here because the team inexplicably refused to play him. I'm sure if they put him in the lineup and offered him a deal he'd have stayed, but to force him onto the bench and make him watch a walking turd get the starting spot for no good reason was just a constant insult. Livings' cocky little bit when NBC introduced the rosters about the LSU champs made me want to throw up. He's a cesspool of talent so he's got to live vicariously through his underclassmen, who can actually accomplish something at some level.

I don't know what you'd have had Mathis do. If he, knowing he is one of the best guards in football, had zero problem hanging out on the bench of a team that insisted on playing someone awful in his stead, you'd probably call him too stupid, and you'd still want him gone. Mathis signed with a team that wanted him and I doubt he bought into that whole Dream Team nonsense - he's too smart to think anything Vince Young has to say has any value. If calling sour grapes helps you deal with the fact that Livings is what we're left with, I get that. But let's not go burning Mathis in effigy just because the man wanted to actually play football.

Chris Crocker: your fired!!

Blown potential pick 6, missed sack that could have forced punt, then the trifecta, being out of place on a bomb to Johnson to make it 24-10...

As if my blood wasn't boiling enough, he's pussyfootin' around with Foster on that last TD drive that was embarrassing watching it over and over, in part because the Bengals played better than a 31-10 putcome.

Now that I think of it, he's the 2011 version of Shayne Graham's 2009 wild card performance, missing key opportunites that know doubt helped the team lose.

I think Shaynee boy never played with us again and while I will still boycott the team, if there is a positive change in this organization, Crocker should at the very least be a back up next year.

bring in Betty Crocker instead.

@ Mockenrue: thanks for, you know, actually standing up for reason.

@Wyatt, that is the dumbest god damned thing I've ever read. If we played the Eagles next week we'd be 10 point dogs, rightfully so.

@everyone else, my fiance said it best during the Saints game: "Wow! You know, after watching this, it makes watching the Bengals seem like watching eleven regular dudes play football."

Oh well. Fun season, promising future. I can't wait to see how Mike Brown fucks this up.

...and for the record Wyatt, it's not that Mathis didn't want to be here, it's that we have an incompetent offensive line coach (who's been here for almost two decades nonetheless) who actually, really, somehow thought Nate Livings was good - better than Mathis - so he played Livings over Mathis. You wouldn't want to leave for a starting job at that point?

Worse than Antonio Bryant, worse than JJ, that was the worst personnel move we've made in the lat 5 years or so because it was so obvious to everyone watching how much better Mathis was, and how easy it would have been to keep him.

If Crocker, Livings and Pacman are all still starters and on this team next year, it'll be unforgivable.

Pacman is such an idiot and head case.

@Wyatt: The point is that a f-cked up franchise would not make good players like Evan Mathis and J Jo want to play elsewhere so that people like you who've apparently never read Aesop's fables later say "Good riddance". A good franchise figures out which of its players is good, and makes them want to stay. That's logic. Look into it.

Couple of thoughts...

I tend to agree with TJanns... but I'll add in one face to the "Fail" column. Cedric Benson was a flat out no-show yesterday, as was Scott, which forced a rookie quarterback to run a one-dimensional offense. Dalton showed a lot of heart, poise and skill that a rookie doesn't normally show. But he needs more help, and it starts in the backfield. Brian Leonard made the rest of his fellow rushers look like clowns yesterday. I'm not advocating him for a starting job next year, but he needs to stay on board this roster.

With regards to Mathis, I leave that all on the thankfully departed, Coach Brat's, doorstep. His coaching and council to MFB failed that one. I was very surprised to hear JJoe say that he actually wanted to stay in Cincinnati, but MFB wouldn't pay him. Mathis wanted out, but as a point of order, it would now appear that JJoe wanted to stay, and MFB blew that one.

That in mind, let me throw a bit more on with some names that are bubbling up for the off-season soup:

Livings: He has to go. Deal him, drop him, don't care. Now, when you bring up Mathis leaving this team because he was stuck behind this guy, remember we've drafted Otis Hudson and Clint Boling (both 3rd rounders) to the guard position an neither has really seen playing time. Both are huge, healthy and huge question marks because we've really never seen them play. Regardless of whether we go Guard in round 1, 2 or 3 Livings need to get off this roster. ...and yes, his little LSU comment in the starting line intro was just Cinci-Stupid.

