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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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August 21, 2011


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If it was a regular season game this matchup has 41-0 written all over it.

But in preseason these Jets may lose interest in stomping the Bengals and just focus on remaining injury free for the real games. On the other hand their third string guys could probably match up with the Bengals first string.

At other Bengals fan sites I keep reading how this team is young and talented. WTF?

Guys who go in the young and talented class:
Leon Hall (already reached his ceiling, which is pretty good but not spectacular)
Rey Maualaga (who knows what he can be, he certainly hasn't done much yet)
Dunlap (had a great rookie year)
Michael Johnson (not exactly stellar yet either)

That's about it. Peko is way overrated by Bengals fans. Keith Rivers is a bust considering where he was picked (who has added injury to insult). On defense who else are they talking about?

On offense you've got Gresham who could be great if he was not used in a Bratkowski manner (8 yard routes)... Green who is anybody's guess, Dalton who is anybody's guess, and Whit who is solid but unspectacular at LT. Are we talking about guys like Tubby and Jerome (Simpson)? Cause they haven't done much to justify a 1st and 2nd round draft pick yet.

Anyway I won't be watching this snoozer tonight. I'd rather have my eyes poked out with a sharp, hot stick.

...if the DL can help keep blockers off of Rey and he is attacking, then he may be worth considering for those of you who play in fantasy leagues with IDP's.

God knows the defense will be on the field enough to give him plenty of opportunities.

I would have my talent list be as follows:
Dalton - TBD and is a work in progress, but he throws a nice ball and has good technique. Just needs an OL to allow him to develop.
Green - TBD and is a work in progress but the guy can catch, block, and run. Is the full package - something Chad never was.
Simpson - still a work in progress - not a bust yet. His problem was X's & O's. If the light goes on in Gruden's offense, he could be a nice #2 WR.
Shipley - excellent slot WR who can catch almost anything thrown to him. Also has wheels to make YAC's. Just needs to be used properly.
Gresham - great pass catching TE, just needs to improve run blocking. I hope we see Gruden line him up in the slot at times to take advantage of his abilities, ala Finley and Clark.
Coffman - great pass catching #2 TE. Can catch almost anything thrown to him.
Benson - yes he is not that young, but he is not that old either. The dude can run when he has confidence.
Pressley - Good run blocking FB. It is no coincidence that as soon as Benson had a good lead FB, his performance increased last year. I hope that continues this year.
Whit - solid LT.
Smith - Still work in progress - not a bust yet. He showed last week he is a beast in the run game. Just needs to stay healthy.
Cook - I am not sold on him, but for an UFA he is good. Hell of a lot better than Livings.
Boling - TBD and is a work in progress. If he doesn't start this season, he does next year at either spot.

The offense has the foundation to be a solid group in coming years if they develop this year. They just need to solidify the guard spots, and make sure Smith develops at RT.

Dunlap - work in progress. solid pass rusher. Needs to develop more this year.
Atkins - work in progress. Solid in run & pass game. I love his motor.
Simms - work in progress. Solid run defender for a 4th round pick. I think he is a lot better than Peko at times.
M. Johnson - work in progress. Has bounced around from DE & SLB last two seasons. This is his first training camp exclusively at DE.
Rey - work in progress. Good start last week at MLB.
Rivers - adequate but not as great as advertised. With a potentially improved DL in front of him, we may see improvement.
Hall - proven solid CB.

The defense is in worse shape after the loss of Joseph. They have a potentially solid core of DL to build off of. They just need that solid DT, a beast at SLB, a new CB opposite Hall, and a game changing safety. But as Deangelo said, you don't need stars at every spot. Look at the Patriots and Steelers. They have misfits on their defenses in several spots, but they use them based on their abilities and have them dispersed around solid players. You need guys that fit the system. On paper Marvin has provided the foundation for that on offense, but they need to work hard on rebuilding the defense next offseason. If they do, then they may actually have a good team.

If Mike Brown removes Marvin and exerts his influence in next year's draft and grabs a RB in the first round again next year rather than getting the next Suh, prepare for being bent over the pinball machine again for another ten years.

I agree with about 100% of the article and Blesterov's subsequent post.

