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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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February 03, 2011


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I'm of the "anything is better than brat" persuasion. I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt until he gives me a reason to hate him.

Next thing you know, they'll hire Palmer's little brother to play backup QB. a sec.


I'm in the Ghostchild camp. An infusion of new blood (i.e. anything other than Brat) could be a good thing. We won't know until another year or two passes by.

Bengals Value Genetics; yeah Mikey, Pumpkin, PBJ, Drunk Brother Pete, those genes have sure worked well.
Doogie Dave Deja Vue
Name recognition, cheap. Mikey's wet dream.
If JG is so damn good why was he working in the UFL?

I have more optimism in Jay Gruden. We weren't the only team looking at him as an OC, Carolina interviewed him. He's also only 43 but has been a coach in the Arena league, UFL, and NFL for a while now and the guy wins and puts up big numbers. I think people will be happy with this hire once he starts working with the offense.

Maybe they thought they were hiring Jon Gruden but weren't paying attention...

I'm just happy the new OC is not from within the Bengals' organization.

Mixed emotions on this. As you pointed out, genetics doesn't necessarily equate to football prowess. But, at least the guy is from outside the organization.

I have a wait and see attitude on this one. I can't get excited about it. But, it could be much worse.

Not quite, Mike. The Panthers were looking at Jay for QB coach and he didn't get the job. How can you spin that one positively? Let's promote the Panthers' rejects?

I value genetics as well. I wonder if Art Rooney has some siblings or children that could purchase the Bengals.

I'm critical of the hiring, but mostly agree with what Brian said. I'm also 99% sure that MFB either made this move or approved it based on the cheap recognizable name. He doesn't have to appease the smart and informed fans, there are plenty of suckers out there.

O'JSullivan actually he did interview for the OC job:

And the guy is a winner everywhere he's been. In 24 seasons as player, assistant or head coach his teams made playoffs 20 times and won seven championships. Plus having 18 years experience as a coach and only being 43 is a huge advantage.

As much as I wanted Brat gone, the manner in which the Bengals went about this was not only totally inept, it was also totally classless. See this quote from Brat on

Bratkowski said he was "disappointed" with the timing of his dismissal so late after the last game. "There aren’t many jobs left," he said. "But I can't say anything in the NFL surprises me anymore."

Again, I thought it was time for a change, but I think it's a total dick-move to do it so late. It reflects how indecisive the Bengals really are and how much they lack leadership at the top. My guess? Mike Brown planned to keep Brat, then the Carson issue and all the fan anger forced Katie and Troy to convince MB to fire Bratkowski. Hence the very late firing. It's appalling on many levels.

And to your other comment O'TSullivan he actually won't be that cheap. He was making $500,000 as the head coach in the UFL and I think the smart, informed fans will give this guy a chance. He's young and has experience which is a combination not often seen with the Bengals.

I suppose the opportunity to get your first OC position in the NFL out weighs the negatives of not being able to pick your own assistants to enhance your chances to succeed, just doing the best with what you are given.

Who dey for sure today! J O K E bengals bengals bengals

On thing I have to point out the knock on Gruden is he must be crappy and cheap because he is from the UFL and AFL yet he has more NFL coaching experience than Jim Harbaugh did(1 season as QB coach) and everyone here would have lived him as our HC. Since when does doing good in college trump the UFL and AFL. Last I checked most college coaches bomb in the NFL

While I think the Bengals blew the pooch on firing Brat when they did, it's not like he's not getting paid next year. It's the same as him still having a job here for another year. So he basically has a paid, one year vacation he can take. Why complain about that? I'd be loving it.

Not going to flip out about it, but I'm not wicked excited either. Not that I expected to be though. I am happy it was an outside hire, I'm happy it's a hire of a guy who has had success most everywhere he's been, and I'm happy that he will bring some creativity and (maybe given his brother's demeanor and work ethic) some fire and discipline. I am not happy, however that this FO (apparently) continues to buy the genetic prodcuts or relatives of other successful coaches. Does Dick Lebeau have offspring in the business? I will gladly give this guy a chance and wish him all the best, but I can't help but to be skeptical. I also laugh at the folks who think this will enhance the chances of hiring Jon after next year, nobody worth their salt who is PROVEN and coveted, would work under the conditions that Mike has cultivated and continues to cultivate. HOPE FOR LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, expect shit in a bucket.

