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  • Preamble

    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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January 23, 2011


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WDR Project Mayhem Task #10 - Let ownership know you are so fed up with the way thing are being ran that you'll retire and walk away from almost another $50 million dollars before you play another snap for his franchise.

Also in regards to Chad, let's not forget how he went about trying to get out of town. He burnt every bridge he possibly could and was a huge pain in the ass, which is why he was "crucified" as he would say. Carson has simply declined any sort of comment since the season ended, and not thrown anybody under the bus.

Kevin is right, Chad is a fool. Chad has really been a dick at times and people see that. Plus everyone knows Chad needs money.

If this ends up being true, and Carson is willing to pull the trigger, this is huge - maybe one of the Bengals biggest disasters ever. Even though Carson has sucked this last year or two, he has a gentlemanly quality about him. And I think people will side with him, not the Bengals.

No shit, if Carson is gone they have to sign someone like Tavaris Jackson and draft a quarterback with that first pick.

Fucking sad organization.

JaMarcus Russell for the redeemer! Plus he'll work cheap, now.

CARSON PALMER HAS MADE ME A HAPPY MAN. finally someone has the balls to come out and do something about this retarded organization. farewell bengals wish I could say we had good memories, but the truth is we didn't.

This is hilarious. As scared as I am with another QB draft this could be good. It might be the only thing that sends MIke Brown a message. Way to run an organization, Mike. I'm sure that this has nothing to do with your amazing leadership skills or vision.

I hear there is a gunslinger at u of houston. And the cycle repeats... klinger 2.0

I side w chad. Everyone crucified him for quiting on the team. Can't quit on the team more than threatening to retire. Also the big sticking point w chad is that he was under contract. Carson is on til 2014. Carson is the most undeservedly defended athlete in cincy history tho (even wdr was slurping him as recent as last week) so no one will come down on him. Chad is right- double standard.

As stated before, Chad was attacked because he attacked everybody around him. He went on every sports show imaginable talking shit. THAT is why he was criticized. Well, that and he was demanding a new contract even though he just got an extension 2 years prior. The Bengals bent over backwards to keep giving him new contracts and it was never enough for him.

Carson is going about this quietly and about as professionally as can be hoped for. 10 bucks says Chad ends up turning this into a race issue.

Cheers to Carson Palmer for taking a stand;
I wish things were different; I wish him every success in the future; this has got to be the highlight of the season, if not the decade;



btw, whoever the Bengals get to replace CP at QB,
will have a spotty OL,
and a nut-robbing OC,

and will see whatever athletic talent they may possess wasted and abused over time, by the horrible NFL franchise ownership model here in Cincy

Actually Chad's assuming Carson will be welcomed back by Cincy fans but I doubt that's the case. Like Big Ben Rapistburger was in Pitt, he'll initially be greeted negatively if he ever shows up in stripes again. THe diff is Rapistburger helped guide his team to the AFC Championship game and that helps fans forget. Carson has no chance to do that in Cincy.

@Hofbraunow: That's why I want JaMarcus Russell for QB. Let the 0-16 seasons rain down, and maybe the NFL will finally force the "franchise ownership model" to change in Cincy (or move it to LA... either way's a win)

Are any of you really surprised by this? Carson has been a ghost since season's end and checked out in November. When Marvin was re-hired, he told the Bengals home website "no comment". Here's what's happening (either all or some combination):

1.) Carson hates Marvin.
2.) Carson hates Bratkowski.
3.) Carson wasn't fooled by the late-season heroics of Caldwell and Simpson.
4.) Carson is sick of the Cincinnati media and the fans piling on him instead of who they should--Mike Brown.
5.) Carson really doesn't want Childress involved in the offense.
6.) Carson believes that the Bengals will keep Chad and he doesn't want that.
7.) Carson knows that he is the ONE player that Mike Brown will do anything to appease. Perhaps this is just a move to get some of the above-mentioned theories accomplished.

Either way, don't be surprised if you see Vince Young, Kevin Kolb, Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett in stripes next season.

Kevin jones: carsons extension was recent too! Chad worked behind the scenes first and then went public when it didn't work. He criticized only the organization. Espn spin machine shoehorned into a to eagles story. Good thing u got a big mouth cause carsons balls just got a lot they'll still fit.

Btw don't get me wrong I admire carson for his stand against mike brown. Showing the balls that marvin pretended he had. Ain't a race issue at all chad would never make it that way. Think its revealing of how media portrays wr and qb.