There is talent. Just like before. I remember 05', offense was loaded, just needed defense. They fucked around and didn't get anything for defense for years. By that time the offense needed revamped. Now we've got new key pieces on offense and by the time they come around.............. We'll need defense again. Agree that there is talent, just can't get excited because I've seen this show before.

Another scary thing is that rookies are signed for four years now and the teams have rights for a fifth on a couple players. This basically guarantees that there will be a lot of young talent available in every free agency period. That is not encouraging for a team that does not compete in free agency.

If our scout can barely have time to find college talent, do you really think he'll have time to scout current NFL talent? I see a scenario where we lose good young players every offseason, fail to sign the younger players that will be available, and be in a constant state of rebuilding.

Kickoff in 34ish minutes. But I can't turn away from this Southern and Western Open women's match. Jankovic v. Sharapova. Much more compelling than anything that could come out of the Meadowlands tonight. A Jets win by less than 21 is a moral victory for the Bengos.

So far, Dalton is 1-7 for 7 yds, INT and fumble (not lost).

Benson 5 for 13 yds.

My god, it's only preseason, but wow.

5 incompletions, a fumble, and two interceptions??!!!!

I can't stop laughing.

and then they drove down the field and scored a TD. thanks to the white beast Brian Leonard.

only checked the box score, so not sure how the drive looked.

Dalton came up clutch on 3rd and 6 on a great call by Gruden to get it to first and goal on the one...that's something that wouldn't have happened with Bratkowski still calling the plays. And the defense seems to be doing pretty well (I tuned in midway through the touchdown drive), so what's all the bitching about? Or are you a bunch of Peter Kings, just looking at stat lines and making judgments based on that?

And yes, Dalton's completion percentage is pretty awful, but in the 9 minutes or so of clock time I've seen, Green's had 2 drops and Simpson had another one. And Dalton just came up big on third down in the face of a nasty blitz.

....and another great pass from Dalton to Green where only Green can catch it; however, he again drops it. At least Braylon Edwards has spectacular catches to go with his spectacular drops.

And another positive is that Huber should be a Pro Bowler this year.

wyatt- if you'll notice my post after they scored...

but, I just saw, with :44 seconds left and at least 1 timeout, then KNEEL before halftime. It's fucking preseason. Try something. Work on being in that situation and trying to get 2-3 plays down field and kick a field goal.


Another sucktastic performance from the Bungles...

this team is easily gonna challenge for all-time worst Bungles team. Easily.

This was not good. I'll break it down later this week, but here are my preliminary observations from watching the full first half:

1) Both the Jets and Bengals played vanilla defenses most of the first quarter.
2) Was it me of did the Bengals appear to be more conditioned then their opponents. Jets were sucking wind in the 1st Q.
3) Rookies mistakes killed them again (handoff fumble, Green's dropped passes, and Dalton's ball placement on a few longer throws). Again this will happen most of the season, and should improve as the season progresses.
4) Dalton has great composure in the pocket, and is a good technician once he settles down. He can really get a ball into a spot once he settles. However he played like he had never seen rain in Texas.
5) Play calling was not good nor aggressive. Gruden relied on too many outs rather than working the TE's or Green and Shipley crossing the middle. I am most disappointed about this.
6) Boling was brought in at LG in the 1st Q for a couple of series. He did ok, not much of a chance to show if he was an improvement. He later replaced Williams in the 2nd Q.
7) Smith was the weak spot on the OL tonight.
8) Run defense was very impressive against the Jets OL even though they played vanilla. #69 McDonald was a beast in the trench. I thought Hobs articles on him were just fluff pieces.
9) Rey is the man at MLB. As someone mentioned above, he is going to get plenty of opportunity to make a shit load of tackles this year.
10) Pass rush was impressive even without Dunlap against the Jet's solid OL, and the pass coverage was a lot better this week even though they were playing vanilla at the start.


Bolings also played center in the third or fourth quarter (I was in the middle of my fantasy draft and only half-ass listening to the game).

I was more impressed with Dalton this week than I probably should've been, but he did an excellent job at getting the ball to where it needed to be. Now if only the All-World rookie wide receiver could just catch the damned ball. I actually wish they would've kept Chad for another year to give Green time to develop. If you don't want to stunt Green's development as the number one, make Chad the number two and go from there. Sure, he'd bitch about it, but he'd bitch about anything, so what's the difference? Ah, well, I guess a locker room cleared of dissension is worth it.