Crocker: Our safety play kills me. One can't (or won't) tackle and the other can't catch a ball. Crocker will be 32 next year, and while he his still one of the better Safeties on our roster, we really need to think about Mark Barron (SS, Alabama) for our first pick in the draft in order to anchor this secondary. Retain him, but do not start him next year.

Nelson: While I hate this guy's open field tackling, I love his instincts and ability to catch. Nelson will be a free agent this off-season in a year when Free Safeties are going to be at a premium. We need to pay him and retain him for the starting job.

Pac-Man: Look, remember that this guy didn't even get out to the practice field until week 6. The Bengals got beat all day with the run, and a lot of times, it was because the back side was sucked in and pulled out of position. Yes, Pac-Man lost a step on that bomb TD pass, but Crocker should have taken a better angle and should have been more ready to support Jones. Is Pac-Man a starting guy? No, but he is a passionate stud (he was emotionally firing up the team in the pre-game huddle) who works great in the nickel (agree with blesterov) and should be the front runner to replace an abysmal Brandon Tate next season.

Wide Receiver Corps: There is zero reason why we should draft or acquire any wide outs this post season. Simpson and Caldwell are our most senior receiver and they will enter only their fifth season in the NFL. Green, Whalen, and Hawkins are all Rookies, and don't forget that we have Shipley back next year too. Armon Binns is a Rookie as well, but with all that talent, he'll probably move back down to the practice squad.

Cedric Benson: Cedric needs to come back... as a fullback. No disrespect to Chris Pressley, but if he can carry the ball, I never saw it this season. And we had plenty of 3rd and shorts for him to be showcased. Cedric is just not a dynamic running back, like the elites that are out there today. A starting running back has to be a first-round priority this draft, and while I don't think that Trent Richardson will fall to number 17 (nor should we trade up for him) but Lamar Miller (RB, Florida) would fix that.

Lastly, I was on Sirus 88 this past Friday as a call-in, talking about Jay Gruden. The biggest kick in the dick is going to come when he leaves Cincinnati for a Head Coaching job in Jacksonville, something that I will be shocked if it doesn't happen. For this reason more than strength of schedule or off-season picks, next year's squad will be more likely to fail that this year’s plucky group of youngsters.

No way Cedric would actually agree to play fullback is there? Other thing about him is you want your fullback to be 99% on 3rd and 1. Cedric is not that guy. At least I don't see it.

Positions of need: guards, linebacker, cornerback, safety, running back, maybe wide receiver (not sold on Simpson), and if they bungle this year's free agency, defensive line (three guys are free agents). Bengals run D was atrocious lately... failures weren't just in pass coverage.

Some thoughts that I need to get off my chest.

THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT SAFETY IS OUR MOST GLARING NEED! You are simply not going to win giving up 31 points to a 3rd string rookie QB! When is the last time that Chris Crocker made an INT or let alone pass defensed a play...NEVER. He is absolutely worthless and I am tired of seeing him on the field. Secondly, MIKE BROWN IS STILL THE MAIN PROBLEM AND THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE! The #1 offseason priority (which he even knew last season) was to re-sign J Joe and what do you know our secondary play was what killed us yesterday. Honestly, I think if we had J Joe on this team, I think that yesterday's game would have been alot closer. On a side note, can someone remember the last time that a coach used to worse challenges in a game (not to mention playoff game). Marvin Lewis might be the worst challenging coach in the NFL, he never wins them and calls them at the worst times.

What is the most frustrating is that for every step forward the team takes, mike brown brings them back 2 more steps. We get a good QB and WR to fall into our lap, but do we invest in any decent linemen? Mike Zimmer puts together a top defense with a bunch of "who the F are these guys", but we decide to have our best CB leave in the off season leaving us too thin at the position. Instead of spending some money on quality FA's, he decides to go with pacman jones because he deserves a 2nd chance. Then Pacman gets burnt like 3 times in the game. MB is cheap and Marvin did no favors to the team with those terrible challenges and questionable play calling. All the Bengals are is a QB and WR and I'm sure we'll try to sign Jason Taylor because he used to be a quality DE. It's sad.