Pickens: who in the media was piling on him? I think he's gotten the benefit of the doubt if anything. I agree otherwise. Who would want to play for this francise? Good players hate it: pickens dillon spikes carson chad tj benson.

As far as the Chad defenders. Chad is a WR. Just a WR.

Carson is the QB. Carson play outstanding in '05 and '06 (and pretty decent in '07) Let's not forget the game winning drives he engineered last year against Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Chad is a selfish asshole.

Did Palmer play bad at times this year? Yes. But, he had T.O. in one ear, Chad in the other, an average O-line and Bratowski calling the plays. Palmer didn't give up 45 points to the Buffalo Bills.

I say good for him. This sinking ship is sinking more than it ever has. Mike Brown is a joke

Sexonthebreech --

As the QB you get blamed for everything when your team isn't good. Not saying that Palmer doesn't deserve criticism, but not all of it. Nine has been Mike Brown's scapegoat and I think he might be sick of it. Just a theory.

and let's not forget the guy came back from a torn ACL and broke the single season record for passing yards. the '06 team should have made the playoffs and the reason they didn't had nothing to do with Palmer. (Justin Smith roughing the passer vs. TB. Shayne Graham missed FG against Pitt, botched snap against Denver..the list goes on)

Palmer has been nothing but professional. Every QB throws picks. Palmer has had to deal with horrible management and play calling his whole career.

@sexonthebreech: Don't forget Boomer. He's said Mike Brown is "in over his head" (which is a polite way of calling him a clueless moron when it comes to running a football organization) (and it must be acknowledged that after Boomer came back for his great half-year in Cincy, Mike Brown encouraged him to take the Monday Night Football job!)

Then there was Lee Johnson (fired for telling the truth).

It's not like Carson Palmer is an outlier!

WOW, COMRADES! Today is a day we need to seize to bring about the Revolution.

By Carson announcing that he is fed up with the organization (a la Brown family)

And not to mention the Bengals beat writer at the Enquirer publishing an article named "Bengals Fans Have Had Enough!"

The overthrow from the nastiest, most delusional, and idiotic owner (or dictator) in all of sports is ripe for the taking. Mike Brown even your GM salary and nickel and diming cant save you now. Oh by the way, from a former season ticket holder, thank you for making the PBS experience, one of the worst in all of sports.

What we could use now is for someone quiet like Whitworth to speak up against the Brown family junta.

My guess is they'll go after Vince Young (in need of redeeming!) and use their 1st rounder for a QB. After all, if Carson goes lil bro Jordan will be gone, too, opening up another roster spot. Wonder how Carson told him his career is over...

@Leo DiTrotskyo: JaMarcus Russell! It just makes too much "sense"

@sexonthebreech: You are totally missing my point. Bringing up Carson's contract extension is irrelevant because his desire to be traded doesn't involve money. He's willing to walk away from $50 million dollars because of the way the team is ran, completely different from Chad's situation.

What does me pointing out facts have to do with me having "A big mouth"? Because of that i'm sucking another man's balls? If you've got no good argument just let it go and leave the unoriginal comedy to somebody else.

Also, you should be a little more brushed up on what you are talking about. Claiming Chad would never make something a race issue? You must not have heard directly from his mouth that the only reason Favre didn't get punished more than a $50,000 fine was because HE WAS WHITE! He even made a point of saying that he waited until his (Chad's, not Brett) season was over to say that so "he couldn't get in trouble".

So to reflect, Carson and Chad handle their trade desires completely different which is why they are being portrayed completely differently, Chad HAS a record of making things a racial issue, and no man's balls are in my big mouth.

Project mayhem task 10.5 return to sender along with a piece of shit, human or animal doesn't matter just make sure you eat a lot of Mexican food before hand and use your article of bengals merchandise as your tp.... Just mailing a letter is obviously not getting the point across that mike brown is a piece of shit time to take it to the next level

Kevin: a common misconception that chads trade demand was solely about money. He didn't think they were commited to winning. Pay was part of it but in his case it was justified... top afc in wr yards 3 straight years but paid outside top 15. Maybe u are just a naiive fan of the owners who have free reign to shred up contracts but players have to follow them to the letter?and to that you would reply like katie: But they make so much money!

@sexonthebreech: It was only about the money. The first few weeks you only heard that he wanted an extension or he wanted out, then once people started ripping into him he tried to do some damage control and recite the bit about the team not being committed to bringing in a defense to help the offense EVEN THOUGH they just hired a proven D-Coach in Zimmer, just signed the #1 free agent lineman in Odom, and was drafting better defensive players.

