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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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February 09, 2011


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My company is on there (First Group). I won the opportunity to see the Bengals lose a game from this box this previous season, and I asked the HR guy about it. Apparently they locked themselves into the luxury boxes a few years ago, and the deal expired after this last season and they won't be renewing.

I work for the 7th-largest environmental remediation firm in the United States, and we have job sites all over the country. I know a lot of our sites use Aramark, but I'll put the word out to stop using them. Same goes for Kimberly-Clark - we get 40-50% of the surgical nitrile gloves we use on hazardous waste sites from them, but not in the future. As for the others, being as I live in Western Pennsylvania (and am currently assigned to a project in Jersey City, NJ), Macy's is the biggest red flag that I've provided patronage to in the past. That will stop, as will consumption of Chiquita, Kraft Foods, Mars, and Sara Lee products.

Duke is difficult to cut out, Coke the same, and P & G too. But Macy's, Chiquita, Sara Lee, Toyota, Volkswagen, Damnit UC!, Kraft and the Enquirer will now be dead to me. I only use the first examples because Coke and P&G own so much that I probably am not aware of and I will likely buy SOMETHING they sell without knowing. Yikes, that's a lot of businesses propping up a bad, evil, archaic business, seems weird, but not surprising.

Ok, not UC, I'm a huge BBall fan and I will continue to attend a few games per year. Call me a hypocrite. I love UC BBall like I love the Bengals (Yes I'm a masochist)

Way to be responsible and not name individuals who own the boxes. As a Kentucky Wildcat fan, I see on a daily basis how a few over the top "super fans" can make an entire fan base look pathetic and insane by attacking individuals for not believing the same thing as them.

I would cut out P&G too, but don't they make Q-Tips? I can't use "cotton swabs" - they're just not the same. And I wouldn't drive a Toyota or Volkswagen anyway, so I didn't bother to put them on the list. My company has offers an employee discount with GM, which is my "family-preferred" manufacturer anyway.

So am I understanding this correctly, Wyatt? You are going to boycott the companies that are buying luxury boxes? Does that makes sense?

Does it make sense for me to boycott you, because you are a Bengals' fan? Come on! These people are certainly NOT supplying MBMBB with all his expendable money! They pay because they want to see the game, they want to be able to take people/clients to the game etc. It is a BUSINESS expense for them. What in the fuck is wrong with that?

Man, this idiocy has gone on too far!

Look, ya don't like the team, fine. Have fun and enjoy your life. However, if you feel this way because you live your life vicariously through this team, go ahead and kill yourself -- the world will be a better place.

Damn! People have no grip on reality! If you 'live and die' by this team -- go die -- you are not well grounded -- read: A fucking nutball!

@WCH -

Let me get this right. You have repeatedly attacked fans who buy tickets (which only a portion goes into MB's pockets) but are defending the buyers of luxury boxes (which ALL goes to MB)?

Yeah, that makes about as much sense as everything else you've posted to this point.

might as well boycott cable, since thats where the nfl's big chunk of $$ comes from


I like how you finally respond to something I write after I've been asking you the same two questions for almost two months now, and your response still isn't an answer to those questions.

And while I *should* simply ignore your inanity, I'll go ahead and respond. To my way of thinking, yes, it does make sense to boycott companies that are putting money directly into Mike Brown's pocket. To me, it's no different than not supporting a product because it's made in a third-world sweatshop - both Mike Brown and the sweatshop-user are practicing questionable ethics to maximize their profits. The company that I work for (that I briefly detailed in my first post) is based in Niagara Falls, NY, and they have a luxury box at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I would gladly attend a game in my company's box because I'm not against the idea of entertaining staff/clients at an NFL game, I'm against the idea of these corporations continuing to enable Mike Brown to put forth a sub-par effort. I'm realistic enough to realize that one person (or even one company) boycotting these companies isn't going to cause them to cancel their luxury boxes, but at the same time, I'm not going to continue to be a party (however indirectly) to something that I don't agree with. I realize that ethics and morals are foreign territory for you, so I hope I've explained that simply enough where you can at least manage a rudimentary, textbook grasp of the concepts that I'm attempting to convey.

