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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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August 23, 2011


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"A feat only matched by perhaps the Clippers and the Knicks in the modern era of professional sports"

SWB, I think I would include the Browns in this list. They are a rotating door of coordinators, coaches and quarterbacks.

@WhoDeyFans - great point, but I think that's changing. Jury is out still, but I have a feeling Colt is going to a very decent NFL QB, that will provide them stability for awhile. Then, with Holgren and a real front office, they can build out the whole team. You can see how tough they played against superior opponents all last year and get a little nervous that as they add talent, they too will become a tough team.

Apparently we just made a trade for Taylor Mays. Anyone know why the 49ers became so disillusioned (spelling?) with him? He was considered to be a heck of a talent.

One man's trash is Mike Brown's treasure.

This is one of your finest posts. You are completely correct, and the Hatch model illustrates your point perfectly. There is a small chance that the inevitable transition from Mike Brown's leadership of the franchise to Katie's or whomever else will result in a change. But I am not counting on it. I have low expectations with the future Blackburn regime.
I really wish the county would evict the team at the end of the stadium lease. But it is obviously in the NFL's best interest (who represent the owners) to let owners (Brown) make the decisions they want to. In the end, it is in the NFL's best interest to keep the team in Cincinnati and let the ownership poorly manage it. So I think the NFL would not reward Cincinnati with a new team if the county ever forced them to move.
But, your Hatch model predicts what we already know: That anybody who has any potential (Gresham, Greene, etc.) will leave as soon as they can. What it does not predict is that future franchise players will refuse to sign long term contracts (no one will want to be the next Carson), free agents won't sign, and the future first round picks like the Andrew Lucks of the world with NFL saavy families will refuse to sign with the Bengals.

Easterbrook's TMQ column this week, about how it's more profitable to lose than to win in the NFL, includes a couple good jabs at MFB.

"The result is that many NFL teams have oodles of unused cap space, yet made few if any moves in free agency. The Chiefs have nearly $33 million of unused cap space. The Bucs, Jaguars, Bengals, Bills, Broncos and Browns have at least $20 million each."

"The Bengals, a low-spending team, are refusing to trade Carson Palmer, who says he retired but actually wants out of the Queen City. What's the point of getting nothing for Palmer? The point is to shed Palmer's large salary while creating an excuse for another bad season. When in this situation, teams with winning mindsets shrug and trade the unhappy star for whatever they can get -- think Green Bay with Brett Favre or Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb. Cincinnati management does not make winning its first priority. Losing cheap is fine, and getting nothing for Palmer generates a nifty excuse for a weak 2011 season."

"There is a way most NFL teams could enhance the bottom line while also spending freely on players: reduce front-office costs. But some teams are loath to do that, as the front office is populated by family members and cronies with senior titles, hefty salaries and few if any duties."

Unfortunately, since Easterbrook doesn't pay close enough attention to know the Brown/Blackburn nexus, he focuses on Chicago (which has family members all with the same name in their front office). Still, the Bengals great run in the press continues...

Good post, Dan. An NFL team that doesn't care about winning and only cares about money is a difficult thing to accept. I'm coming around, though.

only Bengals fans could be forced to voluntarily do something

The only expectation I have for this team is that they will suck. They aren't even going to be good enough to disappoint fans who have not yet seen the light with regard to Mikey Boy.

I wonder if the fans at PBS will resoundingly boo this team this season.

I sure hope so.

@Dan R. - I think TMQ is mostly correct but what he misses out is that it's not more profitable to lose than win in the NFL per se. It's just that, to win, typically you need to carry a higher cost front office structure and spend more on talent on the field and on coaches, which means there is more risk if things don't go well. However, if you consistently field winning teams, establish a respected institutionalized brand franchise (think Steelers) then it's clearly more profitable than minimizing costs and risks and guaranteeing profitability.

That's where the Bengals become so infuriating. They could OWN this town and region. They could be a regional superpower and a huge force for goodwill in the city. But they just dream small, desire only to run the business with their closest family & friends, and use no imagination whatsoever. Any halfway decent, civic oriented businessman could come in and make the Bengals tons more profitable than the Brown Family does. It's so awful.

The Bengals are proud to promote how they sign their own. Extensions for Whit, Geathers, and Peko for example. Somebody already mentioned it but will players lock themselves into a contract with MFB in light of what's happening with Carson?

I can see them trying to extend Rey or the younger lineman in the next few years. It will be interesting to see if the players take the bait or wait for their contracts to expire and bail.

I've been going back and forth with Wyatt lately about not being able to find anything good to say about this squad. This article thoroughly presents a point of view that I agree with. We have seen this show before. Good young talent wasted. Constant cycle of rebuilding. Tolerance of bad coaching.