Nobody put a gun to Chad's head and made him sign those 2 contract extensions 2 years before his original deal was up. You can't tear up his contract and give him money EVERY SINGLE YEAR once somebody gets a bigger deal than what his was. Again, know your facts before you claim something to be true. Chad was one of the top paid WR's, but as with every other position, every year somebody is gonna get a bigger deal.

How dare you accuse me of being a fan of ownership, you know nothing of my fanhood sir. I am beginning to think you know nothing about anything except skewed information.

I heard all the 7-11s in the Cincy area
(i.e. ROME, i.e the WORLD) just got a new Slurpee's called Carson!
Available now, in a collectable, commemorative WDR tumbler!!! Get yours today!!!

Or, would you rather have a fountain drink,
from Gold Star, Wendy's, etc.,
in a Mike Brown's Bengals CUP

( ironically similar, I like the food at those places, but I cannot abide by the Mike Brown's Bengals is a bitter cup...let it pass from you; really, it's been done )

It's a good thing Carson didn't get braces just because Chad got a gold grill,
or else there might be accusations of bracism

PS if I ever get gold, it ain' gon' be no grill...

I'm-a getta *GROUF*, ya heard?

There is one other difference, even if all else was equal (obviously it's not, but just say Chad was as professional as Carson). The timing is a huge difference. Fans were still fairly positive when Chad made his demands, so he was seen as a negative influence. Carson is making his demands at a time when fan negativity is at an all-time high. Because of this, he is a rallying point, not bringing people down. You can't pretend the two times are equal.

per JaMarcus Russell:

Only if he will change his name to JaMarcus *Russule*,
so he can be nicknamed JaRule

per Vince Young:

Yeah. He's about their speed. He's got a helmet for the (air)bus too, when he makes it before departure


It's not that Carson doesn't want Childress involved.

It's that Carson knows that he'll never see Childress involved.

Line the rest of us.

Fucking Brat.

He's got to be the only person anywhere near Cincitucky that has the intestinal fortitude and clothespin to go down on Mike's son Katie.

I'd like to see Reedy re-do that letter writing campaign now.

Fuck you Mike Brown

Are you feeling "all right" now?

I live 90 miles from the bay. I'll have my Raiders or 9ers # 9 next year.

I'll be happy to see Carson in a real live NFL organization.

Thank you Carson

Fuck You Mike

Tyler: Yes, there should be a coup...not a chicken coup, not a coup-coup clock,


Hear, hear! Let them heat steak!

Dear Who Dey Revolution:

You kids think you won a big one with this Carson situation. Well, we were keen on moving him elsewhere in the near future, so there's really no story there. With our top young WR talent of #87 and #89 -- sorry, forget those boys' names -- Greshman and Shipper, we think we might let our RB throw the passes next season and give the $12 million saved on QBs back to the fans in the form of 50% off at the Pro Shop and two free bags of popcorn.

We ARE doing things about right here. We've got two young DEs who are setting the league on fire. And don't forget Pacman who wasn't once arrested legitimately all of the 2010 season. Our kicker's knee ought to be fixed by the start of 2011. And we have Andre is such good shape that his boobs are now smaller than Katie's.

All Bengal fans around the globe should know that we'll definitely be in the playoff hunt for next season. In fact, I was just talking to our scout today, and he tells me that he's got his eye on a couple of strapping young fellas that should bring a lot of depth to our Practice Squad. Not only that, but Brat tells me that he's gotten a whole new section of plays on the drawing board, and Marv has a cookout and obstacle course scheduled for the boys once this CBA deal is done.

Finally, I want you all to know that the shoeboxes of poop and the the dead animals that you have been mailing me are having no effect on my resolve to stay the course on the way to Super Bowl XLVI for my team. So you might as well get on board and buy those season tickets now before I change my mind and raise the prices.

Mike Brown, owner and secret CEO
The Mikey Brown Football Show
100 My Dad's Stadium
Cincinnati, OH

We are all Ben Afflecks to Carson Palmer's Bruce Willis, in the scene from the film Armageddon,
where Bruce (Carson) stays behind on the asteroid so he can blow it up; he be proud if we'd marry his daughter, telling us to take care of his little girl...and we are all Ben Afflecks, crying at the window of our spaceship as we take off:

"Nooooo Harry!!! We Love You Harry!!!"

