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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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December 27, 2010


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I agree with your sentiment that there is a core group of players here that have the potential to overcome a little of mb's chronic ineptitude. Recognizing this young talent foundation is something that a lot of people on this board refuse to do; they hate mb so much (and i feel you). But admitting it or not, it's there; so what does it mean? Does it mean that Marvin can evaluate talent to some degree? (remember, you can't have perfect drafts on every pick, and there are players that don't work out for every team). Does it mean that Marvin has had a little more influence lately in the war room? Does it mean he just got lucky? (of course, mb sows his toxic seed by poisoning top picks and fa's with contract battles and looking for name impact in the misfit/damaged bin, which most likely won't change.

anyway, if we believe that marvin has had some success with identifying young talent in recent years, and if mb feels the pressure of fans failing to renew tickets, and instead succeeding in returning merchandise, is there a chance he will retain marvin as a gm? would we want him to? from the gm's spot, would he still be able to motivate young talent? (a good thing) would he still be of influence to hold back young talent on playing time (a decidedly bad thing)?

i like what you said about the lines - part of what we're all connected to on this board is the need to make both sides of the line the priority. Where I feel like you might be falling short on that goal is to suggest that we are set on both sides of the line (if that's what you are suggesting).

We need depth on both sides and can't be happy with the status quo. Injuries are always a factor, and we all believe quality competition is the ultimate motivator of production. Here's where I believe we stand and how we should move forward on both sides of the ball.

1. Yes Bobbie is old (he needs to be replaced with immediate quality); thank you for your service. *represents a savings that can be reinvested* I recommend signing a younger vet in his prime to replace him. Nicks from New Orleans is my pick. They can't afford two high priced guards. Spend our FA money on the O-line for once, please.

2. Yes Mathis is good, and I like your objective statistical sources to back up that claim. He's not making much money, and I believe he can be resigned for not much money. He represents the valuable competition at a valuable price that needs to be kept on the team to either win a starters role or continue being a more than solid player ready to come in at a moment's notice.

3. Cook is decent. I'm not sold on anything better than that. This is a position I believe we need a solid super-star free agent at. I know you want rapport with your QB and center, but I believe you can bring one in and succeed immediately, and it's been done before with J. Goodwin in new orleans. He's a free agent again, and I say we get him. Resign Cook as competition and a health insurance policy.

4. We need to do everything we can to get back into the late first round and draft Pouncey at guard for a young infusion of studness at that position. He won't last to the second. He will be amped up to play his bro in shittsburgh everytime, give us tips on his bro and squad, and keep them from getting him. no brainer pick.

5. I'm happy whit is getting some recognition though i am completely surprised by the voting. Collins and Smith are the answer to the talented competition needed at the other tackle spot. I have zero idea why it was never between those two instead of roland and whoever for too long. whatever marvin's role is, it should not be at picking gameday talent.

That sets us with quality starters/backups at:

Tackles - whit, collins, smith
Guards - nicks, pouncey, mathis
Center - goodwin, cook

That's the way to bring this team forward in consistency and security.

On the defensive side of the line, you are right on with being happy at our young potential. But again, we need quality competition that will breed enthusiasm and excellence. (also add insurance) There's a little dead weight to get rid of.

1. Odom - take luck. good luck taking care of your luck. *represents a savings to reinvest.*

2. Tank - though his age is rather low, his body looks worse. his vet presence is preventing younger talent from having an impact. *represents a little savings to reinvest*

3. Peko - don't know why people hate on this guy so much. He's not atrocious and contrary to what a lot of people want to suggest on this board, he'd play for a large number of other teams. When it comes to d-line, I don't get too wrapped up into who's starting or not. On the d-line, it's a rotation. So just because he officially "starts", doesn't mean we're saying he's better than the next piece. We should keep him as a piece. (he's also a heck of a leader)

4. Geathers - again, people are hung up on what we're paying him. by now, he's not making much i believe. again, the d-line is about rotation, and he's able to do be plugged in a lot. keep him for depth and competition.

5. Sims - the dude scares me and scares opposing offenses. no need to cut a hard to find tackle that's young and nasty.

6. rucker and fanene - I'd say keep them both and if only one, then fanene. they are best in rotation, seem to be motivated when they get their chance and have proven talent. they're also flexible with the ability to be plugged in at tackle too, though they can't seem to stay healthy, which is my point about having as much depth as possible on the d-line.

...and then you have the young bucks.

7. Dunlap and Atkins (and MJ if we're counting him here). Keep them (obviously), play them, bust their asses (I'm tired of seeing MJ walk on some plays).

