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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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December 03, 2010


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HOLY CRAP!!! Did you guys see Lance McAlister's blog today? He posted some tweets that Willie Anderson sent last night. Great Oden's raven!!! Do yourself a favor and read it:

Willie blasts the Bengals' coaches and owners for not letting the locker room leaders police the locker room. IT WASN'T ALLOWED!!! They couldn't touch "certain players" (Chad) because it would "break up the chemistry".

*bang head on desk repeatedly*

You know this comes from MFB. Marvin isn't a wuss like this. I'm sure he carried out orders, but I can't see him issuing them. If Katie is in on this too, it's time to find another team.

On second thought, for those who won't follow the link, here is Lance's post.


How about Big Willie?
During Bengals Roundtable last night I noticed Willie Anderson tweets were popping up one after another.
He was all fired up...stemming from what former SF QB Steve Young said on ESPN.

"I'm watching this ESPN show called Audibles. Steve Young says Bengals haven't had a strong locker room since Munoz.

Man that pisses me off! Not at Steve but at people who wouldn't let the leaders on a lot of Bengals teams lead!

If you're in power Coaches, owners GMs etc you have to have a structure where your players that care can lead team!

A lot of time leaders on those teams were told to stand down and down get on certain players becuz it would mess up Chemistry!

And in reality they only allowed those teams to be DESTROYED!

That's why you have what you have! Year in and Year out! Nooone will publicly say anything. Give fans same ole lies!

I'm mad becuz that hurt a lot of our careers. THe perception that all players there linked and grouped together!

I feel sorry for Fans becuz yall believe anything you are told! Nexy year yall will really think its gon be better!

I don't blame any players. Players do what you are allowed to do.

I just really wish I came up in a Winning Culture. Wish the young guys there now didn't have to experience this stuff!

Because it only gets worse! When will we wake up people! Some of yall really think getting a new coach, draft pick will help! Smdh

Yes Willie went off! I look at the legacy we left and its crazy! Thank God I got to experience 2008!

When Troy and Katie Blackburn take over That team will change for better! Mr Brown loves that team and we owe him a lot!

But We know what's up. I ve seen Mr Brown take guys off the street and give second an 3rd chances. Odell Chris Henry

You can follow Willie on Twitter: @WillAnderson79

Reedy did an article on it as well. Willie seems to insinuate that katie and troy are more open to running the team appropriately when they inevitablyt get the reigns. You left out his PC clarification as if he's still under the pickens clause' thumb. Even still, Can we get Willie to be a charter member and possible financial contributer to WDR? His comments point to a lot of what this place is about, and he obviously feels the same way we do. What the hell right? Any of you guys that tweet willing to do mass recruitment of ole 71? Either way, more attention to the cause brought by a well respected and VERY knowing former player. I mean, you would think that the BY FAR best player during the lost decade and the years beyond would be pretty warm to this little thing we have here.
Lance is a douche, if he really cared he would say on the radio what he knows in his heart of hearts. We need public sports talk figures like Lance, Mo, and the like to get on board and point out the problem in a very public manner. They have the platform, but (I'm guessing) they're employers have neutered their ability to produce necessarily scathing comments about this FO. Thanks Clearchannel/700/homer (Sorry to scapegoat Lance). Real integrity in journalism, meal ticket first, truth in reporting secondary or tertiary, or worse.
I hate the Bengals FO!
I love willie! (Anderson)

You are right, Bo. I read Reedy after I posted the comments above. Joe does put more perspective on the situation than just Willie's raw, passionate tweets do.

But the problem is still very serious. There must be some type of "favorites" game or Willie wouldn't have mentioned it. But to Reedy he also points out the isolation from the locker room.

"When Anderson was with Baltimore in 2008 he saw Ozzie Newsome in the locker room almost every day trying to get advice and input from the players, which is something that is not seen here."

So what exactly does Mike do to earn that GM bonus?

I might have gotten a little overly excited earlier, but this is still a serious problem that will cut the stones off of an organization. I sure hope he is right that Katie and Troy very much want to do things differently. (I read sarcasm into Willie's tweet about them, apparently incorrectly.)

Wow, Fire Blondkowski and her twins, "Paul" and "Mike",
and then? HIRE A GENERAL TANAGER, pronto!

I find myself saying -- all too often -- "If I said it once, I will say it again...." So let me do it again -- self-replicating redundancy I guess.

