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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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September 07, 2010


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I tried to make the "TJ is a Raven" thing better in my mind by reminding myself that he took time to trash every Bengal fan on his way out the door.

Didn't work.

And by that of course I mean when he left for Seattle, and was complaining how we bugged him for autographs, like we never seen a celebrity before.

Clark Harris is the long snapper. Why teams waste rosters spots on long snappers rather than teaching the back-ups at other line positions (Evan Mathis, Reggie Stephens, Dan Coats...) to do it is beyond me. There doesn't seem to be a problem having the backup quarterback or punter do the holding on place kicks. Tony Romo had a high profile fuck up, but it happens about as often as actual long-snappers snap it over the head of punters.

Dan R.,

Are you brain damaged? We had a legitimate "specialist" long snapper for several seasons before we got Harris (search this site for Brad St. Louis) and he fucked up on the regular, costing the team field goal after field goal (although the Ginger Kid was also missing ones BSL was able to get to the holder). And yet, here you are, legitimately suggesting they teach the back-ups to long snap?


I really do appreciate your fondness for TJ. My 11 year old has a new with tags TJ jersey hanging in his closet. What I think you are underestimating in your analysis is what a total tool TJ is and why the Bengals would rather go with Shipley than bring him back into the organizations. He's made people sick of him on several franchises now and I don't doubt he'll do the same in Baltimoe.

Wyatt, exactly. SWB, you are blogging about the Bengals and don't even bother to find out who a 53 man roster guy is? Especially one that was brought in last year in a relatively high profile fashion given BSL's infamous suckiness? Dude, you're better than that. Dan Coates was kept on this team as a FB, and 3rd TE, period. I will back your pretend and facetious killing of Brat if he gets a ball thrown his way though (although knowing he will only be a checkdown on any given route, shouldn't the subsequent anger and violence be better directed at Palmer? I digress).
If Quan didn't make this team, I was going to have a shit fit, so that's good, he deserved to make it as much as anyone on the bubble.
As far as Touraj goes, no, he doesn't fit here anymore, regardless of what Chad thinks. And as much as I LOVED him when he played here, he lost my respect when he chased a hundred thousand dollars rather than stay where he was needed, and taking a stab at fans was pretty low too. Guy's a #2 at best, and at this point is a slot receiver and we already have two of those, pretty good ones at that, regardless of the relationship. No thank you. NOW, if Mikey was informed, smart, savvy, or you know... Just had a god damned GM that was worth a crap, we would have jumped in and at the VERY least, drove his price up a little bit so Ozzie didn't have such an easy time plucking him for nothing. Worst case scenario there is that we accidentally sign him, sure could have been worse things, unless it meant Quan getting cut....

I am joking around with Clark Harris thing too.

news flash: tj was and is an overrated, whiny, slow as shit little bitch. i will step up and accept SWB "hoping that i choke and die" bc i hated that bitch every second he was on the bengals. i hated how he started getting chads targets on all these 5 yard ins, and then somehow tricked the nfl into thinking he was a good receiver because he could "get open" by running 3 yards and turning around. congratulations, you can take advantage of a cushion tj. he was always whining, always had a ridiculously inflated view of his self-worth, and left to seattle to be in a west coast offense which requires people to, you know, run after the catch, which of course he could never do. shockingly that failed, shockingly the whole team hated him very quickly, and shockingly he was outright released. if chad never existed tj would never have even been a starting caliber wideout, chad literally made his career. i will take shipley over tj right now straight up, independent of age, salary, whatever. i am thrilled he is on baltimore, which for such a "wise front office" has made quite a few desperate moves this offseason, specifically at corner, and their so-far failing draft class. i am giddy about the chance to play tj, and watch him rip off his helmet cursing at flacco because he thought he was open on a 6 yard in on 3rd and 10 and flacco went elsewhere followed by ray lewis stabbing him on the spot.

also agree with Bo, anyone who doesnt know clark harris is our long snapper after last seasons st louis fiascoes is not paying attention to this team on a high enough level. hell ESPfuckingN advertised clark harris all over the place when we imported him to replace st louis, i cant understand how you dont know who he is.

finally, i do agree with everyones assertion that daniel coats is the worst piece of shit in the entire league. if he gets one target i concur that brat should be assaulted.

