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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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May 26, 2010


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I was impressed with the boxing training regimen the Chad took on last year, and he benefited from it. Somehow, this year's dancing and dating regimen fails to impress me. It is further evidence that Chad is no longer the #1 on this team... Antonio is.

And since we are reposting Reedy stuff, does anyone feel better to hear that Simpson is impressing in OTA's?

I can't help but feel that Simpson is fool's gold at this point. Seeing him on the 53-man roster won't inspire confidence in me. I'll take Antonio, 85, Shipley, Jones, Caldwell, and Cosby or Briscoe, thank you. I'm not saying that Simpson doesn't deserve to play in the NFL, but he hasn't earned it here.

The paragraph that I did like was this one:

"It should also be a more up tempo offense. Now that the offensive line has a year of experience playing together, the offense could run a lot more no huddle, which was basically shelved last year. Tuesday’s practice featured more no huddle as well as working on the two-minute offense and some unbalanced line plays."

Carson works well in no-huddle. Gimme some more of that!

I agree, Major. I thought the boxing regimen that Chad was on last year really helped him. I was telling someone the other day that the build of his body from 2008 to 2009 was ridiculous. I actually don't mind the DWTS thing (that much), because at least he's getting daily exercise and it seems like a tough workout. The dating show is just a joke. Agree to do it next March, not now. I get that his popularity is high because of coming off of DWTS, but come on. I also know that OTAs are optional, but when he's the ONLY one not there, it's frustrating. Don't you think a guy like Dhani Jones could go do another show or something right now, if he really wanted to? Of course, but he wants to be a team player and get better, even though he's a 12-year veteran. At least with Chad gone right now, we are loaded at WR as opposed to the offseasons going into the 2008 and 2009 campaigns, and not in as tough of shape at that position.

straight jackass. this isn't chad's team?!? (or at least wide receiver core?)'s antonio's?!? gagging on penis reflex.

the story should be that everybody else is at these ota's. for years it's been that the team has no spirit, no chemistry, no leadership. it's pretty clear that we have that now and it's working. as far as chaddy goes, there are literally a ton of star wide outs, running backs, and defensive stars that are not coming to the voluntaries. yes chad was in ridiculous shape last year and produced like most of you said he couldn't. doing his own thing is what he said he needs and i'll be inclined to give him that. if carson wants him there or thinks there should be better timing, perhaps he should focus on not throwing the fucking skyball every damn snap.

...and you're not impressed with the workout one gets from dancing? i'm sure your last girlfriend would testify to just how not impressed you are. pret. i was so proud of chaddy for dwts. he's a fucking athletic talent all the way around. he's driven, competitive, confident, walks funny because he's got balls the size of grapfruits, and he's an all around good guy. he's never malicious, funny in a dorky way, seems like a nice dad, and a pretty humble and respectful person. i'll take that for a bengal any day. (btw's - complete bullshit that anyone with a dancing background is allowed to compete in this shit...and one more thing - quit fucking crying andrews, not about the video thing - which i have in all it's glorious glory - but about being a thin, tall, blonde hottie...and good luck with that dirty should be complaining about your shit for brains...)

who the fuck dey.

...or wide receiver corps...homonyms aren't really my thing...i'm a heteronym man myself:


all the better to be a cunning linguist with...

Major, you have lost your mind. Guy's the best WR we've had on this team since Isaac Curtis, and has produced like it.... consistently. And Dancing as a workout is unimpressive? I suggest you do some research and perhaps give it a go, real professional dancing is no fucking joke, and many a football player (especially WR's) have taken dancing classes (including Ballet) to improve many aspects of their game (strength, flexibility, footwork). Put the crack down dude. Pussycat action figure, right on, dancers on DWTS is stupid, that'd be like allowing CFL players to compete in pros vs joes. Echoed sentiments regaridng the rest of your post as well.
Chad, Antonio, Caldwell, Jones, Shipley, Briscoe: That's how I predict it shaking out in the end, and wouldn't be too disappointed in a switch Simpson for Briscoe. I think it will be a shame to see Cosby go, but i simply don't see where he fits in now.

As someone who watches Dancing With the Stars, Chad didn't appear on the finale there, either, citing injury. So I looked at his twitter, and lo and behold he injured himself lifting and prepping for OTAs. How about a tad more research before you send the guy out to the fire, huh?