Also, what it seems to me that you fail to realize is that I *DO* like the team, which is why I'm willing to do my part (however miniscule it may be) to ATTEMPT to bring about change. Notice I emphasized "attempt" - I'm not arrogant enough to believe that Mike Brown will change his ways based on anything that I say/do; however, I don't have the defeatist attitude that you espouse (essentially, "you can't do anything about it, so why bother trying?"). I don't "live vicariously" through this team - I don't say "we won 4 games last year" or "we need to do this to compete"; I deal with enough Steelers fans on a day-to-day basis that do the same thing ("We've got six rings" Me: "Oh, you personally do? Wow.") that I realize how asinine it is. I'm merely making a statement (again, however small it may be) based on my principles and particular morals.

Also, I'd argue that I'm more well-grounded than you are, as your only function in life appears to be trolling on a blog site where absolutely no one shares your opinion. If you thrive on the attention you receive by being so contrary, perhaps it's you who needs to rethink their life...

I recently did some contract work for a refresk/deployment with US Bank...I feel so tainted now...pervasive they are, the Brown Front Office...

Good Stuff! A toast to Brosef Stalin and the WDR,
for a most crucial if relevant article.


PS Now I'm just wondering what the worst part about it was, the fact that it was a Brown Front Office corporate sponsor/patron, or that it was such a refresk

wch's post makes zero sense.... ZERO. Same concept wch, boycott Mike with your money, except this time, it's just a step removed. Boycott those companies that give Mikey the most money (aside from the league). Pretty simple. And yes, cj, the next step would be cable/network television. THAT my friends, is not a step I'm willing to take, I love the NFL network and watch NFL football aside from the Bengals, so again, label me with the "hypocrite" branding iron but I can't do that.

Actually, the vast majority of the NFL's tv money comes from DirectTV and the Sunday Ticket. I have cable, so I don't feel bad for a minute about continuing my cable service and enjoying the NFL Network.

Oh cool, I feel better then (not that that would have changed my mind if I had those services anyway). I chose Dish because of the Redzone and NFL Network package, so I assume I'm contributing at least minimally to the debauchery at PBS, but again, I need it like crack so it wouldn't matter anyway. I mean since I'm on the topic, I really can't plug Redzone enough, best thing to hit cable since, like, ever.

Wow how sad all of you are. You do realize that Kraft foods, Volkswagon, and over 1/2 of those companies listed have boxes in every NFL stadium don't you?? Hell the Patriots stadium is named for a company owned by P&G. So are you guys going to start boycotting every bar innthe towns you live in that show Bengal games since MB gets that direct TV money??

How sad this site is becoming it used to be a good place to vent and now it's just filled with crybaby's looking for someone new to attack. If you seriously would not buy Kraft cheese because they have a box a PB that's sad. Secondly since I know I'll be told how wrong I am answer me this how far will you go? Will you start asking your doctor if he has tickets and stop going to him? Quit your job because your boss won't give up his tickets??

Just make sure you write a letter to the companies you decide to boycott telling them WHY you will no longer be purchasing their products.

Otherwise, they might not get the message.

Just make sure you write a letter to the companies you decide to boycott telling them WHY you will no longer be purchasing their products.

Otherwise, they might not get the message.

This more or less confirms my suspicions that wch and Seriously are the same person.

Actually no Wyatt I'm not WCH I used to write as the "truth" but thats the only nameive used. Anyway let me get this straight Wyatt you have no problem using your companies box to attend an "NFL" game for a team you don't follow and don't feel bad that tons of Buffalo fans hate their owner, yet you expect companies in Cincinnati to not attend games forth same reason because you fe they should protest for you. I'd beveling to bet most of the people in those boxes are not Bengal fans but out of town business people who like the NFL just like you do when you entertain for work. Kind of hypocritical of you don't you think. If you are so genuine go to a Bills message board ask them if your company should sell it's box in protest and them tell your boss to sell it if they say yes. Then when you get fired I'll buy you a drink back in cincy

I'm with Seriously on this one. These national companies that might actually have a box in every NFL stadium aren't going to care one bit about us boycotting them because of their support for the Bengals.
And Steve is also right on...and if you write a letter like he says, I highly doubt it would even be taken seriously.

Wyatt, linking him and wch...that's just wrong man. That was a low blow.

Everyone here is for a Bengals revolution, but some of you are taking this out way too far. Except for boycotting Bengals tickets and merch, I really think boycotts are counter-productive to our cause and will make us lose credibility, especially when boycotting companies like Kraft and P&G.