And tjanns, I wasn't referring to you with the Peter King comparison - you admitted you couldn't watch the game and weren't completely doom and gloom. I was talking to the other prophets of Bengalpocalypse.

The Bengalpocalypse was the offseason.

We're not prophesying any more. We are observing the aftermath.

Who needs to watch this crap? Seriously? You need to watch this shitty team whose first unit has been utterly embarrassed so far?

We really do have to give MFB credit when credit is due. As hard as that is we have to grow up and stop the sarcasm. I mean seriously some people on this site are so negative and sarcastic that they just refuse to give any credit.

MFB brought Marvin back due in part to the impending lock out and the idea that continuity gave the Bengals the best chance for success this season. Look at the level of continuity that the Bengals are displaying. What a great call by Mike. There will be no drop in the performance or chances of winning due to the lockout.

We have to keep it real guys and not just be a bunch of "sarcastic" "bitching" whiners who can't see all of the good.

I think 2011 will prove what a smart dude CP9 is for staying home. As much as Cincy fans are hating on 9 if I was him I'd be tempted to rub it in their Whodey faces: 'Miss me yet?' he could say after they finish another 0-8 start or 1-7 start

Just something to think about. While watching the very little bit of the game (that set the tone BTW) tonight, I found out that ineptness is endemic to the Bengals. When the 'Bengals Television Network' Chyron of '12' was put up on the right side, the DOLT didn't understand that you do NOT place it in a large font size and pert near the middle of the screen you friggin' d-bag! Remember that for ANY sports production the 'network' performs! Then, we had the screen 'wipes' the Bengals logo quickly showing on the screen and quickly going (I know, I wouldn't keep it up any longer than I had to as well) with a alleged Tiger growl sound effect to confirm the video subject change. Did anyone notice that it sounds like the AFLAC duck being drowned? I've had FARTS that sounded better and more like a tiger growl! Basically though, it still comes down to a team that sucks and players that suck -- and we all know it!

Here's the issue -- this isn't to avoid a specific player, but this team is very horrible and there are players on it that are equally horrible. However, I don't think that many would acknowledge their skill level as I think they are trying to do the best that they can. Some just don't get it done. However, with that being the case, these players are picked (and used) by MBB and when you get 'shit' in, you get 'shit' out! I leave it to whomever wants to judge a given player -- to do it themselves. Just know that most ego'd players won't know nor acknowledge that they do indeed sucks --it's kinda like the player who stays a year too long -- they don't think their skills are diminished but in fact, they are. VERY similar to that. In the end, it still is the fault of the person who makes final player-personnel decisions (not the initial ones -- the FINAL ones) and that is ultimately MBB, and if the people are terrible, well, the team will be accordingly terrible.

So far, nothing has changed and I will tell you that it is too far along in this year for there to be any change that will make this team winners. Even if eveeryone else in the division 'tanks' you might have an NFC (WEST) where a team with a losing record makes the playoffs. I'd say that right now, the Bengals will go 2-14 with a VERY acceptable thought that their two wins would be such that they just could have easily lost. IOW, they could just as well go winless this year. It is really hard to accomplish this feat though, harder I think than to make it to post-season. Now that is fucked up.


Please stop posting here. No one cares.

Also, "ineptness" isn't even a word. The word you were looking for is "ineptitude", and in falling short of trying to look intelligent by using big words, you make yourself look more like a jackass in the process. Also, bitching about production that's handled by the network that's showing the game and not the Bengals and claiming it to be endemic of the Bengals' "ineptness" is truly, truly, asinine.

When is the next project Mayhem? This site ain't good for shit unless there's banners flying over PBS saying how sick and tired we are of losing.

Sell the team you greedy old bastard!

HA HA all I can say. This team is pathetic, mired in yet another endless "rebuilding" period. WTF? I can't deal with all of this "ineptitude" anymore (did I get it right)....?

I SOOOO want to believe in another year of "hope" for the "home team"...but...OMG...C'MON?!?!?!

I just can't beleive what I'm seeing...YET again.