8. With our top 5 first round a beast on the D-Line. This is where the talent is in this year's draft and we should have our pick. I can't even decide on DT or DE. tackle like fairley would finally give us a push up the middle helping our de's and oft maligned lb's, or a wicked de would help keep bastards like rothlisburger contained and help eliminate the bounce out runs and screens that seem to kill us. I would go tackle just to help clog and push the middle and i believe we're better set at the end for the moment (especially considering MJ)

that gives us:

DT (in no particular order) - Peko, Sims, Atkins, Fairley,

DE (ditto) - Geathers, Dunlap, Fanene, Rucker

MJ is the overlap with the LB's. count him at LB and keep McDonald as an inactive option for depth at DT.

*note about LB* - not ready to give up on any of them. cutting dhani as dead weight, moving rey to his natural position, improved d-line and secured cb's (resign jjo and hall) will make them better. resign b. johnson (an unheralded beast when in and the last leader on special teams) and mckelroy as competition and depth for the other spot. bring in another in the 4th or 5th to keep the heat on. MJ is the joker here.

What i hope doesn't happen is a rush to argue we need a high draft pick at QB, WR, or RB. we have a mission and it is just. Build the lines; you'll get the most out of the skill positions players we have on offense by blocking better (improved o-line) and keeping our offense on the field (improved d-line).

final thought - so so so sad to see chad go out like that. he is a tremendous player, will continue to be. he is never malicious and the worst you can say about his personality is he's a bit of a dork. we wants to win, loves football, and likes attention. we could have done worse all these years. i still would think about bringing him back, but more likely, pick up the option and trade him for a 3rd to help us get back into the first and take pouncey.


You guys are already drinking the Kool-Aid! This team lost 10 games in a row because the owner and GM is a loser. And that trickles down. They lost 10 games in a row because they've been the worst NFL franchise in the last 20 years.

Just like it used to be from 1991-2002. The team wins some games late in the season and we think everything is going to be okay. Amazing.

no it's not going to be ok. this team will never have sustained success because mb will not do half of the things intelligent fans have outlined to be championship material year in and year out.

though i can't stand wch, he's right. mike brown has no incentive to change his ways nor is he obligated to.

that leaves me with a couple of choices. some of those are:

i can stop watching the bengals.

i can keep watching them.

there are many sub-categories to these two options. i choose the second one. i accept that mike brown will not change substantially. i accept that the bengals will not consistently be anything of note in the nfl. i don't want to root for anybody else. and i like football. i don't get worked up when they lose, blow it, or win. i just like having this to watch on sunday.

that being said. i will not support mike brown financially as much as possible. i haven't gone to a bengals game at home since '05. i haven't gone to one on the road since '07. i haven't bought any new gear since '06. i have only missed watching one game since carson took his first snap at that was this year against miami when there was a sudden death in the family.

i also will participate in letting mike brown know where we think he and his organization stand. wch is right - he doesn't have to change no matter what we tell him. but i like having that outlet, and i may be delusional, but i think it has helped to some degree (the marvin era has been light years better than the lost decade).

the marvin era is not what we're all looking for as the ultimate goal, but since i've already decided it won't really change that much, at least the current model has a chance to make things interesting every once in a while, since i'm already watching the games anyway.

i also think being vocal about things, while not having an effect on mike brown, might influence katie and troy in the future once the old man dies (over/under 5 on how many more years he'll be able to stay in day-to-day operation).

in the meantime, we've got young talent. we need to keep stocking it up on the lines. that way whenever mike brown finally goes down, there will be something to build off of.

i'd recommended not being so fanatical and enraged, man. stress is a killer.

Anybody cath sports rock on channel 5 last night. Chic ludwig and George vogel were as giddy as a couple teen girls at a justin bieber concert. You would have thought the bengals won the super bowl yesterday and were favored for two in a row. It was sickening.

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Damn! that Orange Drink is sooooo good.

Change will not ever happen so just accept it. Success is not measured by wins in Cincinnati it's measured by placing players on the field because they have to if they want to make money.

So Xmas morning unwrapping a gift from the wife, a nice pair of gray sweat pants.
Good, need some new sweats, look very comfortable.
Then I saw it the B logo.
Immediately looked at wife and asked for the receipt to return the gift.
I may not like going to the mall, actually hate doing it.
Know what I hate more than going to the mall?

Putting money in Mikey's wallet.
I refuse to do that. (even when someone else spent the $)

This team has Super Bowl talent at almost every position, even the linebackers. We are getting killed underneath the linebackers because they're asked to be Carl Lewis with closing speed. There is no reason for Rey to be in a position to make a pick 20 yards down the field.

