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  • Preamble

    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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August 30, 2010


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So stop bitching about it and do a Project Mayhem task on this, already. Let Sly AKA "the clip art magician" dress up like an orange and black-clad Dr. Nick Riviera. Ship shards of fake, torn ligaments labeled with certain player's names on them, who have been mis-diagnosed over the years. Do SOMEthing.

They deserve it.

Too bad we couldn't have skipped everything from Coles until now, and instead just re-signed Housh...

But no-o-o-o, they'd rather pour 9 mill down the drain...

What was the difference between what Coles got, and what TJ was asking?

PS can't wait to see how Hob spins this one...

And now Jeanty's agent is claiming the Bengals completely misdiagnosed his broken fibula. The hits just keep on comin'.

THE A/C IN THE PRO SHOP IS TURNED OFF. How cheap can you get???!!

The staff should be fired no questions asked. This is a serious problem that has been going on for years. That said this isn't because MB is cheap so let's stop pretending it is . It is MB's blind loyalty to people even if they suck at their jobs that is the problem. MB doing this to be cheap makes no sense, if he was cheap he'd spend the 1 mil for good doctors so he doesn't lose 8 mil on Bryant. If MB were that cheap they'd have already been fired for costing him money. It's his stupid blind loyalty to staff that's killing him.

AB played at the end of last season and had the full offseason to rehab. There may be some issue where the knee healed in a strange way that has caused his recovery process to unfold in a very strange way that was unpredictable for the medical staff. He played through mini-camp, then things turned further south. The knee seems like a bigger issue now than last March, which is not a normal recovery progression. That sort of thing is unusual and difficult to predict in the realm of sports medicine. Some blame still goes around, but this was a tricky situation. We clearly held out hope after we signed TO that things would get better and he would practice, evidenced by the fact that he practiced in the first mini-camp. All around this was a very bad break that we should still get away with if everyone else stays healthy.

Bengals head doctor Angelo J. Colosimo MD, has listed 'complex knee injuries' as one of his specialties and interests on this website -

Kind of sounds like a hobby thing. Plus he used to play for the Patriots.

Hofbraunow - I've said this a million times before and I'll repeat it until I'm blue in the face: TJ would not have signed again with the Bengals. You asked what his asking price was - it didn't exist. He wouldn't have taken any contract Mike put in front of him because he was so sick of the team's management and other areas of ineptitude (like the medical staff). When he signed with Seattle he wasn't saying he wanted to stay in Cincy but didn't get the contract. He was saying how grateful he was to finally be rid of the Bengals.

The only way TJ was going to be kept was to franchise him. You can debate THAT decision all you want, but extending him was never a real option.

Mockenrue - ask TJ now if he thinks that was the right choice. He has all but publically admitted it was a terrible choice as his career has stagnated in Seattle while the Bengals went to the playoffs without him.

Actually what TJ said he regrets is that he turned down the Vikings' offer and opted for Seattle instead. He never said leaving the Bengals was the wrong move in itself. Of course we can all think it was (and we're probably right), but TJ's hatred for the way this team is run trumped everything else in his decision making, and probably still does.

I travel out of Texas frequently and I must say the roads here are very, very nice for the most part. Sounds like some of you are spoiled...take a trip to some of the other states and you and your car will be glad to be back on Texas highways. With that said I do agree politics is killing our transportation department.

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