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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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March 01, 2010


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It's not necessarily lack of signings, because the Bengals do have a history of picking up crappy players via free agency. Nate Webster, "the next Ray Lewis" (never did jack and didn't stay healthy); Sam "Fat Tub" Adams (3 year contract, lasted a year), etc, etc.

The one constant is that Mike Brown is a cheapskate and the "brain trust" doesn't have enough people doing their homework.

I'm not really upset that MB doesn't go after the "top" names in Free Agency. Really when is the last time the so called top free agents have ever really done much. With the exception of maybe Moss in NE and Scott in NYJ i can't think of many top free agents that haven't either been bust or not lead a team to the playoffs. (ie Haynesworth, Thomas in NE, Housh, etc.)

I'd rather the team make a run at a player like Kevin Walter than overspend on a "top" WR like Marshall or Vincent Jackson. Walter will fill the hole left by TJ.

The question will come down to what is better draft a young WR or trade a 1 and 3 and spend a lot to get a proven WR that's team wasn't willing to pay him that money for a reason. I'd love Austin but that's a pipe dream, Jones isn't letting him go anywhere.

The Bengals MUST sign an experience TE other then Reggie Kelly though or this offseason will fail.

Before i get ripped as "idiotic" etc let me explain my thinking. Marshall will cost around 7-8 million a year and a 1st and 3 round pick at least. I'd rather give 4-6 million to Walter, trade our 2nd or 3rd round pick to Dallas for Bennett at TE and then either trade up or draft a speedy reciever with our 1st round pick. I'd look to fix the safety issue by resigning Williams and address it in the draft vs paying a fortune plus a 1 and 3 pick for a restricted agent. Sharper is too old to justify the money he'll ask for.

We are going to get Gilyard and like it because we love to collect slot receivers such as caldwell, simpson, coles, chatman, the guy who fumbled all the kick offs,etc... and who wants walters back???? Another slot guy!!!!

Good article, Sly. I wouldn't mind them signing Kevin Walter if they can't get Marshall. What would be INEXCUSEABLE is if Marshall or another big name ends up with a division rival (Baltimore). There's no way that should happen. The other thing I don't want to hear during free agency is how the Bengals are a "finalist" for a player or are "in the running" only to lose out on him in the 11th hour.
I really don't know how they'll be in free agency this year. I thought they'd sit on their hands last year (like they always do) and signed a boatload of guys. Criticize Coles' play this last year if you want, but at least the Bengals made a play for a pretty big name once TJ left. I don't know what omen comes with the Matt Jones signing. Part of me thinks it's a good sign that they're already active when the true free agency period hasn't even begun yet, and part of me is worried that they think he's a big part of the solution to the offensive issues. I think they'll be more active than they usually are, mostly to re-sign some guys. I also think that they realize that they're not going to fill all of the holes they have solely via draft. If they got another good WR and a TE along with re-signing some of their own guys, I'd be happy.

On another note, once again, it's Jones Mania!!!

NY J's are releasing Tom Jones to be a free agent!!!

I'm sure Mike Brown will arm himself with plenty of panties to throw, no singing (or signing) required!!!

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Mikey Boy actually *did*
sign *Owen Wilson* might not help things on the field, but it would be kinda cool


Terrell "sunshine on my goddamn shoulders" Owens

l-mao :)


Terrell "He [Tony Romo]'s my teammate [sniffle]" Owens

How about Boldin, Austin, or Avant. There are a bunch of WR's out there. I agree that picking up T.O. or Marshal is the wrong thing to do. To me they cry to much if they do not get there way. Knowing Mike Brown he will pick up Torry Holt for a cheap price.

So - let me get this straight ... if the Bengals DON'T sign a decent WR in free agency, it is a complete failure squarely on the shoulders of Mike Brown, while at the same time, if they DO sign one of the better WR free agents available, T.O (you can have your opinions on T.O., but can't argue the fact that he is unanimously considered by football analysts to be one of the better available free agent WR's), on the market, it is a complete failure squarely on the shoulders of Mike Brown? OK, I got it . . .thanks for making this 100% logical and not sku'd in any one direction.

