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    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

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May 31, 2011


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That's why I love being a Penn State alum/supporter. 40+ years with the same coach and no scandals, plus one of the highest graduation rates for football players of any D1 program. Also, I grew up very near Youngstown, Ohio, where Coach Tressel cut his teeth, and I understand how beloved he is in the state of Ohio.

My only comments are (1) the "crimes" aren't really a bad reflection on Tressel... sure he's supposed to "coach" his football players to do the right thing but we all know that college-aged kids are pretty much going to do whatever they want. So if Tressel were to be honest about the transgressions rather than look the other way, I don't think that hurts his reputation, only adds to it really. And (2) can't see Urban ending up at OSU. He doesn't really make the decisions in that family, and Mrs. Meyer apparently prefers locales where she can lounge outside with her pink umbrella drinks and watch the cabana boy work his magic.

Yeah - you may be right that being up front when he found violations would have helped his reputation. But I guess he made the calculation that it wouldn't. Or that the part of his reputation that depends on winning outweighed the part that depends on him being perceived as an ethical guy.

I think with a few years off Urbz might come hang out for a little. But yeah I'm just speculatin'

@Wyatt - but yes you will notice that OSU has won virtually every Big 10 title in the past decade under Tressel and PSU has not had that kind of success in recent years. It sure seems like JoePa and the guys run a pretty clean program...but it's not competing for the BCS title year in year out like OSU did. PSU make a run every few years but not consistently, that's the trade off I guess.

Anyone see South Park last week? They covered this subject pretty well.

As an Ohio State student (and not a member of the football team), I've seen the students who sold their autographs/equipment out of "necessity", and while some of them probably do use the money to cover rent, food and other important expenses not covered by the university, some like Terrelle Pryor use the money to buy things like cars and headphones and the like. They're not all as innocent as they try to come off as they are to the media.

I also believe Tressel covered it up because he didn't think it would ever come back to get him. If you believe the Sports Illustrated article, this has been happening for years and nothing ever came up until December. Now I don't completely believe the article; I figure like with most things the mainstream sports media reports it's roughly half right, especially since their main source on the most recent developments wouldn't use his real name (in fact I know that some of the accusations are false. I can't find where I read it, but I believe it was John Simon and Nathan Williams who were mentioned in the SI article and not the December accusations who allegedly also traded autographs for tattoos, but pictures from recruiting showed they had all their tattoos before arriving at OSU).

In short, if investigative reporters spend 6 weeks at any D1 school, I'm sure they could find similar or worse benefits given to athletes. I wonder where George Dohrmann and David Epstein were in November? Certainly not in Auburn, AL.

"If you believe the Sports Illustrated article"

Wish more people, especially those in the media, had this same logical approach. OSU is not yet guilty of anything new found in that article. Yes, Tressell broke the rules, and he is gone as he should be. But, this is still the same organization that puts out made up stuff by Peter King.

Also Completely agree with your last statements about this sort of thing happening almost every where else in D1. It's a shame NCAA doesn't look at all programs when things like this come out. Being in Arizona, I know there are foolish Pac 10/12/whatever fans who think the Big 10 is scandalous while their conference is perfect and beyond reproach (apparently they are unaware USC is in their conference). The intelligence level of football fans is clearly not stellar. I for one am getting sick of people like Dohrmann exploiting it.

Brian Kelly knows and probably understands risk management to get to the position he is at and as other coaches including Tressel that same day made arrangements to practice inside during the inclement weather Kelly decided different, lets go outside and push the players/elements.

A Kid dies while on an apparatus he has no reason being on that day and the coach is consider to be not involved it the days tragedy. Then again from the catholic church and or notre dames investigations and conclusions who could expect anything but "shit hapeens and quit reporting it"

Tressel, a liar, a thief, and a cheat. Many years high and mighty now showing to be many years hypocritical. Ohio State and the Bungals can hang on to sloopy and die!!!!!!!!


I'll take the moral high ground and 2 shared Big 10 titles since 2005 (which I still can't understand, as they were shared with Ohio State, who Penn State beat in both 2005 and 2008 - apparently head-to-head results count for nothing). Would I like to have a couple of championships in recent years to brag about? Certainly. But, to me (and I realize I'm certainly in the minority) the pride of being able to say my school's program is one of the cleanest in the country far outweighs the only-slightly-better-than-average on-field results over the past decade or so.