This rebuild is particularly horrible because it is with far inferior offensive pieces than last time.

Perfect article as to why things are as bad as they seem.

I, like most sports fans in Cincy, am very patient and forgiving. Lord knows we've all suffered through a lot of crappy teams in the last couple of decades. But what angers me about the Bengals is not that they are a bad team, but that ownership continues to do nothing to try to change it. Cincy fans have shown that if you, as an owner, give us an indication that you are at least TRYING to change things and turn a losing team around then we will continue to support you.

I just don't think I can continue to support the Bengals anymore. That chart is frighteningly accurate. I've had enough of seeing the same thing every year from Brown and Co. while other teams work hard succeed. As much as I despite Brown as an owner, if he would simply hire a GM and admit that his way doesn't work I'd be right back on the bandwagon, regardless of the team's record.

Until there is a glimmer of hope of change, however, I think I'm done with the Bengals.

SWB: You're absolutely right. In fact, I'll take it a step further. A consistent winner doesn't even have to pay for talent, which also makes it easier to succeed and make money. How many title-starved, but still talented veterans have signed with the Patriots for pennies on the dollar just for the privilege of playing for them? That's precisely the opposite of what the Bengals face where matching a competitors bid isn't good enough (Jonathan Joseph), so we have to overpay anyone talented just to stick around, which the Brown family won't do.

Jockopablo: What Easterbrook did get right in the TMQ column is that your decision not to support the franchise financially, while a good one, ultimately won't matter as much as it should. Even if every single-game ticket purchaser walked away from the box office, and half of the Bengal's season ticket holders decided not to renew, it would only cost MFB a matter of pocket change - think an Antonio Bryant signing bonus.

The same thing that makes the NFL great is what's simultaneously killing us as Bengals fans. The TV revenue sharing plan, which gives owners a fistfull of money every year, makes it possible for small-market teams like the Bengals to be competitive, unlike baseball where small-market teams like the Pirates, A's, and Royals face a huge competitive disadvantage. But it also means that owners don't rely on putting butts in seats to make money. Even if the stadium is half empty (and let's face it, that's the best we can hope for right now), you can still turn a profit. That's why the revenue sharing plan can be a double-edged sword.

What would make the NFL better is a rule that said if a team falls under X games under .500 over a certain time period, they get booted from the league. Call it the 20-strikes you're out policy.

Anyway the best outcome of 2011 is fans staying away from PBS in droves, and lots of small acts of protest from wearing paper bags to "Mike Brown sucks t-shirts" to more banners flying over the stadium saying "Sell the team you greedy old bastard!"

The NFL hears that stuff. It will be on every sports show.

Who has 'Anonymous' hacker connections?! Hack into their website, change all the Bengal's to 'Bungles' and post every article and video that rips the organization. Then hack into the ticket exchange and block all ticket sales for the Bengals home games while denying buyers requests. Once the hack is complete have a gathering outside of PBS and have fans donate their gear by tossing it back into their one and only, open air practice facility. Do we really want to even wear those Chad Ochocinco/johnson, Carson Palmer, TJ Housh, Justin Smith, Peter Warrick, Corey Dillon etc jerseys anymore? If you still have them maybe its time we gave them back... I just donated 2 Bengals sweatshirts to the homeless men down the street from... <-A project Mayhem thought lol

The league needs the Bengals. The other owners do anyway. To have teams consistently excel, like the Steelers, Pats, and Ravens, you must have a equal number of teams consistently fail. Any wonder that two of those teams are in our division?

The other 31 are happy to see MFB do business as usual. They'll win against Mike Brown 64% of the time over 20 plus years. I'd take those odds in Vegas any day.

I think it's known as: 'Chasing one's tail!'

@GetRidofMikeBrown -- Great discussion about demoting teams based on longstanding poor play. One of the Euro soccer fans noted that their Premier League setup defines that losing teams will fall out of the Premier League and must play well over subsequent seasons to get a readmission.

It might be interesting if the NFL expanded to allow a set of 8 teams that would be categorized as "B League" and then would play each season for berths out of the B League and into the A League. For those teams in B League, the ownership would receive a greatly reduced amount of tv revenue sharing, would only play 14 games and would be forced to play the majority of its games against the other B League teams -- 4 away games against the A League conference affiliate, 6 games against the same Conference's B League teams and 4 games against the other Conference's B League teams. To get back into the A League, the team's would have to meet a set of criteria -- maybe 4 teams move up and 4 move down each season. But this system would create a stronger urge for the low-level teams to field better squads, else they'd be losing tv money and three home games per season in gate revenues. Aa a side note, this system would also allow the A League teams a 17th game with each one getting an extra home game.