We keep 6 WR's and only 5 usually dress - here's my pick:

5 dressed:


1 inactive:

simpson or briscoe - if simpson continues to show improvement, there's no reason not to hold on to him at this point. i don't like that they drafted a project, but lots of players come along after a few years, so i'd be interested to see. this is what i'm hoping for caldwell too. real game action is the only thing that will help, though, and being inactive won't provide that. if briscoe is inactive, it's warranted. he's a real rookie and, as previously mentioned, probably won't survive the practice squad. either way with these two, i'd like to see one of them be the first "ir" spot of the year, sort of like chase was, to make room on the roster for the other while declining to cut the other loose.

the question of Q:

someone mentioned it a little in jest, but maybe a little not. what the f' do we need 3 qb's for? if carson goes down, we're screwed and if it makes it to the 3rd stringer, not-the-star, then just laugh about it. that spot would be better used as a 4th guaranteed special teamer, but one that can actually contribute to the offense instead of the long-snapper. does anyone know any rules against this, or precedent from other team's roster decisions? i know that the 3rd QB is usually one of the 8 inactive players and there's an exception to the rule that if the other 2 QB's go down, he can enter the game, but is there a rule that says you have to carry a 3rd QB? of course, if Q were to take a spot and the idea was to get him in at least on special teams, that means we'd really have 7 receivers, and still only room for 5 to dress, with Q being on of them. i break the wr's down like this:

chad, antonio - given pro talents

jones, simpson, briscoe - vertical threats, with jones being a verteran and big

caldwell, q, shipley - slot, move-the-chains guys, with caldwell being a veteran, q a gamer, and shipley with the most upside

at that point, i'd say it's a mix-bag of who's knicked, who we're playing, what the te's are doing (because they provide some similar dynamics)

it's not a bad problem to have, especially with the likelihood of injuries (though we've been lucking out a bit a wr with that lately...) i like that q and shipley were college teammates; it worked for housh and chad, and these guys seem to be a whole lot more polite and less testy than those two to avoid the end showdown of "i'm a number 1, too-as-in-also"...

now i'm just rambling, but a redzone offense of:

chad and antonio being crafty, gumby, and pros, gresham and jones being big, tall, and smooth, caldwell and/or shipley or chase or q being smart and clutch, briscoe or simpson leaping up and up, benson being a beast, bscott being quick, or leonard being a fucking wizard, and if all else fails, the newly revised reg over the seam, a possible jeremi johnson bumbling in the flats (always my darkhorse to score the first td'er of the game), or the 2nd generation crazy legs carson for a score, we should nab more than 14 points a game.

Let me be clear... my concern has nothing to do with dancing. It has everything to do with Chad's focus on everything but football. He is in the later years of his career, and it is going to take serious focus (like last year) to keep him at the top of his game. Everyone is talking about him getting ready for his career as a celebrity. But where is the focus on his CURRENT career?

Yes, I know you Chad-lovers (in the most hetero way) don't like hearing that Chad is getting old. But he is. And his focus on his hottie dance partner and on dating 85 fame-seekers looks from the outside like the self-centered off-season of 2008, not the intense one of last year. I don't want 2008 Chad back... I want 2009 Chad.

I hear you already... "How do you know Chad isn't focused? He knows what it takes to be ready to play!" But I ask you first, how do you know that he IS focused on football? I want to see evidence of it, but I don't. He knew what it takes 2 years ago too and didn't get it done.

True, Chad is the man on the WR corps... for now. But given his age and the lack of focus I see, I say Antonio is going to take that away from him this year.

I'd rather have Chad at voluntarys, but he's proven before that he can and will step up when he gets there. And the other players on the team know what to expect and trust him, so in this case I think it's OK. Not ideal but OK.

On the topic of what receivers we will keep, I have watched all the OTA videos on so far. I'd say the receiver i'm most impressed by that nobody is talking about is Shipley. (There is a good one up today from this week that has 2 minutes or so of routes).

Yes I know it's difficult to tell from "line drills" of these guys running routes. However, vis-a-vis the other receivers, Shipley looks fast, quick, sharp on routes, and he pulls the ball in every time, and pulls it in FAST. You can tell guys who played at big time programs with big time coaches. I think Shipley will threaten for the the third most snaps (though the actual #3 receiver will change play by play from Shipley, Caldwell, and Jones).