The difference between Mike Brown and Ralph Wilson is that, regardless of how Ralph's fans feel about him, he at least attempts to win, and states that his goal is to win the Super Bowl, not "be competitive". Ralph, like Al Davis, may be insane and have no idea what it takes to win any more, but at least he's trying to put the best team on the field, as opposed to simply making the most profit. IF Ralph Wilson were to start making only financially-motivated decisions, that would change my opinion and I would urge the owner of the company (the nice part about working for a family-run company is that I know the owner personally) to get rid of his box. But at this point, Ralph's still trying to win, so you're comparing apples to oranges, at least as far as my reasoning is concerned.

You missed the point Wyatt it's not what you think but what the Bills fans think. My point was would you as an NFL fan tell your boss to give up his box because a few people on a message board said you should so they can protest? That is what you're asking here. You're asking a company that probably has business throughout the country to get rid of a box seat that they use to entertain "NFL" fans not just Bengal fans. All because you who they have never met hate Mike Brown.

The craziness of this line of thought amazes me.

The point that I admittedly didn't make cleary enough is that the owner of my company (and the vice presidents and other officers) are all DIEHARD Bills fans. They don't have the box to entertain clients - they take other guys who work for the company and are Bills fans as a reward for a job well done, and they go themselves, to actually WATCH the games. In spite of having offices in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philadelphia, and southern California, they aren't a big, faceless corporation with boxes in every stadium and they aren't giving Ralph money solely as a business expense.

Again, apples to oranges, as me telling them to get rid of their box would be akin to some douchebag Steelers fan coming onto this site and telling WhoDeyFans to get rid of his tickets. With the companies in question here, they don't maintain their boxes because they have any emotional investment in the Bengals, so it's a different story.

And you've completely missed my point, too - if you read my response to wch, I'm not boycotting these companies/products because I expect them to give up their seats or pressure Mike Brown to change, I'm doing it because they provide direct financial support to an ogranization that employs business practices that I don't agree with. I'm not writing letters to any of these companies because I don't actually expect them to do anything differently; this is just a personal decision for me. If having moral and ethical standards is crazy in your eyes, then sign me up for a nice padded cell.

I work for Macy's and know for a fact that we aren't renewing our suite this year due to budget cuts.

Coke will be very hard to give up; it is very spicy, crisp and refreshing, and is made with real coca leaf extract

No matter; it's gonna be Jones, RC or such from now on

I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts. You guys are nice. I think WCH is a masochist who just writes on here to intentionally piss people off, then he jerks "it" to the verbal abuse he receives from others later. It's okay WCH, I am not judging you. Whatever makes you happy.

Have you read one post where someone asks or demands or expects these "comapnies that have suites in every NFL stadium" to give up their boxes at PBS? Have you? No, what you've read is that a few of us will purposely not use the products of some of those companies because they pad Mike's pockets. God forbid...... Big Cat, good deal, we need a new matress and Macy's had nice sales people and decent prices last time I was there, glad to know that is still an option.

Here is the interesting one for me on the list:

Castellini Co.

Does this include the Reds?

I admire your fervor over this, but seriously, seriously doubt that a handfull of readers here boycotting products and services will do anything remotely constructive in terms of changing things in Bengal land. Yes, Mikey might get the point if boxes are not renewed....but it would take MASSIVE, wide scale boycotts paired with direct statements on a very public and wide reaching platform for any of these corporations to even realize what was going on. Even then, they might not care.


Please step to the left with wch and Seriously, as you're clearly not reading what I'm writing - I'm not boycotting these companies because I'm attempting to get them to cancel their luxury box or because I want them to put pressure on Mike Brown, I'm doing it because on a personal moral level, I don't agree with them continuing to put money directly into Mike Brown's pockets, thereby enabling him to continue putting out a subpar product while maximizing his profits.

To return to my earlier sweatshop example, I won't purchase ANYTHING Martha Stewart puts her name on (not even a dog bowl manufactured in the US), because she used a sweatshop for her clothing line. That's not something that I agree with as a person, so I won't give her my money. I know for a fact that she hasn't noticed my lack of patronage and that knowledge doesn't bother me a bit. It's called standing up for what you believe in. That's more or less why I've developed respect for WhoDeyFans in spite of him (WDF, if you're a female, please forgive my assumption) being an admitted season ticket holder - he defends his feelings and continued financial support of Mike Brown here in spite of overwhelming opposition because that's something that he personally believes in. I don't agree, but I can still respect that. I've been more guilty than most here of disrespecting other people's opinions, so I won't attempt to martyr myself here, but it remains frustrating to me that people apparently just skim others' comments and then respond without taking the time to digest what the other person is trying to say.