Final thoughts after reading everyone's feedback:

1) I told everyone that the Steelers were overrated. No OL in the playoffs (especially when matched up against a solid pass rush) = tough to win. I am making good money on that game.

2) Benson & Scott looked like shit b/c our weaknesses on the OL did not match up well to the Texans defensive front seven. I said it before the game, that the playoffs are different than the regular season. The games are all about the match ups and who wins the big plays. The Texans strength is its defensive ability to control the LOS. Matched up to our average OL, it made it really difficult to get a running game going.

Had the Texans not gotten that lucky pick six, the Bengals would have been able to attempt the running game more in the second half. I think Gruden was trying to open the running lanes by attacking them deep in the 1st half. Once the Texans got up by 14 in the 3rd Q that was the game. After that the Bengals had to be one dimensional. The OL is not good enough to slow down the Texans pass rush which had the luxury to know all they had to do was get to the QB.

Benson is as good as Rudy was. He just needs an OL to be able to control the LOS. I would rather them invest in the OL, then draft a RB in the first round and not improve the OL. You can always get a RB the following year with the two 2nd rounders.

3) I am perfectly fine if Gruden leaves for Jacksonville. He did not showcase the ability to create match ups or adjust during the game. He was consistently good for only one half, you just never knew which one it would be. I am dumbfounded that NE can take a 2nd round TE and get him to produce 90 rec, 1,300+ yards, and 17 TD's even though the dude was double teamed most of the 2nd half of the season. Gresham is capable of producing similar numbers, but they need a better passing tree to do so. Either Gruden just kept it simple all season, or he isn't as good as he looked.

4) I agree on Crocker. He is good depth, not a stud safety that can make game-changing plays that they desperately need.

5) I will say it again. Don't be surprised if the Texans upset the Ravens next week. It is going to be a close game, but they matchup well to the Ravens. I think the AFC champion comes out of that game next week.

@ #DNOPBS - I hear what you're saying about a FB being 99% on 3rd and short, but the Guard/OLine play has been sub-par and, to be fair, we haven't really seen Pressley come through much either, so it would be an upgrade there. Benson is going to be 30, so changing his work out regiment from 'speed' to 'brute strength' while throwing on twenty pounds would make him really tough hitting those lines... especially if a Chris Polk or Lamar Millar was lining up next to him, giving a defense three different attacks to consider... Will he change? I dunno; I would if I were him. Not a lot of teams looking for a 30 year old running back this year...

I'm going to agree with Tyler from Cincy and saying it again - Mark Barron (SS, Alabama) needs to our first pick in the Draft. Only one team may scoop him up before us, and that's the Jets... and there is a lot going on in New York, so I can't get a good read. I'll give you my other looks when I finish my first two round mock draft.

I disagree with blesterov - losing Gruden would be huge. Who's going to fill his shoes...? Ken Zampese? If losing JJoe was a step back, then that will be a drop back and punt.

So what is WDR going to do about putting pressure on Mikey Boy regarding Lippinfatt's replacement?

The Bengals don't use Pressley as a ball-carrying FB, so the notion that he should be dumped because he's not toting the rock is a little silly. How many carries does Vonta Leach get in a season? Now, I'm by no means comparing the quality of play of those two guys, but the roles are identical. Pressley plays traditional blocking fullback. If you want him gone, we either need to replace him with someone else who can fill that role, or we need to eliminate that role from our offense. But, while I haven't seen the stats one way or another, Pressley passed the eye test for me. I don't recall seeing him just blow a bunch of blocks or otherwise cause issues. The problem was that the guards couldn't push anyone out of the way to clear any real holes, and when they did Cedric didn't have the speed or agility to make anyone miss.

Mockenrue - Dude. Mockenreviews are solid as fuck. Bout to read the Oregon Trail one.

Mock, you said it perfect. Benson is not a lead blocker so you just can't move him to fill that spot. I think Pressley did a good job this season. When he is in the lineup it appears that Benson trusts him and hits the hole pretty hard. It would be interesting to see how the guys at PFF score him.