Is Penn State the cleanest in the country? Is any program in the top 40 or so clean? If we're talking about NCAA violations most certainly not. I'm sure you could open an investigation at random into any program and find violations. Now, how many programs have coaches who find out about violations and then try to cover them up...maybe that's less but still probably fairly widespread.

Just cause JoePa probably doesn't even know what's going on in his own program doesn't mean stuff isn't going on.

I can't speak for right now, but ten years ago, when I was a student there and actually lived with a couple of former football players, I can honestly say that the biggest controversies were guys being out at bars/parties the night before home games (and Larry Johnson's tumultuous relationship with a high school junior). There wasn't a whole parking lot full of Range Rovers and Yukon Denalis like on that special about Alabama that was on ESPN last August, Penn State is never in the discussion when it comes to programs buying recruits (Larry Johnson Sr is one of the best recruiters in the country, which is why he has been considered for head coaching opportunities over the past several years), and two defensive line starters a couple of years ago got benched for two games for their friends having weed in their apartment (while Brandon Spikes gets a half-game suspension for threatening to kill a woman). I'm not claiming that Penn State's the cleanest program in the country, but they're certainly not getting investigated every few years and they don't self-report a dozen incidents a year either (hi, RichRod!) - that tells me they're doing SOMETHING right.

Yeah - well that's better perspective than I could provide. My inclination is to think that since you never hear about anything with PSU that they are probably relatively clean if not actually clean.

I always assumed that Tressel was super shady. Big time college football programs are guilty until proven innocent, I don't know why anyone would think differently of Tressel.

Not to change the subject, but apparently Whit and Peko are organizing practices for next Monday through Thursday at...where else, Ignition Indoor Sports Complex! It'll be just like a rainy day during non-lockout practice season!

PSU clearly does not pay their players enough hence the multiple down years in the last decade but that doesn't mean they aren't dirty just like everyone else. Every program has skeletons in the closet that would turn up after a half decent investigation. For instance Joe Pa looking the other way when his defensive cordinator, Jerry Sandusky, "allegedly" showered with twelve year old boys on campus.

Anybody who thinks their college team doesn't cheat either roots for a team that sucks or is ignorant of reality.

My only comments are (1) the "crimes" aren't really a bad reflection on Tressel... sure he's supposed to "coach" his football players to do the right thing but we all know that college-aged kids are pretty much going to do whatever they want. So if Tressel were to be honest about the transgressions rather than look the other way, I don't think that hurts his reputation, only adds to it really. And (2) can't see Urban ending up at OSU. He doesn't really make the decisions in that family, and Mrs. Meyer apparently prefers locales where she can lounge outside with her pink umbrella drinks and watch the cabana boy work his magic.

As an Ohio State student (and not a member of the football team), I've seen the students who sold their autographs/equipment out of "necessity", and while some of them probably do use the money to cover rent, food and other important expenses not covered by the university, some like Terrelle Pryor use the money to buy things like cars and headphones and the like. They're not all as innocent as they try to come off as they are to the media.

Ohio state has been dirty for years. The NCAA has looked the other way since Tressel got hired, and got that late phantom pass interference call.

Don't believe it's been going on for years? Clarett was mentally challenged, but after reading the story at the link below in today's light......... Maybe Tressel is a dick after all.

(most) OSU fans = (most) Steeler fans: Loud, obnoxious, frontrunning blowhards with a general lack of knowledge beyond the most recognizable players on their team and how many championships "they've" won. I.E. "WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Jerome BEttis! Sixburg! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! GO STEELERS!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!" Or, alternately: "WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Sweater Vest baby!!! Clarett is the next coming of Eddie George!!! WOOOOOO!!!! O!H!I!O! Gag me

The only penalty if like to see issued against Ohio state is that they ate transferred to the SEC. They may win 4-5 games a year. I just couldn't tell you how.

Agreed about buckeye fans. Much too big of a superiority complex. This deal should take them down a notch.

If OSU was in the SEC it would be a different ball game. They could cheat and sign more players than they have scholarships for ( They would be held to a different standard for academics and admissions.

They would easily win 10+ games almost every year in the SEC.

Also, you don't know how they would win 4-5 games a year in the SEC?


1. Ole Miss
2. Vanderbilt
3. Kentucky
4. Mississippi State
5. At least 2 teams have a down year - last year, UT 6-6, UG 6-6 (Got beat by Colorado. Other non-conference games: Louisiana-Lafayette, Idaho State. Joke.)