Even if they finish with the top pick overall, Luck knows better than to go to a perennial loser like the bengals. Especially with the fuckin clown at the helm, they will never get him to sign if they draft him. He will force a trade out of town. And all other owners know this and will give him 40¢ to the dollar in any trade. But hey, he could take the Palmer route and force him to retire. But in Luck's case I believe he just has to sit out one season and then becomes eligible for the following draft.
Fuck! what a pathetic team that we as fans have to look at possible negative situations associated with the future of this pathetic organization.
Even if the fans boo the hell out of the home games, i feel sorry for the players. It's not their fault.
Every fan should show up with anti -Brown messages and hopefully the cameras will show all the creative messages on tv. Make him look like the fool that he is. But for some reason I think he would enjoy it.

@Dan R. I realize that my withdrawal of support will not hurt the Bengals one bit, but it will sure help me. I'm tired of being an abused fan. I long to enjoy the NFL again.

I will preface this story by saying that I am no longer a Bengals fan. The reasons, of course, are well documented. I find it morally reprehensible to support anything Mike Brown does.

I recently had a family member - a lifelong Bengals fan - tell me during a discussion about this franchise that he doesn't care about the management, and that all he cares about is the team and the players. To me, this is exactly the type of thinking that needs to die a horrendous death in and around the Queen City.

What's so sad is that people aren't equating the team's performance to their management, and then on to the fact that the County is supporting it all as a public endeavor. Mike Brown owns the Hamilton County taxpayers, and the Hamilton County taxpayer is required BY LAW to buy him whatever he wants. This comprises 16% of the County's budget...and growing. This is outrageous. The people of Hamilton County are required BY LAW to support the Cincinnati Bengals. And the kicker is that THEY VOTED FOR IT!

A repeal of that stadium deal needs to happen. This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. The legally binding agreement between Hamilton County and Mike Brown is only still legal because the voters allow it to continue.

Cincinnati, you have 2 well-regarded Universities within 3 miles of each other, one public and one private. You have some of the best private high schools in the state, educating generation after generation of what's supposed to be critical-thinking leaders. WHERE is the intelligent, well-educated leadership? Mike Brown and his deal with the county is an INJUSTICE. It needs to STOP. GET ON IT!

The point of the article is even if they drafted Luck, they won't win with him.
If MFB would have drafted Manning it's likely he would be no better than Palmer was, and had he drafted Brady, you probably never would have heard about him.
My opinion is that Carson had every tool, every intangible, every skill required to be a championship quarterback. In 05' and 06' his name was mentioned with Manning and Brady. Now it's Aaron Rodgers that is up there. MFB plants his garden in contaminated soil, and then doesn't water it. Then he hires ineffective gardeners to try and make the plants grow.
That's why nothing substantial ever grows and he's always replanting.

@Jockopoblo: True, that's why I have withdrawn my support as well. It's an entirely rational decision, it just sucks that it doesn't have consequences for the ownership.

Sell the team! Sell the team!
Need to print that up.


I realize you're not the only one crying for the return of aerial banners over the stadium; however, the only guy that would agree to do it last time ended up facing legal ramifications, and that was just over training camp, so I can't imagine there's any way we'll be able to do them again.

Food for thought.

Also, it seems like the WDR PTB don't seem to care for doing the same stunt twice, so I think the billboard idea is off the table as well. blesterov had an awesome idea for a food truck on game day, but other than that, I think the last bastion is in the print media (especially appropriate because if we wait to do that, there might not even be a substantial subscriber base for printed newspapers by this time next year, with the way things are trending today.

How about handing out instructional flyers in the parking lot asking fans to cheer "Sell The Team!" "Sell The Team!" instead of booing, whenever they are displeased with the Bungles on the field?

When the Bengals play like crap they get booed... but people who weren't born yesterday realize the cause of the problem.

"Sell The Team!" needs to be the mantra.. if you cannot do it with aerial signs or billboards or print ads, we need to get that message to the people at the stadium, or whenever/wherever Brown & Family can be seen in public. "Sell The Team!" should be the way Mike Brown is greeted, instead of hello and goodbye and "have a nice day"

WHEN IS THE NEXT PROJECT MAYHEM?????????????? I can't take this bullshit anymore.

Let's hire a attorney to file a class action lawsuit. It's baseless, and would get thrown out, but it could grab headlines.

"Fans sue Cincinnati Bengals for poor performance"

Can't cost more than a full page ad.

this should boil all your blood

@AM: the first comment at PFW says it all -- solid move by a solid franchise

The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.

just f*cking precious that. At least you all got out before he removed the tighty whiteys. What a perv...I don't think stippers can be truly appreciated without lots of alcohol.

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