Interesting that this post mentioned Marvin being kept on as GM. I've heard from 2 different people who know people in the organization that Marvin will be kept on as GM and Zimmer will be named Head Coach. I have zero confidence that MB will actually do this, or maybe he hires Lewis as a puppet GM but keeps his current choking level of control. I've just been a fan for too long to expect any real change in this organization.

But maybe, just maybe, Lewis is hired as GM. And maybe, just maybe, his first action as GM is to fire Mike Brown's golden OC Bratkowski (something he wasn't allowed to do as head coach). If this happens, is it fair to call it a glimmer of hope? (I fully expect everyone to tell me I'm an idiot, and I'm not gonna argue)

Okay..This is no rumor as I got it from the horses mouth. Mike Brown as put out feelers to Hue Jackson about being the next head coach. Hue has already contacted a few of his coaching friends (who is the one who told me) asking if they would want to possibl y join him in Cincinnati.

Samuel, pretty sure Rey was in man coverage on Randy McMichael on that play, typical that a LB or S cover a TE in Man coverage. So there is a reason, and Rey is actually pretty fast for a MLB. If it were Dhani, the ball would have been completed as he would have been four yards behind Randy (speculation).

Oh AC, I DO hope your hope comes to fruition, but I think your Bengals spider senses are correct, it's likely empty hope.

Every "tonite" burns my innards a little more. Otherwise a good piece.

Just want to say Kudos to kotw65. I was going to post something to the effect that if you had Bengals gear on your Christmas list, or received it and didn't return it, then you need to get your head examined.

Internally hiring Marvin Lewis and promoting Zimmer would be the biggest catastrophe yet. Time to reinvent the franchise altogether...this inbreeding needs to stop. ZYou don't want the same people around. It's a big country with lots of people in it. Go find someone who knows how to do these jobs.

...Sorry, meant Kudos to Comrade Robert, not kotw65

I'll eat my words if Brown hires a GM or a new coach that can have complete control. But, that's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

So many fans are in full on "well, this was the reason they lost 10 in a row, the team is going to be better next year."

There are many factors to going 4-11. And let us not forget that they gave up 45 FUCKING points to Buffalo."

Keep drinking that Orange Kool Aid. Slurp that stuff up...Mike Brown knows he's got us (again).

And by the way, I saw nothing in Jerome Simpson that justified why he wasn't given a chance sooner. Outside of bad coaching of young players and Chad and T.O.'s egos.

I know tonight is the right way to do it. But it's easier to write tonite. I like the way it looks too. Yes, I am weird. But this is a blog so fuck grammar LOLZ AMIRITE?!

Way to send that shit back Comrade Robert.

Hue Jackson has been the first logical choice to look at following the typical hiring process of the Bengals. 1. No head coaching experience 2. Does have prior working experience with the Bengals or steelers

Now, it was Punkin/katie that convinced MFB to veer of course and select Marvin however, it has been shown that since the day that change took place the tie that binds the stranglehold on the franchise has tightened.

I suspect that whomever MFB chooses as the head coach they will accept and understand the one and only BRAT whom Carson said called a great game yesterday will remain as the coordinator of plays called to hopefully allow the offense to have a run/pass balance as they attempt to control the game clock while providing a competitive NFL experience to whoever attends each contest.

I mailed my last two bengal shirts back to the stadium semi-pro shop a year ago which was two years after giving up my season tickets.

Mike Singletary,


One more variable we don't need

These past two wins combined with a win this weekend in Baltimore is cool-aid for all of Mike Brown's useful idiots to drink. I've had the cool-aid before (I like the lemon lime the best) but I am not drinking it anymore. I am fearful of fans who are fooled yet again into thinking all has changed.

Viva la revolucion, which for those of you in Elmwood Place is literally translated as, "Live the revolution"

Did a little math. It seems that in 14 of the 20 years of Mike Brown's tenure, they had a better regular-season win/lose percentage in December than they did the rest of the season. In terms of the numbers it doesn't matter how you count the years that had a regular season game in January; it just changes which years were invovled.

The exceptions, if you count Jan regular season games, are 1992, 2001, 2005, 2006, and 2009

Tom C. Huskey,

What's interesting about that stat is 2005, 2006 and 2009.

When they were chasing a division title (05' & 09') and a playoff spot ('06), they played non-winning football in December. And, we all remember how those seasons ended up.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Elmwood place, that was prettyy fucking funny! Thanks Rich!

Picking on people from either Indian Hill or Elmwood Place is easy and it lacks class. That being said, I never flame on people from Indian Hill because they have computers and internet access.

Well then the next time I have some epiphonic anecdote about IH I will post it here, screw class, the under belly of IH is as classless as it comes.

Okay, let's see if I'm doing this right.

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