Quick poll:

How many of you, at 21, had owned/driven/had access to 8 different cars, all valued around $20000, between the ages of 18-21? How many of you honestly think that as a 21-year-old college student, you would be approved for $11000+ financing to purchase a car with no recordable income?

But Pryor's lawyer says that's all on the up-and-up. Sorry, Buckeye fans, you lost your coach on Monday, and you're going to lose your quarterback in the very immediate future. Again, I'm reminded of how thrilled I am that Penn State had Darryl Clark and a "boring" nightlife, which caused Pryor to choose OSU.

I wouldn't be touting academic or admissions standards right now. This has been going on a long time there. Do you still believe Clarett lied? Not saying he isn't a douchebag, but I don't think he lied about free cars, academic cake walks, cash, easy jobs for cash, help with class selection, tutoring, and admission?

How can you argue competition levels between big 10 and the SEC? Hasn't that been decided on the field?

Pryor's lawyer says he will not face NCAA charges

Wyatt, welcome to the sea of fools who take every thing in every SI article for pure facts. You must read Peter King and his reports on pretend Sirius Radio interviews.


I would argue that practically nothing in college football is decided on the field when it comes to conference rankings. I'm definitely not into the whole beauty pageantry-like debating on which conference is better than others. It's all bs, and mostly hypothetical. OSU was the number 2 Big 10 team last year, Arkansas was number 2 SEC. OSU settled that on the field.

You made a hypothetical assumption about what would happen if OSU were to play in the SEC. Bungal's post points how you obviously ignore how SEC programs are able to operate within different parameters than Big10 schools. There're distinct differences.

And, by the way, I would tout the academic standards of any conference over SEC schools.


Posting an "article" from an Ohio State fan page is hardly a compelling argument that Pryor's not looking at additional sanctions. And yes, I read Peter King, but it's just an exercise in trying to predict what Big Daddy Drew will lampoon in his weekly takedown on KSK. I don't take everything I read on SI (or in the newspaper, or hear on the news) as gospel because they're only worried about hits (or sales or ratings), but I think it's pretty safe to assume there's some below-the-board nonsense going on with several area automotive dealerships. But you keep living in your crimson and gray fantasy world, buddy.

Also, that link was just a block quote from an article on THE IRONY!

I don't know what you're talking about. Block quote from Seems to be from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But, oh no! It's completely invalid because an OSU related site had a link to it. Oh, the irony. The smell is killing me. Yes, I know all the facts and I'm not biased at all. Everyone who disagrees with me should wake up from their dream world. Pryor has 8 cars at one time. No trade ins. No loaners. He just owns 8 cars. All under his name. I've never done that, have you? Of course his mom didn't buy it, he bought. Moms never buy their kids cars. don't pay attention to the mileage and condition, or even think about looking up how much the car would cost! It's a $20,000 car! ZOMG! You guys didn't have 8 $20k cars when you were 21? You didn't know a Hyundai Sonata is a $20k car?

Jesus, I don't want to defend Pryor or Columbus area car dealerships. Somehow I'm the one living in a fantasy world because I don't hate OSU and believe every bad ever written about them. Also, I'm not your buddy, arrogant douche.


Where did I say Pryor has 8 cars? He's HAD 8 cars in three years. Even if what his lawyer is saying is true (which, after blatantly lying about the license suspension thing, I find it hard to believe anything he says), he's had 3 cars in 3 years, with no income. I've been driving for 15 years now, and I've only owned 7 cars in that time. Amazing how he came to Columbus with a Hyundai Sonata, but then upgraded to a Dodge Charger - that's a pretty impressive leap, isn't it? And then from a Charger to an even sportier 350Z, which I did look up the Blue Book Value on and came up with $18,795 to $24,985, depending on the option package he has. If it's a base model (hard to tell from the photos), then the purchase probably wasn't that shady (I'd be curious to have more information about the Charger, to see if they over-inflated the trade-in value of it), but if it's a nicer model, then there was some kind of fuzzy math going on. And I'd also be interested to know how his mother was able to finance it, if she's working as a lab technician (not exactly CEO-level pay), paying for an apartment, and likely paying for a car of her own.

Obviously, you're free to believe whatever you'd like, but I tend to think that if the NCAA is investigating Pryor this heavily, that there's probably something more to it. In this case, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a fire with this much proverbial smoke. Have a great day, buddy.