You know it's true, and you might laugh, but it's also really sad...and then when you realize it's sad, I will laugh, because that's how you do hip-hop and play by their rules and don't get stuck in that whole bracism thing

: )

I motion that the *title* of the piece called
"The War of 1812" be changed to

"The Carson Palmer Theme"

Then, send Mike Brown a pair of ice skates, and change the *music* of that title to "Nadia's Theme"

Here we are with our franchise QB (for better or worse) and the Steelers are up 23-0 in the AFC championship. This is not a good place to be.

Haha, props to WestTx's letter from MB.
Good for Carson, shoulda done this a year or two ago.

To all of the "real fans".

Apparently your franchise that is deserving of unquestionable loyalty and that is so undeceiving of all of us "bandwagon fans" has now realized that you have a "band wagon" franchise quarterback.

Lol. To everyone who thinks the Bengals are "close", or "not so bad" here is a much deserved "GO FUCK YOURSELF".

The "franchise" centerpiece just confirmed it all.

This organization is beyond hope.

This organization isn't worth my time or health.

I'll quit before I play here again.

God Damn Carson.

You are a model fan.

Let's be like Carson. I'll stop watching the NFL before giving Mike "all right now" Brown any of my money.

The franchise QB just said fuck this place. Can WCH please tell him that he had his chance, and it's a waste of time, and stop bitching, and I don't want to hear it.

Carson should be in the Bengaks ring of honor. (shit, we don't have one)

This is it. This is the critical mass that will shine the national spotlight on MFB.

The revolution has just now begun.

JM is right. This will resonate with a lot of people that disk give a shit about coaches or indoor practice facilities.

And in the end, Mike Brown doesn't have to pay a mediocre QB 13 million. Don't underestimate that. Quite frankly, I don't think he deserves it.

West Tx-Great post! What's pathetic is it probably isn't that far off of how Mikey feels.

A few months ago I said the best thing Carson could do is retire from football versus playing for the Bengals. This organization is set up to fail and if he has the balls to walk away it would be in his best interest. Marvin obviously, did not have them and now he still appears as a head football coach in the NFL.

I recently read the interview of Marvin on bengals . com when he stated that this team does not know who they are. He said they have no identity. I agree and after 8 years of his so called leadership I think it is very important to note that he is saying that 8 years have past and no accomplishments have been made.

For him to stay is more a slap in the face than to have MFB defiantly defend his decision making process in this whole debacle of an NFL team inherited by their father.

I hope it is true that Carson does and will follow through with walking away and hopefully the number 1 pick they have will say Fuck You, I am going to the Canadian Football League instead.......

BTW, I heard Art Rooney and MFB spoke by phone today and he told MFB to just let things be because he appears close to being where he wants to be. MFB apparently thanked him for the advice and elaborated the the phone is his families favorite way to conduct their player scouting too......

Chad is such an emotional girl. She does not prepare to be excellent by running routes or practice. She does not lead by example to present a winning attitude. She does not pride herself on winning.

She does however take pride in dancing ability and the ability to look as though she shows up and cares while not producing the necessary results.

Joe Reedy should take a poll to see how many side with Palmer and how many side with the bengals, anybody got a way to email him?


Nice one. (in regards to the bracist joke)

@KJ Now we all know that bracism exists and is nothing to make light of, even though there are those in this world who think to themselves, 'who needs braces, when there's grill fo yo mouf?'

[ Sports Rock is rockin' on TV5!!! ]

Here's the deal on Carson:

He *will* sit out for a year, either by retiring, or because of a lockout...this will give him time for much needed healing and physical therapy...then, Carson will come back to the NFL, free of the albatross that is Mike Brown's Bengals...

Chad's problem was a "boy who cried wolf" situation.

He'd (willingly) established a reputation for being talkative and outlandish, thus when he made his demands, they weren't really taken seriously (by either Mikey or the media). Remember when he guaranteed the victory over the Chiefs in '03 and everyone made a big deal of it? By about two years time, his making guarantees didn't mean anything anymore, he was doing it all the time.

Carson's image is that of a cooperative soldier so his attempt to break ranks, as it were, stands out somewhat more.


Mike Brown should think this Carson Palmer situation over carefully. If he doesn't trade Palmer and forces him to retire, then Mike won't be able to keep counting Carson's "games played by players we've drafted".

the first step towards the LA BEngals

@ Kevin Jones

Thanks, that means a laught coming from you

Cool page, knock 'em dead; break a leg and all that

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