No comments about Raiders hiring Packers director of football tops as their new GM? That's a huge win for Raider Nation. All Davis' passing, while sad, enabled that. Imagine that, hiring someone from a winning team who is good at spotting talent.

This off season seems very simple to me.

1. Re-sign Zimmer if his contract is up

2. Get a new LG, S, RG, CB and RB. I don't care what people say about Benson, we need a new RB. FA, or 3rd or 4th rounder.

3. Get more depth at DT, WR, LB and RT

With Shipley coming back and a full off season, you would think that Gruden and Dalton would be able to really improve. But, Dalton needs time to throw. The quick drop backs are nice for avoiding sacks, but no other QB had more balls batted at the line than Dalton.

Whoa, whoa, whoa fellahs. I'm not saying Pressley needs to go, far far from. I love him for what he does, and yes, that is a blocking fullback. What I'm saying is that what's wrong with having a blocking fullback and a running fullback?

At 30 years old, Cedric is training to a 20-something year old body type (220 lbs). Thing is, Cedric is not making cuts, making defenders miss, or avoiding collapsing holes like a running back of his build should. He's become a very linear runner who is wholly dependant on Pressley to drive a wedge in a line, and hits it, usually after lining up five or six yards deeper in the backfield than most RBs to generate his 'punch'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. All I'm saying is this:

1) Cedric beefs up 20+ lbs and becomes a wrecking ball. Lines up next to Pressley for short yardage and goal line packages to add a new dimension to convert in 3rd and short situation... which we sucked at this year.
2) Retain Pressley. He's young and good.
3) Cut Scott and draft a legit starting RB stud. I hated the announcers calling Scott our "speedster". Great, but he can't break a one-on-one arm tackle. Lamar Miller is a speedster and a tackle breaker. Drop Scott, get the package deal.
4) Retain Brian Leonard. This is the Evan Mathis of Running Backs on our squad. He needs to see more snaps next year or it's a travesty.
5) Retain Cedric Peerman. He becomes the third string RB and maintains his HUGE presence on Special Teams.

Also, the more I look at it, I'm becoming increasingly intrigued that Trent Richardson may fall to Kansas City, if the right moves are made by other teams in Free Agency. I would not be surprised if the Bengals trade up from our lesser First Round pick and possibly morgage another later round pick next year to snag him...

Imagine grabbing the 1# Running Back and the 1# Safety in The Draft. It could be done...


I totally agree with you about Leonard and Pressley, but have to totally disagree about Benson. I think it's time for him to go, he's getting older and seemingly was complaining about his role a lot this season. Also while creative the fullback idea won't work a RB like benson wouldn't sign somewhere where he wasn't going to be a starting HB or at least a 50/50 split. Besides the running FB is a thing if the past. If anyone it should be Leonard filling in as the FB. Line him up with the starting HB and you have some great options. Scott is an enigma to me, he should be a great change of pace back but is way to inconsistent.

If MB asked me (which since I don't coach highschool or I'm not dating a family member he won't) he should either A. Sign Michael Bush, or they see something we don't in Scott draft/sign another RB and split carries 50:50 like Carolina

@ Whysoserious - The fullback thing is just me playing 'best case senario'. In all likelihood, Benson will be let go. However, Cedric is very loyal to the organization for 'redeeming' him. What kind of factor that plays in, may or may not have an effect in the long run. If his agent is realistic with him, Cedric may consider something different to market himself. In reality, there isn't aren't that many teams looking for a 30 year old running back with his skill set, and what's more, there are several teams releasing aging running backs. Where does he see himself if he doesn't do something?

Not sold on Scott. If Benson is dead weight, then so is he.

@Guttersnake and to everyone regarding Mike Brown making any draft day moves:

Im sorry but maybe my memory doesnt serve me well, but when is the last time that MB actually made a significant draft day move (especially 1st or 2nd round) to get someone?!?!? So, even though I like the idea of trading up to get Trent Richardson because I think he is going to be special, it is NEVER going to happen as long as MB is GM/owner.