I am ok with Clark Harris. The fact that nobody knows much about him is a good thing. He was the saviour who replaced Brad St. Louis and we all remember that debacle that went on way too long and nearly cost us a game or two....So all hail Clark Harris....

@tide182 - "then somehow tricked the nfl into thinking he was a good receiver because he could "get open" by running 3 yards and turning around".

Yes, he really tricked the NFL for the last 6 years by averaging around 85 catches/year, 1000 yards/year, 7 TDs/year and 12 yards/catch. And that is before we begin to discuss his outrageously low drop rate, 3rd down production and incredible dependability. And the last two of years he had Fitzpatrick throwing to him and then was in Seattle.

But yeah, you're right. He's terrible. How we all were deceived by that man!

Slow burn ha ha. Maybe Tide will have some stats or further evidence before he got and calls our #3 all time receiver an overrated bitch.

HA! I'm gullible like that I guess.
Tide, have to disagree with the assessment of Touraj. First, chronologically, if TJ didn't exist, Chad probably never makes the NFL (TJ and Chad created a set of hand motions that TJ would use to let Chad know what the play was from across the field at OSU, Chad was obvioulsy unable to, or unwilling to, get a grip on the playbook to the point where he could be in a huddle and leave knowing what was supposed to happen on any given play. Sad, but true). Next, TJ did an amazing job of taking pressure off Chad by running short move the chains routes and catching everything thrown his way (seemingly). In any case, you have a good reason to be less than enthused by TJ and his haughty little attitude since his contract was up, but I think you're misguided in thinking he was not good or important to this team.

You're all forgetting when TJ's raittail rescued all those puppies from that burning building. Call him a haughty bitch in front of those dogs and they'll rip your face off.

I own two Bengals jerseys. Both are 84. (Neither of them say Gresham.) I hate the idea of TJ wearing purple as much as I hated Willie Anderson wearing it. It just ain't right.

That said, Bo is right that he is a #2 at best. And I think he was OK with being a #2 behind his buddy Chad for a long time. And if he is OK with going back to being a #2 or even #3 receiver and playing mostly over the middle, then he will have the kind of year that he typically did here.

But he left because he wanted to be a #1. And if he thinks that he ought to be the #1 in Baltimore, or that he and Boldin should both be #1's like Chad & T.O. are here, then that chip on his shoulder that we loved could turn toxic.

If his bad-ass attitude is focused on the opponent, he will help the Ravens... a lot. But if his attitude turns on the organization because he feels he isn't getting a shot at being the #1 that he deserves, he will become a pain in their ass. It all depends on the attitude he brings. And I honestly have no idea which way he will go. He will want to show that he can contribute. But he also knows that if he embraces the role of #2, the next team will sign him as a #2, no shot at #1.

sure i will happily take a walk back through tj housh's career to prove he was a whiny overrated bitch. lets see, we all agree he was whiny and a bitch, so now we move on to the overrated. mr rat tail himself was a 7th rd draft pick who essentially netted the bengals zero for the first 3 seasons of his career including sitting out basically his entire third season with an injury. this is not the end of the world by any means, as 7th rd picks are not generally expected to contribute anything, so really through 3 seasons of just about no productivity tj remains "rated," neither outperforming nor underperforming expectations. in 2004 and 2005, his 4th and 5th seasons in the league, tj basically shows us who he is, namely, a mid 70 catch guy with about 960 yds receiving and 5-6 tds (actual numbers 73-978-3, 78-956-7). at this point in his career tj is not overrated, he has exceeded expectations by far for a 7th round pick, and really theres nothing to be upset about. he is what he is, a nice possession receiver, but not an elite one, and a guy you can win with as your number 2 as long as you also have decent wr depth around him (which we did at that time) and a strong 1 (those were chad leading the afc in receiving days). before i move on to his prime, i do want to emphasize, he was NEVER an elite possession receiver. his avg yards per catch for his career is 11.4, and hes caught 2 passes over 46 yards. ever. this makes him a possession receiver. what stops him from being elite is his catch rate of 66%-68% during his prime (and never above 68%) which is excellent for a wideout averaging 13-15 yards per catch, but when compared to other guys under 12 ypc (a group he is clearly in) its simply not that great. welker, for example, was 76%. kevin walter, even, was 76%. his catch rate was always going to be better than chads because chad excels at medium and deep routes, so chads doesnt have to be as good. now, lets move on to that prime to see the best of what tj had to offer.