Big 10 homers get your asses kicked by superior SEC teams in nearly every game you play and you cannot accept that your team only gets it's rankings because they play in an inferior conference. Do you forget the gator ass spanking? Or the 3 loss LSU team that played so so and still stomped you.

Arkansas? Really? Hmmm. I remember dropped passes and about 5 guys that should have been suspended.

And you're right. We can't argue which conference is better because the best big ten team has settled the argument. Proving that they have inferior talent and coaching.

People drop the superiority complex that you somehow have higher standards of admission than SEC schools. Read the SI article before you judge it. To continue to pretend that osu football or basketball is superior in light of the exposure is close to continuing support of mike brown.

Wait till they dig into that basketball program. It's bigger than football.

Look at what USC got over 1 football player. They had no evidence that the head coach had any knowledge of Reggie's deal. That netted them multi year bowl ineligibility, loss of scholarships, and possible loss of a national title.

SI named 28 players, and a coach that knew. This will be the hardest sanction in the history of the NCAA, worse than the one that crippled UM in the mid 90's.

SI has been a respected publication for decades. Really? You're blaming this on SI?

All I can say is that I know so many ultra arrogant buckeye fans who used excuses about higher standards is why the SEC beats us, and then later on says that they are just as good. Then boast about coach goody goody and how he wont compromise his integrity. Love those buckeye standards. You buckeye fans flapped your gums for years. Time to button the lips and take this one. It's going to affect athletics for years.

"How many of you, at 21, had owned/driven/had access to 8 different cars, all valued around $20000, between the ages of 18-21?"

Your exact words. You name the 8 cars worth $20k. Go ahead. Let's see them, buddy. How about you back up what you said first, buddy. What are the8 cars worth $20k, or around $20k. How about you back up the bullshit that you spout before you even think about questioning anyone else, buddy. I'm sure you factored in the mileage, too. I just checked a 2007 with 80,000 miles and it was $17,935 on So good job with that, buddy. Way to take in all the facts with your research as you always do. Not to mention, it's a 5 year old car, there could be any number of defects that could reduce it's value. And, if you think every car sells for the minimum kbb value, or higher, then I would love to sell you some cars. Good luck With that list of 8 cars, seeing as how even the the 350Z could very likely be valued under $20k. And $300 a month is not that ridiculous when she works over 40 hours a week and has cheap rent. Plus her sons schooling is paid for, and she's likely banking on him making some cash professionally (even though he most likely won't make much). But I guess it could be impossible, and more than enough evidence of guilt in your guilty-until-prove-innocent fantasy world.

"Arkansas? Really? Hmmm. I remember dropped passes and about 5 guys that should have been suspended."

Exactly. Excuses. Plus, OSU played a perfect game and didn't make any mistakes. They didn't use some dumb punt formation, in a situation where they shouldn't have even had to punt, that led to a block. I'm sure didn't just watch the SEC/ESPN highlights, so you know that both teams made mistakes.

You obviously didn't read, and have serious bias if you think signing 120 players to scholarships over 4 years isn't a huge advantage over 80-85 scholarships over 4 years. That's not a different standard?

USC had way trouble than just Reggie Bush. Their basketball program had violations as well. That's why they got sanctions for lack of institutional control. That's why Derrick Williams took Arizona deep into the NCAA tournament this year, instead of USC.

I don't care what SI has been. It does not prove everything they publish is true. I would put more trust in Yahoo! reporting than SI right now. I did read their article as soon as it came out. I am also reading the other articles that show the holes in their investigating. Maybe you try that. Or just go on believing Dan Snyder did an interview on Sirius and said the Steelers tried to trade up for the other Pouncey brother. Even though Snyder, the Redskns, the Steelers, and the Washington Post denied that. It was SI. They've been respectable for decades, therefore it is true.


When did you become so incredulous? Why don't you say "really?" a few more times. LSU only lost 2 games that year (better check your facts, fool). LSU was the SEC champion that year. Even though we had a couple bad games (and barely beat Troy, freaking Troy), we won the SEC that year. But, whatever, arguing which conference is the best is more worthless than fanboys arguing which video game system is better. Also, fans chanting "SEC" is just as annoying as terrible towels or OSU fans.