Also, @#DNOPBS,

Very good point about the Raiders making moves to bring in personnel (especially higher rung like GM) from a winning, respectable franchise. Where they know how to execute a plan through FA and the draft.

Final thought:

Im going to sound like a total bitter, pessimist (like most Bengals fans are) and restate the general ideas for this website. Alot of my friends (who are alot more optimistic than me) and other people in Bengal Nation say 'well we have a young team with a couple a pieces we will be ready to contend in the playoffs'. Im sorry to everyone that supports this view, but until Mikey Boy actually wins a playoff game (remember how long it has been!), Im not going to expect anything different. I can remember the 2004/2005 seasons having a similar type of core of young players saying we only needed a couple more pieces...well you all know the rest. In summary, MB has restored public opinion in his favor with this past season's success in going to the playoffs, and he will go right back to his status quo and make no infrastructure improvements.


"Imagine grabbing the 1# Running Back and the 1# Safety in The Draft. It could be done..."

LOL! Imagine Mikey wanting to PAY the #1 RB and #1 Safety in the draft, and trading up to do it! Hahaha! Oh man. That's funny. ;-)


Funny you should ask. The last time I remember "MB actually made a significant draft day move (especially 1st or 2nd round) to get someone,"was to get a highly touted running back - KiJana Carter.

There's no logic in grabbing a top running back when your offensive line leaves no holes to run through. Getting a top interior linemen and a top defensive back, that would be nice.

@guttersnake, I'm not sure I agree the idea of a running FB is dead totally. You could argue Blount for the Bucs fills that role. A couple years ago in Baltimore Le'Ron McClain was all over it. And the "add on some weight and come back in a different style" bit has revitalized Willis McGahee's career since his days as a Bill. That said, I agree that Benson isn't the answer and we shouldn't feel a need to retain him.

@Sly, I'm glad you like the blog and thanks for reading! You're the first to notice it from here, to my knowledge. I've really fallen away from updating it, but I ought to start writing again. I miss it.

According to the Bengals' Facebook account, Jay Gruden will not pursue any opportunities in the off season and will return as the Bengals' offensive coordinator.

Raiders owner Mark Davis in a press conference introducing the new General Manager.

Question: How much do you consider what your dad would have done or would like to have happen when making these types of decisions?

Answer: I'm not my dad, I don't know what he knew. I don't know about the talent. I'm trying to contribute to the greatness of the RaIders, and to winning, and that's what my dad would have wanted.

Actually I fouled that up. Just go to the 6 minute mark of the video and listen to the complete question and answer.

@JM: Well, some people's sons are better than others. Sigh.

I want someone else running the team as much as the next guy but comparing Mark Davis to Mike Brown is comparing apples to sausage nothing similar at all. Al Davis didnt have any of his kids work in an executive capacity. Paul Brown hired Mikey boy as assistant GM early on after creating the team. Also unlike Davis, Paul brown wanted MB to take over as GM. Not defending MB's dumb moves as GM just pointing our the situations are not very similar. That's also why I've accepted long ago Katie will be the next GM and I'm ok with that as long as she hires smart football people to support her that didn't come from a local high school

Haven't posted on here in a while and admittedly read none of the comments above mine. Just thought I'd drop by with the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars have hired Bob Bratkowski as their OC, and this is hilarious to me. +1 for the Bengals playing the Jags next year.


Mr. Zimmer (or whoever our DC may be), when playing in the situation of 3rd and long against the Jaguars offense you can be 99% sure that a shovel pass will be called by Bratowski. Just to let you know what to expect.

I'm not surprised that the Jags hired Brat. Don't the Jags have a new owner or something? Isn't he just some guy with dirty money who doesn't know anything about football?

With the offseason here for the Bengals I figured traffic at WDR would be slow, but I think this is something worthy of a post-

This is an issue ALL sports fans should get behind, but is somehow buried on most sites. Hopefully WDR can spread the word. The blackout rule is antiquated and needs to go, especially at publically funded stadiums.

What? No updates on Pacman and Simpson?

Is this place, dead? HELLO??? like bungal said, where is the article on the bungal criminals once again? Drug Trafficker Simpson! You might as well put this place to rest.