in 2006-2007 tj went: 90-1081-9 and 112-1143-12. note his long each year was 40 and 42 respectively. at first these numbers seem wonderful. but lets hold on. remember, this is the first year after carson blew out his knee, hes going deep way less often, and starting to rely on tj's underneath routes. NOTE: i for one contend this was the beginning of the decline for carson which has yet to stem, though i am hoping and believing ina big bounce coming this season as he has the shackles removed. tj's targets in these two years go from a max of 115 in his career to that point, to 132, and then a whopping (and nfl leading) 170 in 2007. his catch rate is the same. his ypc remains basically the same. he is essentially the same player as he was in the previous seasons, but carson just throws it to him more often. in fact, he hasnt slipped below 135 targets since 2006. here is where tj starts to become painfully overrated. people start whispering that tj is the real number 1 wr on the team, that hes a truly elite nfl wideout (by elite i mean top 5-8 at most), and the number 1 difference maker in our offense. note also our offense was nowhere near as good in 2006 and 2007 (with "focal point tj") as it was in 2005 (with focal point chad). but whats really happened? tj is the same player with more volume! in 2008 ryan fitzpatrick does his best to make all bengals fans go prematurely bald with his inability to throw over 15 yards downfield. this is somewhat ok with tj since he doesnt go that far downfield either for the most part, but it drops his ypc total all the way down to sub 10, which, frankly, is barely nfl caliber. still i give him a pass for 2008.

now, last year, in seattle he gets a shot to prove he is a number 1. what happens? a year thats basically a carbon copy of his 2004 2005 seasons at 79-911-3 but really its even worse than that, as he sees his catch rate drop to a mediocre for any receiver 59%, a number that simply isnt rosterable for a guy whos going to average 10-12 ypc. seattle sees this and releases him, as 59% catch rate possession receivers arent that appealing, and im not terrible concerned about baltimore adding one of those either.

so to summarize, tj had 2 really really good statistical seasons, resulting in 2 1000 yard seasons, and 2 seasons of 9 or more touchdowns. he put up 3 seasons in FO's top 16 DVOA, though it should be noted none of those was higher than 11th. other than that, hes NEVER been a top-40 FO receiver, hes not a deep threat, and his yearly touchdown numbers read: 0, 1, 0, 4, 7, 9, 12, 4, 3. so even throwing out years 1-3 when he wasnt really a factor, are you really comfortable saying this is a 9 td a year guy? or is it more like the 4, 7, 4, 3, we've seen his non "peak" years. i mean the guy has NEVER HAD 1200 YARDS RECEIVING. EVER. chad's done that 5 times. hell even welker cleared 1300. add on top of this last year seemed to mark a significant decline in catch rate and overall performance at an age when that kind of thing can happen quickly to wide receivers. he was 55th in FO's wr rankings last year, behind such studs as muhsin muhammed, antwan randle-el, and earl bennet, and just ahead of chaz schilens who was catching balls from jamarcus russell. you tell me how valuable he still is.

i mean look, tj was a nice role player on a good offensive team. he made some big catches at big moments, but to me that had just as much to do with the fact that he was getting so many targets as it had to do with him doing something amazing. im supremely confident jordan shipley can make those same catches, show more upside, and not whine about not getting it enough to boot. i was probably harsh on tj in my first post, but thats bc i hated his attitude, i hated what he represented in terms of the bengals migrating to a more checkdown offense, and i hated the role i perceived he played in carsons return from injury, kind of providing a wet blanket of sorts for number 9 as he was still trying to get his confidence back about throwing deep. is that crazy?

Re: Long snappers. That's my point; legitimate "specialist" long snappers fuck up often. How much worse than Brad St. Louis or Clark Harris would Chase Coffman or Reggie Kelley be? I'll take a few botched punts in exchange for an extra roster spot.