2007 Nissan 350Z automatic, 80,000 miles, excellent condition - $18,285

You should really consider the note about excellent condition on that website, because odds are (97%) that the car was not in excellent condition and thus worth less than the quoted price. Sure, it could have more expensive options, but car that old with that many miles almost certainly has several issues that would reduce the price.

At the end of undergrad, my girlfriend bought a new Toyota Corolla with a premium package. Easily worth around $20,000. She was around 21. She had no job. She didn't even have a car to trade in. Her parents were definitely not wealthy at all. Lower middle class at best. But, she didn't have to pay for college because she had a scholarship. With a little bit of help from her parents she was able to afford it. I would argue that's more difficult, and more expensive, than trading up a couple times and eventually getting an old used car with quite a few miles.

You guys win. Your Ohio State homerism trumps my will to continue arguing the reality of the situation. Congratulations.

Is there any chance Burress doesn't end up in Cincy? No leadership, poor motivation, in need of a second chance...he's like Mike Brown's wet dream.

Oh, I guess I win, actually, without further argument. Pryor isn't returning to Ohio State? But surely that would mean further suspensions, since he initially planned to return in spite of the initial five game suspension, right? And since that was my initial point, logic triumphs homerism yet again.

Anybody think pryor could get picked in a supplemental draft by MFB?

I started to think so because this kid is ripe for a "redeeming".

However.............. MFB won't match the level of compensation that one can earn at da ohio state university.

Gotta stick up for Tressel here. I know some people who have personal stories of how he himself supported them in hard times without calling for any media fanfare. He really is a good guy who just made a big league mistake in trying to cover this up, and is paying the consequences for it. It's sad to see him brought down by this, and even worse to see a good man get crucified in the media.

As much as Tressel was a 'good guy' is as much as him being a cheatin' SOB. The difference to this is that he got caught being a 'cheatin' SOB'!

Look we all do things that we do in an effort not to bring attention on ourselves, homeowners do it, for example, maybe they cut the grass of the house next door figuring that when it 'all pans out' they will be reimbursed their gas -- they are not going to require "Realty company XYZ" to take out a full page ad in the Enquirer and NY Time to profess how they dealt positively with said situation. They pretty much want their money for expenses paind back (even if that). Then they find out that they aren't getting so much as a 'Fuck You' from the realty company -- they don't like it but they move on. Then they find out how the realty company labastes them as neighbors to all of the other realtors in the area (because the neighbor wouldn't 'wax' their friggin' lawn.

Ultimately, it comes down to what's been done. Do the right things and no one can say anything about you. In fact, they're NOT going to say anything about you -- why would they? They have nothing to squabble over! However, if you do bad things (which Tressel did), these kinds of things are going to be noted down in the 'record book' of public opinion.

Right now though, all that can be 'hoped for' is the 'Maurice Claretting' of one young Mr. Pryor.

Pryor already has went against his word (he said that he is going to play his senior year) and he said that he would NEVER consider the supplemental draft. Now he's saying that he wants to play the QB position in the professional ranks -- all things that he's lied about. The biggest one (for him anyway) is to avoiding languishing on the bench of some pathetic team (the Bengals?ha)as a backup. He's been told by numerous players, people and scouts, that he doesn't have what it takes to play QB in the NFL. RIght now he thinks, 'Why do I have to listen? These folks said I could never play pro-ball -- it's about to happen, they never said I would be a QB for a major college (another position perhaps) -- however, that already has happened." Well Terrell, at some point you'd be better off at listening and realize that your 'wiggle room' is receding (like Tressel's hair) and that you may have been advised by some high-school teacher somewhere, or maybe a coach at an all-inclusive camp etc. but now you are 'fuckin' wit da big boyz!' and you'd be better off to start listening.

Oh well, let Pryor play his games. Clarett thought that he knew everything too. Is he playing in the CFL or the bikini league? Scary!

It's official: the worst franchise in North America. I just tell people you can't help where you're born.

CJ --

What does it tell you/mean if you're a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and were not born there? To further that point, what does it tell you/mean if you've only been to Cincinnati twice in your life, for the sole purpose of attending a Bengals game?

Am I REALLY that big of a glutton for punishment...?

Carl Pickens Clause--


CPC is there a team closer to where you were born?

If yes you better be glad I dont pick on retarded Kids unless they start it.


You're like the plastic bag in American Beauty: so beautiful it makes me hurt.

Many thanks for the article. I will have a link back to this information from our fresh blog. Thanks again.

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