At first thought, this was kinda disappointing, especially with the 'his bloodline has a good resume' thing again...but then Mike reminded me that I HAVE heard of this guy before, and that his arena team (Orlando or Tampa...I think Orlando) was a perennial contender. To be good in arena, you have to have a good offense. Though I have no knowledge of his UFL team, I like this hire.
And don't knock the arena league. Remember a guy named Kurt Warner?..Former arena leaguer, potential NFL hall-of-famer.

Must say though, we got what we wanted, Brat canned...when we (or anyone) least expected it. But whatever happens, remember that Brat was just one pawn, and the only coaching move that has happened this offseason. Don't get overly excited over a very small goal being accomplished when we have a whole list of manifesto demands that aren't being looked at. But it is a small glimmer of hope that things can change.

When I first Saw the name I was abit worried..But then it started t ogrow on me he's young he's fiery and passionate which I think was very important...Plus I like him over who we could have gotten Chilly?Zorn?Zampese? Atleast Gruden has the unknown factor...

You can't accurately judge a guy with no record. The NFL has plenty of guys who looked great at one level but failed at the next (the Ryan Leafs) and guys who were not expected to do much but did (the Tom Bradys). Even Bill Belichik -- aka God's Gift To Football -- was not exactly overwhelming the NFL while in Cleveland.

The fact is, we have no idea what's coming in Jay Gruden. He may turn out to be a better hire than Zimmer, and he may turn out to be a bigger disaster than Dave Shula. There is no way to know. So we wait and see.

Now if the Bengals get rid of Cedric Benson and draft a RB and maybe pick up Michael Bush maybe Carson will return and we can compete in 2011 if there is a season.

My checklist was Brat, Lewis and Benson must go based on performance. 2 out 3 ain't so bad. if they get rid of 1 to me it is the same old Bengals and I will not return as a season ticket holder. I have been going to every game for 11 stragiht years.

Marvin wanted his new coach to have the ability to lead an offense to score more points and I agree he has his guy. In the arena league an offense can score into the 60's or 70's in a game so, he's the guy. Of course, they do not play much defense in the arena league so when they are 11 on 11, the best of the best in the NFL it will probably be different.

The good news is our hometown bengals do not equate wins with success so we have many years to see how this plays out whether they go 4-12 or 10-6 it just doesn't matter because every year is a new season, a fresh optimism that this could be the lucky year. This is the formula that has worked for the last 20 years while posting 2 winning seasons and losing 18.

Thank you Mr. Brown for your continued football involvement.

Mike - look at the comments in the very article you linked. Everyone is asking what the hiring of the OC has to do with Gruden BEING HIRED AS QB COACH.

The sources I have read noted that he was interviewing for the QB Coach position. The fans in Carolina seem to think the same thing. Either way, the Carolina Panthers did not want him, that is clear. I'm sure we can trust the Bengals judge of talent and ability to see something in him the Panthers organization did not.

But really, I'm okay with waiting and seeing. At least it's not Brat, anyway. Definitely not foolish enough to be hopeful about this. And, yeah, I'm sure the offensive schemes he developed in the Arena League will translate well to the NFL (though it is refreshing he has had some success).

By the way, your last name isn't Brown is it, Mike?

Maybe he was "Brat" in to connect with more of Mike's redemption projects:

Ha no my last name is not Brown or else I'd probably be on here saying that "we should have optimism with our GM and great leader Mike Brown. Let's elect him Governor of Ohio!"

I think we're on the same page though that this hire is under the radar and needs to be played out. I just think its a move in the right direction.

I'm in the "I think we should all just shoot ourselves in the face" camp. I hope I am wrong about the guy, but I see a lot of Dave Shula in this strategy. I can no longer always look at the bright side of anything MFB does. It's apathy really. I think I would have felt a little better if he had hired maybe a Canadian Football League OC. At least they are better athletes than the UFL.