When I see a picture of Paul Brown's hat, and the Brown Paper Bag representing Mike "Montgomery Burns" Brown, might I remind you of how HORRIBLE the Bengals were during Paul Brown's tenure as coach?
1968: 3-11
1969: 4-9-1
1970: 8-6
1971: 4-10
1972: 8-6
1973: 10-4
1974: 7-7
1975: 11-3

He was 55-56-1 A fucking .491 winning percentage. You are celebrating that (by using a PB's hat)? WTF are you thinking? Do you have a brain? Paul Brown may have been a great thinker and innovator at one time but when things got 'equalized' it pretty much came out that he wasn't that great -- his best year's passed him by. And in case ya didn't know, there were people who came to Riverdump Stadium with bags on their heads back when Paul was coaching and when the disaster that was Bill 'Tiger' Johnson and Homer Rice were foisted upon us byt the aforementioned.

Is the bag a good acricature of Mike 'Eggcellent' Brown? Yeah, could be better though (a pile of dog shit might have a way to play in it), but if you are going to try to slam someone and especially do it with a comparison, make damn fucking sure that the 'glass houses' effect doesn't enter into things.

Literally you are asking people to 'side' with you and yet one must be credible for something like that to happen -- then people see something as ludicrous as you decrying one person but holding up as 'GOD' another person (again, especially in comparison) and he isn't a shittin' better than the one you hope to negatively distinguish.

Again, WTF were you thinking? And you wonder why you aren't taken seriously? (amongst other things that is....)

@wch That's a great point and I've brought it up with others too. PB never accomplished a damn thing either. In fact, he was famous for forcing his own players to pay for their own equipment! MB's cheapness is just the logical conclusion to his father's philosophy on football management.

I LOL when I see people talk about the "good ol' days" of the Bungles. Newsflash: THE GOOD OL' DAYS NEVER GOT STARTED! This team has ALWAYS been the laughingstock of the league. It's the tackiest, shittiest team in professional sports and will never amount to shit. Fuck Paul Brown for his legacy of corner-cutting in the name of losing!

BTW, firing 'the twins' was no shot at Paul Brown.

I was mainly referring to, shall we say,
'twins' in the more actual, literal sense : )

'Paul' and 'Mike', in this case, are simply convenient nicknames for them, **obviously**

( However, Mike really is a boob, in real still seems strange to call him that, because I like boobs )

The Bengals went to the Superbowl *twice* during Paul Brown's ownership.

Also btw, I have the "HIRE A GENERAL MANAGER!" shirt, it's awesome, and it's my game day gear.

It has scared the staff at bw2 (formerly bw3) at times, because they think it's a shot at them or their manager...seriously, it happened, kinda funny though : )

@WCH, um, PB was just building a team in his last 4 years with us in which he was 36 and 20 and his first 4 years took time since it was a new franchise. PB finally got a QB in Anderson when this team turned it around. Maybe you need to look at the whole picture instead of just some silly stats sometimes. then guess what, PB steps down as HC and then things turned bad and this was because PB was jealous of Walsh who was said to be the real reason this team started to win, but they had bad feelings towards each other. This is why PB selected that Idiot Bill Johnson to rub it in Walsh's face then Walsh left and PB still tried to make sure Walsh would never be a HC and even threatened him that he would make sure he ruined his career. Well, that never happened and he went on to lead the 49ers to win SBs. So this makes PB a real genius in the hiring of a mind like Walsh, but his downfall was not allowing him to take over and his EGO got in his way. but for you to put down PB is laughable in itself. tell the whole story and just not part of it the next time.


God I hate you semi-literate morons ruining this site for the rest of us. Can you please go to WhoDeyFan's site or something?

Oh, and wch? You posted Paul Brown's coaching record, which CLEARLY isn't an apt statistic for any kind of comparison with Mike Brown, who's never been a coach of any sort. For someone who loves to dote on the semantics that writers here use to construct their arguments, you're painfully ignorant of how to properly construct one yourself, it appears. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you dump all over someone else's argument without properly constructing your own? Also, your hypocrisy is rampant, as you spew your venom towards WDR as gospel, all while decrying them to preface every OPINION post on this article specifically as such. My advice to you would be to go away for a while, figure out what you're actually trying to accomplish (unless it's simple trolling, because you're actually good at that, I suppose), and then come back when you can make valid comparisons to support your points AND are willing to write into each post that they are simply your opinion instead of stating them as facts.