Another Memo to WDR, MFB moving Training Camp to rent free PBS this year to make him and his family even more money that they will not use to make this team better. They will not have to pay to have camp in Kentucky for one, concessions will be open, etc.... HELLO???

Dang. Jerome Simpson has to deal with a shipping error,
when trying to get his dope in the mail.
Maybe he should visit his local USPS office,
and ask them for their special dope mailer (prepaid and climate controlled).

Hmmm. Mike Brown using PBS for training camp. Why doesn't he just use his back yard, or ask the players to use their backyards, round-robin style?

Hey mike, just in case you check this dead ass site,Bill polian is AVAILABLE

Hello? Is anyone alive here anymore? Was hoping to see some articles about the texans game, MB using PBS for training camp, the (hopefully) firing of Marvin, etc. what gives?

Bengal fan. Though many will be quick to jump to the conclusion that MB is moving training camp to PBS for bad reasons, ie being cheap, to make more money, etc that actually isn't the case. The move to PBS has more to do with the new training camp rules of the CBA than anything else.

That's like saying, the Oil Companies are raising their price per barrel due to a threat from Iran saying they will close the strait of Hormuz. Do you believe this too? Um, MFB had a contract with the college, what do you think was in that contract, MFB paid them in monopoly money and used their facility for free? lol You know, in the same manner he uses PBS for FREE! It is called saving money and He is trying to show he is giving back to the community by bringing his circus back to Cincy. lol Even Marv said, this will allow fans who could not go to KY to see their team in action. What he does not understand is the people in the greater surroundings of Cincy do not give a crap about this team. That is why nobody was going to the games. They think this will want fans to come to the games because Camp is at RENT FREE PBS? bbbbbbbbbwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa Nice try MFB! MFB will open concessions, Pro Shop and that is more money in his CLAN's pockets that they will not use to improve this team. Save money and make money that is MFB's motto! You will always be a clueless SHEEP!

I forgot this site has turned from a good site to "no matter what the bengals do we're going to say the suck and berate anyone who says otherwise" website.

Will MB make money off this probably but I honestly think the fact that 2 a days are no longer allowed factored into the decision. 20 of the 32 teams have moved training camp to their home fields with the Jets, Vikings, and Colts considering doing the same

Tax Payers paying for MFB's play ground, well, part of it so they say. Mike Brown should pay for all of it! but I am sure serious will see it another way and say it was something good being accomplished by MFB. lol You know, even though he had $200M lying around to pay for the remaining shares.

link did not work, this one should...

So tiger jaw I guess the reds are a shitty organization just as bad as MB? They are getting more money than the bengals.

Thanks for the support, Whysoserious. Your voucher for 50% off a small bag of popcorn is in the mail. Postage due.

Comments about the game? The Bengals stunk so bad in the second half they could be smelled in Cincinnati.

The offensive line is particularly putrid smelling. As is the defensive backfield. Besides Manny Lawson Bengals linebackers are no better than "meh". So there would be a lot of work to do if one assumed they want to go to a Super Bowl. But that's a big assumption (as evidenced by the 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 offseasons, where they did little to plug massive holes... 2005-2006 in particular, they did nothing about a bad smelling defense)

That "bad smelling defense" from 2005? Number one in the league in turnovers (by a large margin - they were +25, with the next closest teams at +18 and +12). Pretty sure that's the kind of defense, coupled with a high powered offense, that won the Packers the Super Bowl last year. Plus, when you factor in that they had a non-suspended Odell Thurman (who was a contender for defensive rookie of the year) and a healthy David Pollock, they probably weren't all that concerned about drafting defensively...

*looks at 2006 draft (pre-2006 season, to eliminate confusion)*

1st rd - Johnathan Joseph, CB
3rd rd - Frostee Rucker, DE
4th rd - Domata Peko, DT
5th rd - AJ Nicholson, LB
7th rd - Ethan Kilmer, DB

Yup, no focus on the defense there, at all. And that second round pick? Andrew Whitworth...definitely should've gone defense on that one.