Sorry Guys, but I am feeling sorry for myself because the Steelers are about to win number 7. I really have no pride left.

kotw65 --

You are the single most cynical and depressing individual I've ever had the (dis)pleasure of encountering. I hope that you're taking Zoloft or Prozac or something of the like.

I believe EVERYBODY is partially right in their opinions.

1) The week of the Super Bowl, no hire they made was going to blow the fan base away. They dicked around too long, let the "sexy" names sign contracts with other teams and then basically went dumpster diving.

2) I don't think having the name "Gruden" should be a good thing or a bad thing for the time being. I'm not letting it get me excited because he has family who has had offensive success, and i'm not letting it remind me of Dave Schula.

3) The "unknown" factor plays well in both optimistic and pessimistic feelings. Yeah, he could come in here and take everybody by surprise, or he very well could flop. I personally believe a fresh, young face has got to count for something, if only in this organization alone.

Every one of us wanted to see Brat gone. Did it take longer than it should have for him to be fired? Absolutely. However, the fact of the matter is it finally happened, and we got probably the best we could hope for considering who us raping and pillaging our beloved team and city. Am I saying Jay will revive Carson and light up the score boards? No. Am I saying that by the time the bye week rolls around the offense will be so putrid we'll be reminiscing of the days when Brat peered over top of his glasses from a press box? Fuck no.

All i'm saying is let's let shit unfold. It's time to "get our douche on" and count down the days until the team is able to start practicing (hopefully) and see what we have on our hands.

You people never learn. Hope surely Springs Eternal.

The Head coach of the Virginia Destroyers!!!!!!

Bengals remain a LAUGHING STOCK.

For wasted hope and sure defeat!

At first I didn't like this idea. But then I thought about it some more and realized that Jay Gruden has a long history of winning with players that don't belong in the NFL. That experience should serve him well with the Bengals, right?

Well played Rich.

Bob F, way to be original.

Now Brother BS... ...That was an amazing bit of wit. Classic stuff IMHO and should go national. Ozzie? Billy? WONDERFUL!

I'm very much split on this one...

Like most of us Bengal fans who have been around since before the first dark ages (aka the 90's) and will ride out this second dark age (2010-?), my thoughts quickly flashed back to the Dave Shula fiasco. Like many other Bengal fans, I was disappointed with the fact we didn't land one of the guys we HAD been talking about: Jeremy Bates, Norman Chow, Brian Billick, etc. Yeah, Mike Brown strikes again right as the Shittsburgh Squeelers go off to win number 7 (and people think the Cowboys fans are arrogant pricks).

Then again... Gruden DOES have a winning history, a fondness for the West Coast offense that the Bengals could find success with (especially with a good slot receiver like Shipley and a good receiving TE in Gresham), youth and a overall freshness that PBS sorely needs, and that "unknown" quality that really makes him a wildcard.

Yeah... Jay Gruden has got an uphill battle to prove himself to me. But, the door isn't quite closed on him.


Bob, "You people?" Who the fuck do you think you're addressing? Anyone here jumping for the perverbial joy? Same treatment for the same garbage.... FUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOUUUU buuuuuddy.

The onus of responsibility is on the Bengals. As a fan, I need more than an O.C. to appease me. If I were a fan of a team that had a history of not being so stubborn, backwards-thinking, delusional and unsuccessful, changes here and there would have me wanting to buy tickets again. But this is not one of those teams. Firing Bratkowski (taking forever to do it, mind you, but finally doing it) is a good thing. It's a step in the right direction. But it's not anything that's going to convince me that the organization isn't fundamentally broken.

Right now, we have two good developments: a change in OC and a new team doctor.

You still have: no general manager, showing no desire to negotiate with the community whose taxes built the stadium in a time of economic duress, little other changes to the coaching staff, a refusal to add to or redevelop the scouting team, no understanding of why it's important to have an indoor practice facility and-- above all else-- the temerity to suggest that you've been doing the right things all along and that you've been close all along when you never have been.