Can I get an AMEN? Of course I can...YOU've all seen it, too. TOO many times. There just has to be a point where you stop getting bent over.

I do not support them financially at all, including games, gear, etc. Yet you have these morons, year after year, throwing money at Mikey like he didn't break his promise to the "fans" about a "winning" team after he procured HIS stadium...year, after year...after year. They won't stop being the lemmings and sheeple that they are, and the Browns will never get the message if their bottom line never wavers. So I just can't do it anymore.

I am going to root for either the Cubs or the Colts until this money-grubbing non-caring asshole of an owner either drops the team, or drops dead.

You cheerleaders that are still out there can wallow in this sticky, stinky mire.

I'm done.


Best comment of the night (on the Bengals acquiring Taylor Mays):

"Way to increase our stable of draft busts!"

35 years of being a Bengals fan has made me numb to losing. I used to get mad but now its like I don't care any more. I always hope for change but I need to move on and accept its not coming until Mike Brown is gone. Point is that Mike Brown owns our souls and he will drive us insane wishing for change.

So in closing I will watch the Bengals go 2-14 this year and wish for change next year. It sad to say I am more excited for my fantasy team then the Bengals.


If you needed more evidence that we're fans of the wrong Ohio team, here's this, from

Not only do the Browns draft a left tackle high in the first round who makes the Pro Bowl his rookie year, they lock him up to a long-term extension that basically guarantees he'll be a Brown his entire career. Meanwhile, we've got Andre Smith, who might turn into a serviceable right tackle or he might break his foot again and miss the majority of another season.

Per greg easterbrook (TMQ) on ESPN this morning

"When this is taken into account, seeming nonsense suddenly makes sense. The Bengals, a low-spending team, are refusing to trade Carson Palmer, who says he retired but actually wants out of the Queen City. What's the point of getting nothing for Palmer? The point is to shed Palmer's large salary while creating an excuse for another bad season. When in this situation, teams with winning mindsets shrug and trade the unhappy star for whatever they can get -- think Green Bay with Brett Favre or Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb. Cincinnati management does not make winning its first priority. Losing cheap is fine, and getting nothing for Palmer generates a nifty excuse for a weak 2011 season."

SWB - "Simpson - still a work in progress - not a bust yet. His problem was X's & O's. If the light goes on in Gruden's offense, he could be a nice #2 WR."

Was reading Reedy's article today and this caught my attention:

(Quoting Gruden) "The other guys just need time. Jerome was running off cards last year, and A.J. has never done this stuff..."

He was there for 3 years and still couldn't remember plays? 3 years, 3 training camps, and someone still had to hold up a card to tell him where to run? Maybe he will finally do something, but ####, that is dumb. I don't have high hopes for him.

Correction - I was quoting blesterov from up above, not SWB.

Regardless of how well Simpson plays this year... The Bungles drafted him over Desean Jackson... Nuff Said.

As if Gruden knows jack about the NFL.

Hiring a successful guy's brother (son, cousin, uncle, plumber) is not the way to success.

ChiBengal - agreed. that is the more important point, and the type of thing MFB tries to hide with his bs statistics while his hilariously understaffed scouting department struggles through another year. still, not only did they whiff on one of the best players from that draft, but the guy they picked instead is too stupid to learn plays after 3 years in the same system.

GetRid - Gruden is irrelevant to my point. i added him for context/source. he, like practically any other adult human being, is capable of

bungalfamily: It might've had more to do with the offensive coordinator being a terrible coach as well. The overall coaching of the wide receivers declined dramatically when Hue Jackson left, and Bratkowski certainly wasn't the guy to fill the void left behind. Plus, you know he wasn't getting the time he needed between Chad and TO constantly vying for attention. For all I know, Simpson could be as dumb as a stump, as you're trying to paint him; however, I'm just trying to point out that there could be other factors at play as well.

GetRidofMikeBrown: So because Jay Gruden has a famous brother who coaches football, that immediately means he knows nothing? Kinda like the Jets head coach, with his famous coaching father and semi-famous coaching brother, right? Or maybe the guy who took over the Ravens a couple of years ago, who had a brother coaching at Stanford (who's now worthless because he came to the NFL).

Outdoor dining is such an obvious plus for downtown.

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