Simpson looks to have impressive skills catching on some plays, but the way he runs routes very loose (sort of looks like his nickname should be "crazy legs") has to make you worry. And you see it in the comments from Bratkowski and Palmer, that he too often "fools the quarterback" by ending up a few yards deep or shallow on routes way too often. That causes lack of trust.

I agree with the above comment that the five who dress are:



Not to toot my own horn, but it was me who suggested the 2 QBs with MJ as the emergency third QB. My reasoning was so that they can keep all 7 WRs (Chad, Bryant, Shipley, Jones, Caldwell, Quan and Briscoe). Also, let's face it, if Carson goes down the season is done--so why keep 3 real QBs? If they get rid of either Quan or Bricoe (or practice squad them), they'll lose them for good. Briscoe has a TON of upside, but may be a little raw at this point. People have pointed at Simpson as Chad's eventual replacement, but I actually see Briscoe as that guy. His college production was off the charts in his sophomore and junior seasons. He was widely-regarded as a 2nd or 3rd round tlent that fell because of his character concerns.

As for Quan, the guy is a scrapper and a GREAT Punt Returner--the dude made the all-rookie team as a returner. I'm not sure why they felt the need to get two other players that, at most, have the same ability as a Returner that Quan has. Beyond his return game, Quan is a key blocker on kickoffs (he sprung the only KR TD by Scott with like four key blocks). I'd be really upset if they let Quan and/or Briscoe go.

Something to think about--they may put one or both on IR with some "injury", in order to keep their rights and not let them go, but leaving room on the roster for the 5 consensus guys that everybody mentioned. I especially seeing this be the case with Briscoe, given that he's only 20.

This isn't that big of a dilemma. We have 6 spots at WR for the 52 man roster and 5 spots on the 45 man game day roster, so we keep Quan OR Briscoe OR Simpson to round out the 6 WRs on the 52. No one else will pick Simpson up, so we can keep him on the practice squad if desired (he is technically eligable). Briscoe supposedly would get picked up before having the opportunity to join the Practice Squad, so you keep him on the 52 and deactivate for game day assuming he is lower ranked than WRs 3-5. I would add that Briscoe is currently injured - and hasn't generated buzz yet as some of the other rookies have. Early but something to watch.

Other people can return punts and kicks besides Quan including Shipley and Adam Jones. If Pac is back in top form, this may be his biggest value add aside from being the #3 CB.

52 Man:
Briscoe (doesn't dress for the 45 man game day)

Practice Squad:
J. Simpson

Wow, this is the line of the thread:

I hear you already... "How do you know Chad isn't focused? He knows what it takes to be ready to play!" But I ask you first, how do you know that he IS focused on football? I want to see evidence of it, but I don't.

So his whole career means nothing? Chad has been the man on this team for the past x years. No one else has been more reliable, not even carson.

This is the ultimate naysayer. You complain just to complain.

For what it is worth my five are:

1. Johnson
2. Bryant
3. Jones
4. Shipley
5. Cosby (b/c he can return)

The 6th may be Simpson or Briscoe. I think Caldwell is the odd man out b/c he cannot return kicks w/out fumbling, he has a hard time getting separation in his routes, and he is not a threat once he gets the ball. Simpson can be good if he can "get it". It would be fantastic if the light all of a sudden turned on for him, b/c he can play.

The good news is that the competition in camp should improve the overall quality of the WR's play, and I would not be surprised if they dress six WR's this year.

Yes, his career means something... including 2008, when he sucked. Chad himself even said that he sucked.

- He spent the whole 2008 off-season focused on himself. End result: crappy year.

- Last off-season he was solely focused on an impressive physical training regimen. End result: great year.

- He is spending this off-season preparing for his life after football. So I see no reason to expect 2009 results when he lacks 2009's focus.

Chad is going to spend a lot of time between now and training camp dating 85 women. Do you expect him to show up at camp in the same condition as last year, just because he's Chad? It's reasonable to expect that he shows up at 85-90% of last year's condition. (Granted, that is still better than Simpson at 100%.)

There is a lot of new, good competition at WR, and the ball is going to be spread around more. Teams will still be scheming to double cover him first. Antonio is working with the best QB he has had and has been tuning up with him for 2 months.

If Chad were working out like last year, I wouldn't be saying any of this. But with the reality TV distractions on top of the above, I think a down year is coming. Not as bad as 2008, but down from last year, with Antonio having better numbers. If that make me the ultimate naysayer, then so be it.