Hey folks,

You'll notice the post is simply a list of corporate suite holders for now...there is nothing that calls for any action. Please actually read the posts before commenting on them (Seriously - I am looking at you). Obviously it makes no sense to try to boycott a multinational corporation like Coca-Cola or Chase as that would have no effect, they are not local, and could give two shits about La Revolucion. This is why, as of this date, we really have never asked anyone to boycott Bengals corporate sponsors as it's not so simple.

However, there are clearly local law firms, businesses and such that our readership may be able to influence. Should that be a Project Mayhem Task at some point or something similar who knows for now? But these monies earned from these corporate suites are the lifeblood of Mikey. Without them his business model does not work so well.

"But these monies earned from these corporate suites are the lifeblood of Mikey."

SWB, that is the point. If, for example Taft Law, canceled and even sent a letter to Mike about why, that is a direct measurable cost. I have argued season tickets don't really matter, but say you get 5 locals to drop the boxes, and there would be an immediate reaction.

WhoDeyFans would jump on any action you want to try and influence the local suite owners.


yeah, I am a dude. Side note, while I do have tickets, I also own a Bengals bus. I had to renew the license plates the other day and upped for the Bengals plates. Not to support the Bengals but to have a cool message on them. So as soon as they are in I will send along a picture. The plates say (the bengals B is the B) BADMGMT.

I realized that the intial post didn't mention boycotts but many of the comments that followed talked about boycotting the companies and that is what I was responding to.

A few of these companies are small enough that a letter of intent to boycott might mean something to them, but likely not. Companies yield to boycotts if it's called to their attention that they are supporting racists or puppy killers - i.e. something that creates image problems for them - not for supporting a poorly run NFL franchise. Still, to the extent there is a small company or law firm with an employee reading this blog who can get that lease canceled, great.

I suspect the real thrust behind this post though will be to show Mikey that he's got a leak and piss off the Brown family, which I assume this is doing. Good work.

No Kroger! Wonder why?

And the Bengals have a Reds box, as Castellini has a Bengals box...


That's highly shocking to me - that's an expense that Mikey Boy is not likely to see any financial return on, which means it's almost completely outside his realm of understanding. It almost makes me think there has to be some kind of deal there...

I can confirm that the Bengals do have a suite in Great American Ballpark. It is right down the right field line towards the end. I think the suite number is 246. It was right next to mine and I use to see Mike at opening day. I think that was the only game he attended during the year.

From this day onward I will walk
easy on the earth. Plant trees. Kill
no living things. Live in harmony with
all creatures. i will restore the earth
where I am. Use no more of its resources
than I need. And listen, listen to what
it is telling me.

The purpose of this post must've gone over my head, until Dan R spelled it out. And I agree, if the owner gets word that this list has been leaked, he won't be happy *insert evil maniacal laughter here*

I must say I'm also stunned to see Kroger not on the list. Was going to say that in my first comment until I was distracted.

The reason why Kroger is not on the list -- they have the "box equivalent" when they routinely buy up remaining tickets from the Mikey Brown Football Show to ensure the ongoing streak of sell-outs.

What's that you say? That streak is broken? Even Kroger has a conscious at some level, I suppose. What are the remaining supporters' excuses? I guess that there are just a lot of people who like bad football on Sunday or have nothing better to do with their time & money.

As promised here is the photo of the new plates:

The ultimate test of your hatred for Mike is where you stand on the lockout. Most owners are independently wealthy so a proglonged lockout wouldn't hurt them- but not mikeyboy. So do you root for a very long lockout to hurt Mikes wallet but go without football? Tough choice.

@sexonthebreech dude, I'm all about that. Can't wait to enjoy some UFL (hopefully, they aren't prohibited by an NFL lockout).

I was working in Connecticut during the UFL season this past year (the UFL Hartford Colonials first season), and I went to a game on a Saturday when I had nothing really going on. It's fun to watch, and the one local station up there has a "Colonials Wrap-Up" where they show every play in the game without all the huddles and stuff, which is pretty nice too. Got to see a lot of Jeff "Gay Zorro" Garcia.

I read in today's Enquirer that Nick Lachey rents a suite, and feels as we do towards Mikey's running of the franchise. He doesn't come out and say it, but he sure sounds like he's not renewing.