*looks at 2007 draft (pre-2007 season)*

1st rd - Leon Hall, CB
4th rd - Marvin White, S
6th rd - Matt Toeaina, DT
7th rd - Chinedum Ndukwe, S

It's also worth nothing that they didn't have a third round pick, because they'd given it up for Ahmad Brooks in the previous year's supplemental draft.

But no, you're absolutely right - they put no focus on their defense.

Also, for frame of comparison, here's how the 2005 Bengals defense stacks up with the 2010 Packers defense:

Yards per game: Bengals 338.7 (28th in NFL), Green Bay 309.1 (5th in NFL)
Points allowed per game: Bengals 21.9 (22nd in NFL), Green Bay 15.0 (2nd in NFL)
Turnover differential: Bengals +25 (1st in NFL), Green Bay +10 (4th in NFL)

By comparison, if the Bengals had posted the same stats in 2010, they'd have ranked 13th in the league in ypg, 19th in ppg, and 2nd in turnovers (to NE's 28). The Packers in 2005 would've ranked 12th in ypg, 2nd in ppg, and 6th in turnovers. However, when you throw in the offensive comparison, it looks like this:

Yards per game: Bengals 358.1 (6th in NFL), Green Bay 358.1 (9th in NFL)
Points per game: Bengals 26.3 (4th in NFL), Green Bay 24.3 (10th in NFL)

By comparison, in 2010, the Bengals would've finished tied with Green Bay for 9th in ypg and 5th in ppg, and Green Bay in 2005 would've finished tied for 6th with Cincinnati in ypg and 9th in ppg (tied with Pittsburgh).

So yes, while the Packers did have a better defense last year than the Bengals did in 2005, the Bengals of 2005 played much more opportunistic football and also had a more powerful offense. And, regardless of how the two teams stack up statistically, your assertion that the Bengals "did nothing about a bad smelling defense" is just outright wrong, as only six of their 15 draft picks (16, if you count the 3rd rounder used for Ahmad Brooks) after the 2005 season were on the offensive side of the ball. And in the two consecutive drafts after the 2005 season, they used their first-round draft picks to pick up cornerbacks, which had been a liability in the 2005 (because if Deltha wasn't getting a pick, he was giving up a touchdown).

What, they're going to close the Strait of Hormuz?
But then there'll be no Spam, or Vienna Sausages to go with the beer...
I bet it was Mike Brown's idea...he's such a killjoy

Other teams pick up quality free agents if they smell Super Bowl, @Wyatt. Don't be so obtuse.
And really, Ethan Kilmer was doing something? Matt Toeaina? Seriously? Orange flavored crack is mighty fine.

Oh yeah, and firing Bresnahan, right? The man whose never had a good defense. Oh wait, that took years. Just like the many more people like you will be waiting for Mike Brown to find that nut.

You can be a revisionist but his points defeated your argument that they didn't try to improve the defense. They went after Sam Adams in free agency that offseason too. He was a huge bust, but your argument was they didn't try to improve the defense any and it's pretty clear that's exactly what they worked towards in the offseason. Maybe you should go back to posting on your Steeler boards with the rest of those cockroaches.

I never said that they improved their defense, just that your argument, that they didn't try, was false. Don't change horses mid-stream. As Todd pointed out, they pursued Sam Adams in free agency that year, and also tried to trade for both Shaun Rogers and I believe Shaun Ellis in the offseason following 2006.

I pursued Sam Adams that year also, at the local UDF near where I worked...for some reason, it was only 5.99 for a pack six bottles...couldn't figure out why, when it was $8-$9 per six everywhere else...maybe it was past the freshness date? I never checked that, but it tasted great...then, suddenly one day it was 9 bucks like everywhere else.

Recently, since Yuengling & Sons began distributing in Ohio, I've been able to sample the Party beer (the lager) has a rich amber color, but a much lighter taste than one might expect. What I like about it, is that it has no aftertaste,
and it's super great to drink when it's chilled ice-cold.

¡Viva la WDR Beer!

I opine that to receive the home loans from creditors you ought to have a good motivation. Nevertheless, once I have received a auto loan, because I wanted to buy a house.

Pathetic what counts as "trying" for you people. Mike Brown says thanks though.
Maybe they will try again to sign someone as good as Sam Adams. Buy those Bengals Super Bowl tickets early. LOL.