BTW, I won't argue with you that Chad has been the most reliable person on the team. That's why I wish he was at OTAs. Not for his sake, but for Carson's. Carson needs the reps with him. But Chad will be flirting on camera instead.

I had a longer response to WhoDeyFans' post last night, but the blog apparently decided to eat it. In a nutshell, I'd argue that Chad has been the most consistently UNDERwhelming during his tenure with the Bengals. He's had a habit of consistently disappearing in big/important games (see: either game against the Jets last year) and was MIA for most of 2008. Compare what Fitzpatrick was able to do with TO last year in Buffalo with what he did with Chad in Cincy the year before and you realize that all of the blame can't fall to the back-up quarterback. I think Fitzy tossed as many TDs to TO in their first three weeks together as he did to Chad during the 12 they played together.

Also, to whomever said dancing was as good an off-season workout as boxing - you've never boxed, have you? Any athlete from any other sport (with the possible exception of MMA) that's ever attempted a week's worth of boxing workouts will tell you that nothing compares to a boxing workout, and you see what a difference it made for Chad last year, when he was able to consistently perform at a high level week in and week out (again, excepting those two games against Revis) in spite of opposing defenses knowing that if the ball was being passed, it was most likely headed his direction. Don't get me wrong - Chad is a phenomenal athlete and he's a large part of the reason why the Bengals still have a fanbase and get any attention from the media outside of Cincinnati, but without the proper dedication to football in the offseason (and especially DURING the season), he'll never be a truly elite wide receiver and be talked about with the Jerry Rices and Randy Mosses.

Payne, Chad will spend the next TEN days dating "85 fame seekers" (which is exactly what they are). But Chad didn't show up last year until 6/13 either. So what's the difference? DWTS was a hell fo a workout I guarantee you that, so the conditioning argument is out. The next ten days will not make or break Chad's season, I could see your argument carrying weight if Chad didn't show up until July, but he's a proven veteran and by far not the proven guy in the league not attending OTAs. Wyatt, never said it was a BETTER workout than boxing, read dude. I said it was a damn good workout because it was being poo pooed, and I wanted to point out that MANY A WR has taken dance to help wiht their game. Jesus, it's like talking to brick walls

Not the only proven guy, not, not the proven guy, sorry.

Definately agree with CurseofBo.

He is not spending "a lot of time" dating 85 women. They are taping that show in a little over a week.

Wyatt, you need to get serious with your life brother. Quote from you: "I'd argue that Chad has been the most consistently UNDERwhelming during his tenure with the Bengals"

What in the hell are you talking about?

6 pro bowls
9,952 Career Receving Yards
7 out of 9 seasons over 1,000 yards

Bengals Team Records:

Most receiving yards in a season (1,440)
Most receiving yards all-time
Most receptions
Most receiving yards in a game (260)
Most seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards (7)
Most touchdown receptions in a game (3, tied with several other players)

Underwhelming? You complain just to complain man. Get a grip.


Not defending Wyatt nor am I speaking for him, as I think Chad has done wonders for this franchise, but I think I see a PART of what he means. Chad has RARELY EVER shown up for huge games. He has consistently done NOTHING against the Steelers and is up and down against the Ravens. He dominates in games that he should dominate in, not the ones when the team truly needs him to in order to push him and the team into the elite. Blame it on "double-teams", or "lack of a true #2 WR", or even Carson's injuries, but the guy is inconsistent. Let's call it what it is: Chad has had a solid career with some spectacular plays, NOT vice-versa.

Chad has been a ridiculously productive receiver his entire career. Perhaps when the real pressure is on, he has not been as productive as he normally is as some people are saying, but I have no evidence to back that up and don't think it's that strong an argument (how many truly high pressure games have we really played anyway?)

The issue is this: there is zero upside and all downside to Chad's celebrity off the field. Might not be a problem. But if I had to make a list of "unexpected risks that could derail the season" I would put Chad's descent into pure celebrity as one of them.

He's on a different level now with his tv shows, twitter, etc. This is a new thing to this season. This is not like past seasons.

Well we seem best off in the north...Ravens & Browns both have 6+ holdouts I think steelers have some theirselves...Plus its giving the other WR's much more needed reps that Chad would be taking

CurseofBoJackson: Quoting you here: "Professional dancing is no fucking joke" - compared to professional boxing? Yes, it is. Chad did boxing last offseason, came into camp RIDICULOUSLY jacked, and had an amazing season in spite of being the only real wide receiver on the team. Guess what he's not doing this offseason?