"It’s time that, as a fan base, we demand more from the team we so passionately love and support. Cincinnati is a rabid football town and we deserve to have a team that cares about winning as much as we do. As hard as it is, the only way we can show our resolve is to quit blindly supporting the same old dysfunctional, losing cycle that is the Mike Brown Bengals." -Nick Lachey

That is the Whodeyrevolution spirit!

I would be willing to donate to a billboard listing some of the corporate enablers, I think a list of the top most likely to be impacted by a boycott, at the bottom of the billboard note that more billboards with more names will be coming. I have already started emailing Jeff Ruby Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby

5th Third Bank

McCluskey Chevrolet

Huntington Bank

Key Bank

Sara Lee Foods


I must also confess that I have done business with UDF from time to time, in the chocolate malt sector...

I have since discovered, that I can purchase an entire cannister of malt powder, for the price of one of their 32oz malts...and, I have a drink mixer...and, UDF does not have WiFi...and, they are Mike Brown Boosters, so do the math...or don't

Why don't you guys get Nick Lachey's help?

Nick Lachey is just another thing about being a Cincinnati sports fan that really grinds my gears. But, I must say in this case, well said, good sir, well said.

I hope all is well with the Revolution - It's been almost a week since this post. I'm starting to worry that Mikey has a hit squad out there.

Its there busy season most of the guys here are lawyers and there clients are running wild partying now the season is over.

WCH is a male that likes the male sexual parts of other males in his male mouth.

In other words, he's a republican elected official or what you call a "Christian Priest"

I think that Mike Fucking Brown is more than happy to see a season wasted while he still makes money with no payroll.

By the time the Bungles hit the PBS field we won't even remember a guy with a name like "Carson Palmer".

We all win next season because, well, there won't be one.

I'm taking a break from WDR for a few months (with the exception of commenting on the bungles upcoming draft fuck up)

Take care all.

Except for WCH. Please keep telling all of us who were not Hamilton county taxpayers that we had our chance.

Or suck a dick.

Your choice.


Ok, you know what's sad.

I'll bet money that if the NFL misses the entire season that whoever they draft this year will be holding out in 2012.

It'll definitely be a QB reach that MFB will think he deserves a Denny's discount on?

Oh well


No NFL season?

The Brown's (not the Cleveland one's) running their teams like retards.

Can't wait fir more NFL!

'Business' must be slow. the way Wyatt, your assumption is wrong. Please go back to 'Assumption School.'


What assumption is that? I made a conditional if/then statement, not an assumption. "IF your life is so shallow that enjoy getting negative attention on a message board, THEN you need to re-evaluate your life." I didn't assume anything, merely offered a suggestion to try to help you better your future. Also, when will you answer my questions that I've posted in probably half a dozen other posts on here?

1) Were you a resident of Hamilton County of legal voting age when the stadium issue was on the ballot?

2) How did you vote?

As an aside, did anyone see the little dust-up between TO and Chad on Twitter last night (shamefully, I follow both of them)?

Here's how it went down (I re-arranged it so that the Tweets are in chronological order):

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
RT @WAD1980: Thank god @ochocinco is out to dinner. He is getting ripped and blamed for Carson wanting out of Cincy on NFL fault?
13 hours ago

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
I love the media,I want out few years back im disgruntled n a distraction,I was sick of losing,Carson is tired of losing its still my fault?
13 hours ago

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
double standard meet Chad. Chad meet double standard. I'll let you two mingle.#childplease
12 hours ago

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
@terrellowens Man its your f_cking fault my QB is retiring, I should whoop your ass cause they're blaming me you f_cking Diva!!!
12 hours ago

terrellowens Terrell Owens
@ochocinco I should whoop ur a** 4 asking me 2 come 2 Cincy! Yeh it's my fault tht he's retiring but not if I woulda had 15 TDs instead of 9
12 hours ago

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
@terrellowens F_ck yo touchdowns we went 4-12 and now my QB is leaving and they blaming me,you taking 50% of the blame for this sh_t!!!
12 hours ago

terrellowens Terrell Owens
@ochocinco And so much ur "Batman & Robin" idea!!
12 hours ago

ochocinco Chad Ochocinco
Cincinnati Bengals rock!!! Anybody that doesn't like us F_ck you and the horse you rode in on!!! Who F_cking Dey!!!
12 hours ago

terrellowens Terrell Owens
@ochocinco Where the hell ws Robin all year?
10 hours ago

Seems like the bromance is over, huh?

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