I know, I know, WVA colors and all. But did NOT someone tells him when he got dressed in the morning that he need to have a 'corner' girl and a .32 In his 'pocket full of fun -- and a razor in his shoe'? 42 and Broadway look pretty familiar to him, I would think.' Bad, bad Bob Huggins, baddest man in da whole damned town...'My apologies to Jim Croce, Huggings should also apologize. Fahion 'faux paux? Kill the suit handler!

Why couldn't he just have said: 'I am not going to wear that!'

WCH - Haters to the left? Huggins would drink you with his morning whiskey and coffee. Fuck belichek. That shit was satisfying.

Huggs(-y Bear) is wearing his baby formula suit, complete with matching shoes, lol

Huggs always reminded of Al Bundy...Al Bundy who is a basketball (and fashion) expert

Huggy Bear is on Twitter now - CoachHuggs

Viva la What? You guys really talked a big game 2-3 years ago WhoDeyRevolution. A big game. But then you realized that it required a lot of time and money to keep something like this going. So you guys really were just a cute experiment for one season.

This franchise is on the verge of one of the most important off-seasons it's had in a while (as far as player and personal decisions) and the first story about this team is

And you guys have nothing to say or post about this? No Project Mahem that Brown stop drafting guys with off the field issues. This website has turned into a lame blog. (That posts something once every 2 months)

Delete this website. It's useless keeping this alive at this point. You aren't doing what this site claims it is, that's fucking lame guys.

I do share some of TJanns frustration with the sometimes light frequency of posts, and the waning frequency of "stunts/tasks" etc. However, and correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the three main posters/investors/whatever you want to call them, are not full time employees. I think all have real jobs and I would think most of them also have real life families and lives as well. I can attest that there is a limit to how many things you can reasonably do at once and still do them well. I also seem to remember some solicitation of members as writers, and suspect that the cash fund has dried up significantly since 2008, when fans were at their most frustrated. So while I agree that more posts are preferable, as are more action and pressure, I understand the operation is run on a part time basis. If you would like to change that, perhaps offer your services (or your bank account) on a full time basis. I wish I was able to do that, and more. I wish I had some down time to contribute more meaningfully, but I don't. Offer bigboy suggestions or support, or start your own version, shutting the site down is not going to fix things.
Any feelings or knowledge regarding Mark Carrier? Paul Geunther?
I feel like Geunther is the new Paul Alexander. "Paul, you've been employed here for ten years?!?!?! No public complaints? Alright, we have a vacancy, you can coach the D line, way to be loyal."
Carrier ont he other hand, I feel like can offer some nice guidance to a DB corps that needs it. Provided Bengals keep Clements, and provided as well, that Hall is ready and productive come August, you have two DECENT corners followed by a lot of talent without any real production. Jones is fast and fearless, but needs to play with his head more. Ghee is completely untested, and what after that? Crocker needs to be a platoon S on running downs, and While I like Wilson and Nelson, both have played inconsistently at times. Who knows about Mays either, hopefully a 3 time pro bowler and DB coach for some pretty good Ds can impart some of whatever is needed with this group.

Holy Shit CoachHuggs looks like Lee Ving...

Lee Ving would give this place a shot in the arm

This is dedicated to this year's Superbowl Champions

and this is dedicated to beer:

hmm, bengals fleece oakland(hue jackson) over carson trade. hue gets axed, bengals hire him...quid pro quo??


(Mike Brown is the Hannibal Lecter of NFL owners.

He is the Buffalo Bill to Cincinnati's
"about a size 14")

Plus I always had a homeroom and all the paperwork that entails.

Anche se avrei preferito se si fosse andati in un dettaglio po 'di più, ho ancora ottenuto il succo di quello che volevi dire. Sono d'accordo con esso. Potrebbe non essere una idea popolare, ma ha senso. Torneremo sicuramente per più di questo. Lavoro work.Good Grande, bellissimo blog ... piace veramente e ha aggiunto che nei miei segnalibri sociali. Mantenere il buon lavoro

Nice to be here and see your post!

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