Artrell: See what Pickens said after your post. I'm working on a comparison right now (hopefully I'll have time to finish it this weekend) that compares Chad's performance in games against non-playoff teams to his performance in games against playoff teams from 2005-2009 (he really became a star in 2005 and started focusing more on commercials and antics and whatnot - to that point, he was the good wide receiver on the bad/average team). Yes, Chad is the best receiver in Bengals history, statistically, but he's no Isaac Curtis. Depending on how quickly I can get the current comparison done, perhaps I'll have time to do one between Chad and Isaac. But hey, if my comparison of playoff teams v non-playoff teams proves that I'm wrong about Chad being underwhelming when the Bengals need him to be outstanding, I'm man enough to admit it. Will you and the rest of the ostriches continue to bury your head in the sand rather than face the facts that when Chad isn't focused in the offseason, his performance during the regular season suffers (a point that no one who is defending Chad has seemed willing to address)?

Everybody needs to chill out on Wyatt. I think he just miscommunicated the point he was trying to make.

I agree with Wyatt's point about Chad. He is a great receiver, one the best in Bengals history, but he disappears in big games unless we are able to go deep. Some of this is not his fault of course b/c we have Off-coord who is a retard and doesn't focus on creating mismatches with his star players like every good team does. I don't understand how Jerry Rice would be doubled or triple covered with a cover 2 over top but would still manage to catch 10+ balls in big games, whereas Chad is lucky if he gets one.

Again a lot of this has to do with Brat's passing chart, the routes we run are very straight forward and are not very confusing to the defense. In my mind it seems like the majority of catches that Chad makes are deep routes, posts, outs, or curls (all on the outside). I can't recall him catching balls on crossing routes or digs. In hindsight, I understand why he punched a coach at halftime of the 2005 playoff game. I would want to beat the hell out of Brat as well if he constantly used one of the best players as bait in big games.

Just judging on talent only (no off-field stuff) if I had to pick between having TO or Chad since 2003, I would pick TO b/c the guy has always been able to dominate the game. He is a threat in the redzone or when you are 80 yards out. He can over the middle or deep; plus he is a pretty good downfield blocker, something Chad has never been able to provide. Something tells me if we ever make it to the Super Bowl Chad is only catching one or two balls, and not getting MVP like Santonio Holmes.

Sorry guys, I've been away for a bit... what'd I miss...?

Oh. Okay, well, first off, a few quick thoughts. Chad's just being Chad; whether you love him or hate him, it's just who he is. He'd be doing that dating show if on his facebook even if only three viewers were logged in. That's how he started, and that's how he'll finish out. His antics are just harmless amusements that do not detract from his game day focus. His games (arguably) have been up and down since 2005, but to say it’s because of Boxing v. Dancing or Celebrity Focus v. Team Player is akin to that retard Peter King only looking at Carson's QB rating and dropping us to the cellar. Think back to the "big games" of last year. I'm not saying that you can make an excuse for each one, but there were reasons. Case in point: one escaped from Revis Island last season. No one. (cue creepy music..)

I think I can moderate this next one. As a guy who has gone through a boxing regiment AND has done ballet (don't judge, please), I can tell you that they are both ass-kickers. While boxing does make you more of a cross-fit / endurance monster, ballet makes you far more flexible and agile as well as breaking you off a little something something every workout. It’s a different angle, and since I too have come to trust Ocho, I'll wait to see how it works out for him. However, I will say this; based on one of his later dance routines where he took his shirt off and threw a kick, I'd offer that he looks like he's in great shape to me and yes, his flexibility probably did need some work. Bottom line - not worried about his fitness.

Lastly, let's keep it real.