Tickets? You want more ticket buyers? Try: hiring a GM, coming to the table on the stadium upgrades (you've GOT the money for crying out loud), examining the ENTIRE coaching staff, get real scouts, build that indoor facility and hold a press conference and say "Y'know what? I'm sorry. I should have done better as owner and I didn't and that's why I'm changing."

That's a lot more than just hiring an OC.

TCP clause thanks for the shout out. I appreciate your concern however, I am a well adjusted non taking drugs military veteran that annually commands six figure compensation for my professional expertise. I believe danothemano might need your intervention as he is the one speaking of shooting his face in his above comment.

I just do my best to keep things in perspective. Last year I won 5 bets for $20 each from bengals fans who just because TO was signed believed that the bengals would be a top 10 offense and win 11 to 12 games. All they said was "on paper" they are so good well, as we know "on paper" is different than on the "field" Optimism without football knowledge. Just like quotes we have heard from MFB and Punkin/Katie this year that 2011 is a new year where optimism runs high and this year coming up we have an easier schedule.

The city is filled with all of us who would love to see this team win multiple super bowls but our teams fearless leader Mr. Brown has proven that football knowledge and prowess died with his great hall of fame father and is not willing to accept the truth so we all suffer.

Yeah!!!! A new excuse for "We have to get on the same page and execute." I hope this drastic change will inspire everyone to purchase their season tickets. I guess I have to be greatful that the old man is no longer calling his tecmo style playbook anymore.

so chuck breshnahan was his defensive coordinator?

Just when you thought this piece of shiite organization couldn't go any lower, Mike Effin Brown gets out his effin shovel and digs deeper.

Laughing stock, again!

Hey curseofbojackson

Can you read most of the comments on here? Many are pleased.

And as wrong as they are, they clearly are more intelligent that you are.

I kinda feel like everyone's trying to out-curmudgeon each other right now.

The problem is everyone is trying to see some bright side in all this. But everyone who has reached the point we are realize that this move is going to be the same as all the moves that came before it. Anyone who has reached the point of supporting the Who-dey revolution should not be copacetic about this move. They should not be looking for a bright spot. They should be outraged the the same business as usual is going on. I've followed this team since the beginning in 1968 and gave up my season tickets following the 2002 season. I've done all I can do to hurt Mike Brown where it counts. In the pocketbook. Getting rid of the offensive coordinator was not nearly enough. And now Mike hires another minor leaguer to run the entire offense. Its a joke. As we found out from the recent presidential election, change is not always good for changes sake. The only people who should see anything good in this move will be supporting their team this Sunday.

Many? I went back and re read, and saw ONE poster who stated he/she was "pleased" about the hire. Can you read? I see lots of people pissed off about it, and the rest of us appear to remain skeptical about it, given this org.'s pension for hiring people based on a name and price, and also due to his lack of experience, adn apparent passing over by one of only three teams worse than the Bengals... for a lower position. Thanks for the intelligence blast, speaks highly of you. But go back and read, ONE person is jumping for joy, many are pissed, and most are reserving judgement. That doesn't equal pleased Bob.

Sorry, penchant.

"and most are reserving judgement." And desperately trying to find a silver lining somewhere. Just what Mike wants.

History already gives us our answer. 2 winning seasons in 20 years. How long do we play the same game over and over?

Oh, and the "intelligence blast" comment is cute. Look at your original low brow comment....... I chose not to bring myself down to your level to respond.

But you did Bob, you just didn't say it the way you obviously wanted to. Anyway, pretty much nobody here claims to financially support Mike, but most of us follow the team pretty closely, and are thinking that while it looks bad, it may work to some degree, god forbid. We want the same things (I think), so don't step in here on some high horse and expect not to be called out.


Hope Surely Springs Eternal.

I'll leave my fine white horse at home if you leave your trash mouth at home as well.

are you guys fighting about who hates the Bengals more?