Oh, and for the record, PB's record as a GM was 174-181-1, as compared to Mikey Boy's 113-203-1. Sure, that's not anything to write home about, but it's still clearly better than Mikey Boy's. And, in fact, if you look at just Paul's first 20 years as GM, including the 8 years as head coach that you referenced, he was 154-153-1 with two Super Bowl appearances, which, to me, is leaps and bounds better than 113-203-1 with two playoff appearances and zero playoff wins. The other major difference between the two is that, at one point, Paul Brown understood the game and understood how to win - that's something Mike has never been able to claim, in any era that he's been involved.

on noooooooooooooo,it is Sgt Wyatt Anus after me again.....

OK, since 'we' know (or at least 'we' should know by now) that we missed the boat with getting Mike 'Eggcellent' Brown out of our fair city, maybe for the scraps that remain behind, maybe we should investigate game rules etc. and at least make the league consistent inasmuch as it certainly isn't right now. Heck, maybe this subject matter should net its own private post? Here goes:

My two biggest pet peaves are the straight-arm and hanging a ball out over the goal line.

1. If you are NOT allowed to touch the face of an opponent, you can't do this -- as that is EXACTLY what is being done. If you use your hand to the face of an opponent in ANY way (and you are a 'skill' position player -- i.e., QB, RB, WR, SE, SR, FB, HB etc.), it draws a fifteen yard penalty and a personal warning. Do it twice, ejection and the aforementioned yards assessed. If you use the arm to someone's body, the elbow must be bent.

You CANNOT straighten and lock your arm; 15 yards and a warning just like above. Do this more than three separate games (it doesn't have to be consecutive etc.) and you are suspended for four games and that goes on your 'record'. This carries over from season to season and if you are in the playoffs during a 'personal penalty game' you are banned from that game and any other that would constitute any of your four game personal penalty.

If someone tried to 'get over' and 'activate' you but not play you, in order to accrue a 'credit' for one or more games, it is in the interest of the 'fairness committee' to not allow you said credit. IOW, (for those near the Former Fort Washington Way) if you broke your leg and cannot play but are to be placed under suspension, you can't dress for the game and have that game goes towards crediting the mandatory four-game suspension.

Previous to this, I don't think that's been too much of a problem, but the likelihood that such suspensions would be given out (at least to a few people early on in the institution of the new rule), you might see some people try to take advantage of this situation. We've not had such a thing affect the league before because the penalties are assessed at beginning and ends of years where playoffs are not a factor.

Again, the purpose is to eliminate the straight-arm tactic. Right now, it is allowed in the league (and in college as well) because the league wants to 'spice' up the game and add more offense action to it. It is just a manipulation of the game and rules on par with the QB 'panty-waist saving rules' -- no more -- no less!

2. Since it has been determined that a 'football move' (one of the dumbest sounding things in the whole, wide world) must be made when one comes into possession while in the end-zone, the same thing needs to happen regarding the intentional abuse of the concept of the ball crossing the goal line.

George Halas NEVER thought about a player extending the ball over the goal line and the end of outstretched arms and fingers -- NO! He meant for a player to have the ball carried alongside his body or in the pit of his stomach, smashing through the line.

For me, this tactic is nothing but chickenshit, demeans and cheapens the game. After all, it would seem that about 99.999999...% of the time, the person doing this ends up losing control of the ball -- and control is the main exhibiting factor in American Football).

I propose that a ball extended away from the body must be kept in possession throughout the action in the endzone and must result in the ball being touched to the ground (kind of like Rugby in this fashion -- I guess) trapped and controlled for one full second against the ground or brought back into the body (whilst STILL in the endzone) -- again to show the maintaining of control. Showing possession, not cheapness is the name of the game here.

The idea is that a player isn't going to stick his 'paw' out for a required extended time and possibly have one or more arm bone thus broken. Right now, there is nothing that would cause a player to be concerned because as soon as they reach the goal, they pull their arm back in anyhow -- chickenshit.

If you try to 'cut a corner' of the end zone, you better come down to ground with the ball. If not, spot the ball at the twenty yard line -- touchback.

I am sure that there are other rules that you might want or want to be revisited. I would urge you to concentrate on the 'chickenshit' ones and the ones that you better have a lawyer present when they occur (i.e., Football move etc.).

