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  • Preamble

    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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August 12, 2010


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Watch Jerome Harrison's TD runback. Tim Hightower receives a flagrant block to the back just before he makes the play-ending tackle. That would give the Steelers one free play to take a hail mary to the end zone, where they likely don't score, and they drop those 7 points. Now look at their margin of victory. Hmm.

Or you could note how the VP of Officiating said after the game that they missed an illegal celebration call on Holmes after his TD and should have given the Cards 15 yards more for their final drive. Stuff like that.

Oh, what an interesting sleight-of-text:

"It was a tough thing for me. I kicked two calls in the fourth quarter and I impacted the game

and as an official *you* never want to do that."

Hmmm... even though evidently, if presumptuously '[I?] never want to do that',

sounds to me, like maybe *he* on the other hand, did/does want to do that


If you are going to try to invalidate anything, please keep in mind that whilst a Brown has been owner, only two times did the Bungals show up in the Super Bowl -- losing both times. Pittsburgh, on the other hand... ...Haven't they appeared in more than triple the times of that of the Bungals? How can you invalidate that?

Look, simple fact is that I don't like that team that awfully much myself, but at least I am grounded enough (and mentally stable enough) to know that they were the best team out there those years. I don't automatically look for ways to cut them down just because I don't like them. That's childish and 'stoopid'! You deal with the facts and then you move on -- you do that with EVERYTHING! Looking for shit that simply isn't there, Bienemy? Good Lord that's pathetic! In the immortal words of on Eric Cartman: "You're really reachin' there!"

It's one thing to say "They were very good those years," which isn't in dispute. It's quite another to say "They were the best team out there those years," when they had to win titles through illegitimate means.

I think they were on steroids a lot, but Terry Bradshaw also played QB like he didn't need an OL.
He used to always buy his own time in the pocket, whether it was scrambling or slinging off defenders that made it through.

I liked him as a QB, but yeah, that team was full of steroids.

PS on another unrelated note, Jeremy Shockey should play for the Chargers


Hey guys, keep Ickey Woods in your thoughts and prayers - his teenaged son just passed away after an asthma attack on Sunday. As a former asthma sufferer (mine was mostly linked to allergies, and three years' worth of allergy shots more or less took care of the asthma as well), I know how brutal an attack can be, and that's certainly not a way anyone should have to go, especially if he lingered for four days afterwards.

I have not heard about Ickey for a while. That is terrible about his son. I remember around 94-95 before I joined the military I met Ickey working for UPS. I used to work at a warhouse outside Cincinnati by the Tri-County Mall and met him delivering stuff to are warehouse....I will say a prayer for him. Wish him and his family the best. Alright the Bengals are about to play. Who-Dey

He's apparently the head coach and co-owner of Cincinnati Sizzle women's football team, now.



Saw the same thing...I was like WTF. He did not only catch the ball but there was like three defenders there....Look what happens when your job is on the line.

Carson and the OL looked better....Shipley and Gresham looked awesome. The thing that stills scares me is the penalties. We gave them two touchdowns in the first quarter by penalties. That is what is going to kill the Bengals if they can not get it together. Losing games due to penalties.
Looking better though

Who Dey

"He's apparently the head coach and co-owner of Cincinnati Sizzle women's football team, now."

They should have hired Snoop Dogg and let the team be called the Cincinnati Nizzipples

"He's apparently the head coach and co-OWNer of Cincinnati Sizzle women's football team, now."

It's called 'drOWNing your sorrows'...I think coaching the Sizziples would probably cheer me up a little bit, even if my dog died...just think of the sympathy trim you'd get, from all those brutish, mannish womens...

aaaahhh....I think I'm going to cry (or vomit)

I had asthma one spring, but it was mostly exaserbated by a bag of bread I'd left under my carseat, which had then become moldy (the bread that is, but maybe the seat too, from the water leaking through the roof when it rained) with spores permeating throughout the passenger compartment.

I had to go to the hospital; they gave me some kind of gas; I guass they thought that would fix it

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