85: "No, I need to be at work. Sorry, maybe next year...?"
TV Guy: "You'd only miss ten days of work! Wait, isn't it an optional work day?"
85: "Yeah it is, but I should go. Doesn't everybody clock in on 'optional' days?"
TV Guy: "Actually no. Did we mention that we'd make your house look like the playboy mansion?"
85: "Yes, you mentioned that. But seriously, I'm a professional. I don't know that many guys who would skip work for pussy, do you?"
TV Guy: "Uh....."
85: "I mean, come on. I'm a single, thirty-two year old man. Aren't I too old for this?"
TV Guy: "Is Hugh Hefner?..."
85: "I suppose that's true."
TV Guy: "...and he's a professional."
85: "Also true."
TV Guy: "So what do you say? We blow of work for ten days, cover you in tits and ass, and we'll even comp your time. What time do you to be at work?"
85: "A month or two. Is that enough time to get ready? I just finished DWTS so I'm in pretty good shape. Will this wreck my regiment? Will I be able to recover physically from all this?"
TV Guy: "Christ on a cracker. Think of it like the best ab work out ever."
85: "If you say so... I hope my fan base understands. It seems so out of character for me..."

I started typing out a long response but then got bored. It makes no sense to argue with some of you. You look for the negative in every aspect of news about the Bengals, it must suck.

1 player, who has been the strength of this team for a long time, is not in the voluntary workouts and you guys fry him. If that is all there is to complain about than this is going to be a good year.

I just wanted to respond to not be accused of trolling.


I sort of see where you and Wyatt are coming from. I just thought I'd put some of the statements in context. Chad is statistically the best receiver we've ever had, so it seems a bit overboard to hang him out to dry like yall are. At worst he's still the best receiver on our team. And each of us knows he's going to come into camp in shape and ready to play, regardless of weather boxing or dancing happen to be a better workout. Because that's just what Chad does (ex-2008).

So let's all move on to more important issues, like why the hell the Bengals have not signed Marvin yet (leader or the revolution, trying to wrest control from MB bit by bit, day by day), and what that could mean for incentives and team chemistry going into the season... to me that is the biggest, and only real issue we are dealing with.

WhoDeyFans --

Stop being a martyr. None of us are piling on Chad, nor are we accusing him of not being a good player. It's the time of year in the football calendar where it's heavily noticed what players don't come to "Optional" workouts. "Optional" in NFL language is actually "strongly recommended". My view on this entire article, is that 2010 looks to be a really strong year for the Bengals. The team chemistry is really strong. It's frustrating to fans (as well as management, players and coaches) that the ONLY player NOT at the "optional" workouts is Chad. People have been referencing Dhani when saying that "Chad isn't the on;y one doing TV shows". While this is true, Dhani is there practicing. Here's a couple of "bottom lines" about Chad:

1.) Chad wants to win--no Bengals fan can really dispute that. BUT, Chad wants to win for CHAD, NOT the Bengals.

2.) Chad is an attention-whore.

3.) While Chad is a GOOD player, I rank him as one of the most overrated players in the NFL. Yes, I said it. Why, you ask? He's had a GOOD career. He will NOT be a HOF'er. If there's one thing that Chad excels at, it's marketing himself. This self-promotion has made him APPEAR as if he's a superstar WR, which he really isn't. He might have brushed superstar-dom in 2004-2006, but that's long passed now.

4.) He will go down as the best Bengals WR, statistically speaking. However, Chad's career has been frustratingly inconsistent. His CONSTANT disappearring acts against premier teams (see Steelers, Pittsburgh) is enough to make one pull their hair out. I will always remember him as a guy who made ridiculous circus TD catches (mostly against the lowly Cleveland Browns), but also a guy who dropped very catchable balls across the middle because he unnecessarily dove/slid to make a routine play appear to be a spectacular one.

In summation, as a Bengals fan, I am GREATLY appreciative of what Chad has brought to the Bengals (even after his trade tirade bullshit). But, let's call him what he really is--A good WR with some spectacular moments in his career that entertained us all with his plays, dances, celebrations, etc.

Chad will be in great shape when he shows up; nobody should worry about that. I think he learned his lesson from 2008. I think he did the boxing training last year to rehab/ strengthen his injured shoulder (this caused him to drop a lot of passes that season since he was playing hurt). Thanks for the comparison Gutter, pretty insightful stuff. I bet he is doing the dancing to focus on his flexibility and stamina. He is getting old and he needs to keep things loose and flexible like you said.

WhoDeyFans, I am not dumping on Chad. I am just not kissing his ass. I think he is a great player, and has made some amazing catches throughout the years (!v=jKUKMxvUvYw&feature=related). My favorite being his off-balance shoestring catch along the sidelines in either his rookie or 2nd year. But the fact is he is just not a complete player. People can call it overrated, not the complete package, etc. There is no reason to get all defensive or upset about it. There is a big difference between criticism and just beating down a man.