Also, you can just disagree. No need to resort to histrionics.

tide182 comes back with stats of his own. I like it. The catch rate (as a measure of receptions to targets) is a great stat. And I'm surprised at how low it is though it certainly leaves much to be desired. Football Outsiders in their game charting did something (that I can no longer find) where they charted how many drops a WR had given a "catchable" ball (somewhat subjective). In this metric, a better one as it controls for QB accuracy and offensive scheme to some extent, TJ excelled I believe as good as any WR in the league.

At any rate, his DVOA has always been quite high, meaning the average player could most definitely not replace him. See this glowing article here:

He is certainly not an elite number 1 guy but for $855k HE'S A HUGE FUCKING STEAL AND ANYONE AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LINING UP TO TAKE A RISK ON HIM. We should have just found a way to keep him here long term back in 2006 or 2007. TJ has quite an edge to his personality but he is not some crazy ass locker room cancer. It's a subtle but important distinction.

We missed him last year and we will miss him again this year.

If you read Baghdad hobs article, which we all know is written by his 5th grade nephew, whitworth brings up a good point. TJ was our NFLPA rep. Now what do you think that says about him as a teammate? Argue about his stats all you want but TJ never took a play off and nobody ever fucked with that rat-tail. It would have been nice to get him back so we could all wear those jerseys that we just can't let go of, but he is a raven now so I hope Chris Crocker hits him so hard he sees stripes in his nightmares. Who Dey!

i just have to come back to this one more time, though since i realize i am beating a horse so dead that even the glue it was turned into has passed its expiration date i will be brief.

we. will. not. miss. tj. this. season.

if macey used any of his own websites statistics he would quickly see that tj's 2008 season was not even sniffing number 1 wr status, and i hardly consider making one or two catches in traffic some sort of statement for ascension to being elite. is chase coffman an elite tight end because he snatched a nice grab on 4th and 18 in the preseason a few weeks ago? whats that you say? he wasnt even claimed by a single nfl team when we released him this week? oh. tj averaged 9.8 freaking yards per catch (!!!) in 2008 when this supposedly insightful piece was written. 9.8. there is no time in nfl history when 9.8 yards per catch was ACCEPTABLE much less elite. hell, TO even avg'd 15.2 ypc with fitzpatrick as his qb and zero receivers to draw number 1 coverage like chad did.

enough is enough, the rat tail has long since departed, we dont need him back, as per marvin we clearly dont want him back, lets let the new kids grow behind chad and TO, and all drink and be merry the first time maualuga decleats him vs baltimore on one of his patented 4 yard option in routes...

I would like to point out what a huge screw up the Chase Coffman experience has been. We draft him in the third round, injuries hit all our tight ends but he can't block, and contributes nothing. Now with another year of seasoning he still can't beat out Daniel Freaking Coats? He gets cut and doesn't get a sniff from any other teams? What were the bengals doing spending a 3rd round pick on this guy?

I watched all the Bears preseason games on the NFL Network and LeFevour looked good 95 percent of the time. His numbers in the end were average, but I counted at least nine dropped passes through the arms and hands of WRs. Get him some snaps in practice and LeFevour will be ready to step in next year and win games if Carson goes down (like Brady did with Bledsoe).

Hightide182 should be writing for espn. Bravo sir.


Agree with Brandon, well stated retorts tide. I couldn't agree more that we won't miss him as far as our team goes. Still contend though that we should have made a run at him if for no other reason than to make it a little harder decision for Baltimore to pay him more thna a mil or so. I also tend to think that his presence on a division rival is not real good considering Brat's penchant for unbelieveably predicatable play calling, and the amount of tiem he and Hue spent here with Brat. That said, one simply can't discount his importance to the team since 04, you just can't, he was reliable, made big plays at crucial moments, and brought an attitude (that we all learned was possibly toxic to the team later) to the game that this team needed to contineu shaking the 90's Bungles label. I'm still surprised that he has dissed the city and team that gave him his only shot to play in this league. Anyone else remember that he wasn't going to get drafted but apparently Chad lobbied heavily for him after going in the 2nd. That right?

I like this thread; there's a lot of good comedy on here (which I take very seriously...especially the Ray Lewis stuff) this thread helps me cope not only with not having TJ on the Bengals, but also with him playing for the Ratbirds now...After reading this thread and the comments, not only am I am okay with the roster situations, I feel pretty good about them...I am definitely ready to spend more time paying attention to the Bengals

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