I think that if you hit either side of the goal post on an extra point, you should be awarded:

* two points if it hits and then goes thru

* a kickoff option of spotting on the 10-yard line for
the receiving team if it hits but *doesn't* go thru

If you hit the goal post on an extra point attempt, you should be awarded:

* 4 points if it hits and then goes thru

* 'punt-spotting' on the 5 yardline,
if it hits but doesn't go thru

Lastly, if the the ball crosses the plane of the endzone, the ball carrier should be transported to another dimension...or, just to another planet would be okay too, if it's a fun planet.

PS for that second set of conditions it should be for when attepting to kick a field goal (3 point attempt)

Yeah that was all so radical for willie to say, but then he ends it with:

"Mr Brown loves that team and we owe him a lot!

But We know what's up. I ve seen Mr Brown take guys off the street and give second an 3rd chances. Odell Chris Henry"

So, I'm not really sure what he's trying to say...I think maybe he was drunk or something....

I'd be drunk too if I got out of the Bengals ghetto, and then went to the Ravens, and then went to the Superbowl and got a ring : )

"God I hate you semi-literate morons ruining this site for the rest of us. Can you please go to WhoDeyFan's site or something?"

Ha ha, love it. Because, if you don't agree with Wyatt you must not be intelligent. Most of the people commenting have been here for a long time. Sucks that your sheep argument gets tired when half the people here are still attending games and buying jerseys.

Shit, there was just a whole article about how now the focus shifts to the club seats and luxury boxes. So are season tickets ok now?

Sorry Wyatt, hate to rain on your parade. The same parade that posts long winded comments meant only to belittle the person you choose to disagree with. Maybe it is you that should look for somewhere else to vent your frustration.

I hear the forums at could use some more opinionated, long winded douchebags.

love your ideas..OchoPinko!!


Have you read wch or TigerJ@w's comments? Between the two of them, there's barely a grade school understanding of the fundamentals of writing, and, if they're trying to make a valid point in a discussion, that whole "It's the internet - spelling and grammar don't matter" line of bs goes right out the window. That's why I called them semi-literate morons.

As for "you sheep argument" - I'm not the guy who makes the sheep argument, and I'm still against attending home games and buying jerseys. As for the switch in focus to luxury boxes and club seats, maybe you missed the point on that - it's not because season tickets are okay, it's because those are the big revenue earners for MBB, and the only way he'll change anything is if we directly effect his revenue stream in a major fashion. Plus, most of the people you mentioned before, who still attend games and buy jerseys? Yeah, those people are the dumb ones who get optimistic at the end of every season in spite of 20 years of history laughing in their faces. They're the ones who are never going to give up their season tickets, and, more than likely, they're not the people visiting this site.

Hope that wasn't too long-winded for you, and that you understand that I'm not the guy you're attributing a lot of that post to. Yes, I mock people fairly often, and I do tend to do so in a long-winded manner when that's justified; however, I'm not the "sheep" argument guy, and I'm not the guy who thinks it's okay to go to home games and buy jerseys and merchandise.

But I do like that every time I mention your name you show up to argue with me. Wyatt:WhoDeyFans::Pavlov:Dogs.


I think katie likes the way that Bob Bratkowski gently massages her balls when bob is saving his job on a weekly basis.

Something just occurred to me. If the Cincitucky-Bungles only have one scout for players, who scouts upcoming opponents?

Keith Rivers is Brian Simmons, solid yet unspectacular.

Remember the "we can't afford to keep Willie, Levi, Eric, Justin thing?

So MFB signed Willie and Levi to large contracts and cut them both within 3 seasons.

Let Eric go because we couldn't afford him.

Franchised Justin, and then let him go.

Lost them all in 3 seasons.

I'm guaranteeing you that Joseph, Hall, Benson, and CARSON ESIASON will all be gone in 3 seasons or less.

Wyatt, you are a jack off and always will be! You do not know me, CLOWN! You are posting on a stupid BUNGALS BLOG, you MORON! Anytime you want to meet up and talk, just name the place and I will be there, MORON!


Nice (over)use of caps there, champ. I'll bet your parents are super proud of you, aren't they?

(And, btw, calling me a moron after I already called you a moron in a much more impressive fashion is basically like saying "I know you are but what am I?"...but then again, you *DID* just challenge me to meet you at the flagpole at recess, so I shouldn't be surprised, should I?)

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