As much of a showman that he is, he also is one of the hardest workers on the team during the season; staying at the stadium overnight in some cases. Like Pickens said, I completely appreciate everything that he has brought to this team and city. When everyone wanted to trade his ass out of town, I was one of the few who defended him, and I am glad Mike stuck to his guns on that and kept him here.

Wyatt, quote me all you want, I didn't say, "compared to boxing, dancing is a better workout." I said, as you so astutely wrote, that "Dancing is no fucking joke." Again, read carefully dude, and try not to Fox News it up K? And, which year did Chad's season production suffer? 2008? Yea, we got that, any other years besides his rookie year? No, not really, all the rest were 1000 plus yard, multiple TD seasons. Is it a dead horse yet for you too? Guy will be ready to go in June and July, JUST like he was last year, and every year before that save for 2008, which you apparently still dwell in. Hey, I have a golf tournament coming up in July? Should I not go to Kings Island this weekend for fear that I might "lose my focus?"

Bo, nice straw man there. Do players spend 6 months working out to get ready for your golf tournament?

But I have to admit, I have no idea where you guys calling Chad "underwhelming" are coming from. Chad was Top 5 a few years ago, and he is still Top 10. Pedestrian and underwhelming players don't get to the Pro Bowl. You can't blame Chad for all the missed balls. Carson owns his fair share of that blame too.

That's the cause of my concern. Chad is going to have his age catch up with him at some point. Maybe this year, maybe not. Last year's training was crazy good for him. So why screw around with all this fame stuff? Maybe it's a minimal risk, but why take any risk?

I adore how this entire thread started with the comment that Chad is not at any OTAs because of his celebrity status, and my post citing his injury working out went wholly ignored. If he's healthy, would he be there on the days he were able to be? I think yes.


I agree. It's funny how these things play out. When are we going to talk about Project Mayhem?

Yes, they do, working out their livers and stomachs. No, I'm aware of the severity with which i stretched the analogy, but we're splitting hairs here. Guy's the ONLY player not here, any other teams in the league sporting 80 plus at OTA's including every star except the best WR? I certainly don't know, nor do I feel like exploring PFT or anywhere else to find out, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. This argument is only occurring because it's the only pseudo-relevant thing about the Bengals to debate at this point, and is the only thing even close to negative news.

While I was unable to get *any* work done on my comparison over the weekend, I'd like to let the Chad fans in an outrage over my qualms with his performance and off-season behavior know that I emailed Peter King today regarding his omission of Chad in his Hall of Fame wide receiver chart. He was basing it solely on career receptions and Chad *should* finish with more receptions than about half of the guys on King's list if he plays for even three more years.

Wyatt --

Good call, but Peter King has his head so far up Belichick and Brady's asses he probably won't even read your email. If he does and responds to it, he'll most likely give you some vague, shrouded reasoning that won't make any sense as to why Chad wasn't on his list. He must've had something happen to him here in Cincinnati to make him despise this franchise, because he bashes them every chance he gets. Aside from that, he's a total mongoloid and I'm not quite sure why he has a job as a national sportswriter--the guy is a joke.


What gets me the most is that he can't decide if he's a sensationalist with his left-field stuff and open fellating of Belichick/Brady/Favre or a human interest writer with all of his stuff about the troops (which is the main reason I continue to read) and other charities. But even when he writes about that stuff he makes sure that he interjects himself so people know how he was involved and what a great guy he is. I call it Bono-itis - the U2 frontman might have good intentions, but by broadcasting just how great he is at being eco-friendly and humanitarian, he comes across like a self-aggrandizing douchebag. I was thoroughly pleased when U2's most recent tour produced the largest carbon footprint for a tour EVER and instead of doing something to fix that, he donated a shitload of money so somebody else could plant a bunch of trees. Yeah, that's real sincere, you sunglass-wearing douche.

But yeah, King and Berman I absolutely detest and I send him emails regarding his burial of the Bengals on a regular basis. There's no way this'll ever see print, but at least hopefully people on here will realize I don't hate Chad, as I've been painted.

Wyatt, agree.

I think it is even more painful knowing that fat tub of Starbucks cut his teeth as a beat writer for the Bengals. I am also ashamed that he is an alum of the same school as me.

He gave the keynote at the conf that SWB and I were both at. It was a video, but I don't know if he realized he had no fans in the room that would be viewing.

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