Why don't you have kotw65 take everyone out to drown their sorrows in some beers. I mean he has a ton of cash: " that annually commands six figure compensation for my professional expertise" ha ha ha

Guess what, I have season tickets, and guess what else, I am keeping them. I come here because there are some very valid points made in some articles and some (few) comments.

But, why has this turned into fighting amongst yourselves over who hates the Bengals more? I came here to read people’s opinions on a relatively unknown hire and instead it is all the same bullshit that follows every post.

- Mike Brown is the devil
- We are better fans because we get it and no one else does

If you really expect Mike Brown to all of the sudden change his ways and hire a gm, build an indoor facility and whatever else you think should happen, then really you are the moron. See, the stadium has been empty before. Nothing you do is going to change his mind.

Either look forward to the little changes or stop caring. I am not sure what is to be gained by arguing about who is more miserable as a fan on a blog.

That being said, what do people think of the hire? Unknowns are hired all the time, some time they rise to the occasion sometimes they fall flat. We all know there is not going to be a culture change in the organization, but maybe there will be a better offense to have a good season or two.

WhoDeyFans, you young and innocent you.

Nobody hates the Bengals. If we did we would not even be here. Mike Brown is another subject.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you said: "If you really expect Mike Brown to all of the sudden change his ways and hire a gm, build an indoor facility and whatever else you think should happen...." Aren't these some of the goals of Whodey Revolution?

Actually I don't expect Mike Brown to change his ways at all, not unless you make it expensive for him to remain in his arrogance. That is why it pained me to see people try to put the best light on a clearly "business as usual" decision. Picking the brother of an established coach, instead of going out and getting an established coach, has been done before by this organization. Its almost as if Mike delights in it.

If you think this culture of losing is going to lead to anything other than 2 winning seasons in 20 years, "then you really are the moron" to borrow your own quote. Or more likely a younger guy who hasn't suffered as much as the rest of us. Your youthful hope not yet extinguished. But give it time......

Bobby, when in my comment did I expect anything more than 2 winning seasons? I actually said a season or two.

Also, what makes you think I am young?

You see, the newest article on this site is a well written article talking about the new OC. Notice how he did not mention anything about being a better fan than anyone else? You did nothing but bash another fan on what really is at the bottom line, a fan site.

Yes, improving the team are goals of the revolution. Good luck with that, maybe hold your breath even. Me, being the realist (note, not youngster) will take what I can get. What I don't understand is how most of you even care anymore? It has become a pissing contest of who is the best fan based on bashing the sheep, or lemmings or those without actual football knowledge. Seriously, read the comments, all you guys really do is bicker amongst yourselves and talk about all the terrible things with the Bengals. There really is nothing of use passed in most of the comments. People like Wyatt for example are commenting less because of the moronic posts of most of you. It is a shame really, SWB brings some very good discussion points to the site and all it is met with is the immature name calling.

Yeah, I have tickets and the like. I don't have them because I expect anything more than what the Bengals are offering. If the Bengals win when I attend the game that is awesome. If they don't, oh well. My daughter loves going to the games, you see she is very young. When we go home she doesn't talk about the predicable play calling or the bad clock management. She talks about how loud we cheered sometimes for the defense or how fun it was when the fireworks went off and the planes flew over. She likes singing the song when the Bengals score. It IS a fun atmosphere if you can actually take it for what it is. So go ahead, make fun of me. I fell sorry for you that you don't get to experience that.

I also go to the movies sometimes. I can tell you I never buy a ticket for Toy Story 3 expecting to see the Godfather. It is all about leveling expectations. I know what I am paying for and I am ok with that. Maybe, just maybe that is what it is all about. It is a game you know.

I think it's hilarious that Bob F comes on here and calls other youngsters while professing to be a fan since the Bengals' inception, yet his writing and attitude both come across as distinctly juvenile and even more condescending than me (which is a feat I wasn't sure was possible). Perhaps he's the most immature 40-something in the world?

"calls otherS 'youngsters'" apologies, attempting to speed through this.

"It is all about leveling expectations."

That is the whole problem in Cincinnati. And now the smallest market in the NFL just won the superbowl.

Guess they had bigger expectations.

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