Truth and Clause,

Before I was against the resigning of Walter, but I have to agree that it kind of makes sense if they can get him. He could be a good fit since he does have good size, speed and hands- plus he should be familiar with the offense. I think we all have read that Boldin is being shopped for a second round pick- if Marvin pulls that off I think a lot of people will need to post some apologies on these comment boards. Another guy that I think I would be happy with is Antonio Bryant. If they can upgrade the WR spot in FA, I don't see them getting one very high (or at all) in the draft and they focus on other needs. I would be happy to see them bring in TO, but only as a last resort. He would be just a temporary fix and they would need to follow it up with drafting a WR high to groom them for the spot. Worse case they give Coles another shot (I think he is better than he played last year) and boot Simpson out of the nest to finally see if he can contribute.

People shouldn't count them out in this year's FA market so soon. They have been pretty active since Marvin came into town, and Marvins coded statements say that there will be activity. Yes, they are not the big name player like a Julius Pepper that everyone wants. But look at Synder here in Washington, DC. Every year it is a big name and it gets them no where. They focus on the name and paycheck, but not whether or not the player fits the system- and they even have a large scouting department. FA is great for adding quality depth (Rashead Jenty, Jones, Brandon Johnson) and finding players to act as a stop gap to plug in until you can develop a younger player (Coles, Sam Adams, Dexter Jackson).

This year we may see them use FA to actually upgrade the position and find a starter at WR and TE- not just find a temporary fix. Out of all of the unrestricted players available it looks like there are a couple of options at both of these spots; every other spot is very limited or not a need for us. I will not be surprised to see them upgrading the quality of the depth to the O-line and in the secondary in FA as well.

Blester --

Agree and disagree. While they've been more "active" in free agency under Marvin, they still haven't brought in quality guys with the exception of last year. It's no coincidence that they had a respectable record in a year that they were the most active in free agency that I've ever seen them be.

Their big "splash free agents" in the Marvin-era that were major busts outside of the 2009 F.A.'s include: Nate Webster, Ben Utecht, Patrick Johnson, Antonio Chatman, Sam Adams, Kevin Hardy, Bryan Robinson and others.
The ones who have panned out thus far: John Thornton, Tory James, Reggie Kelly (I guess), Tank Johnson, Cedric Benson, Chris Crocker.
Jury's still out on: Antwan Odom and Roy Williams.

The Bengals take risks in a sense that most other teams don't--they take project/troubled players in the draft and free agency that most teams shy away from. It's worked sometimes because these players are usually very talented. However, they haven't joined the 21st century where teams take risks by moving up and around in the draft to get the true players they want. It drives me nuts. Read Hobson's article today talking about how they never move and get guys they covet.

While they don't HAVE to get a Marshall, T.O. or Boldin in free agency, it would just be nice if they landed a top-quality player, for once. No more Shaun Rogers trade fuck-ups and things of that ilk. They need to have a plan of EXACTLY WHO they're targeting in free agency AND the draft. That way they can get the positions in the draft that they didn't get in free agency. I get the impression that the Bengals don't have a real "plan", but rather a "let's see who falls into our lap" type of mentality. It's time for them to join the big boys and do things the way that they do, if they're ever going to be a perennial contender.

I agree with you, Blester, I think that they may be more active this year than we all think because of Marvin's comments and that there's a sense of wanting to build on last year. We're so used to expecting the least out of this team and Mike Brown, that when they do anything above the bare minimum, it's a great surprise.

Well hopefully they will re sign Coles. He was terrific as the #2. Chad was doubled and he still could hardly catch or do much but hey.. Mikey this year you get him for less than half of last year. What a deal Mikey.

carlpickens i agree with you in some respects but I think it isn't as simple as you think with moving around in the draft. The draft is a game of chess sometimes. Teams routinely try to convince teams they are going after someone other than who they really want. Yes it's easy to say they should just trade up if they really want someone but at the same time what if they traded up to get someone that would have fallen to them anyway?? Then they basically gave away draft picks for no reason. Also who is to say they haven't tried to trade up, not every team will trade down. I just think it isn't as simple as they could trade up if they want to.

Pickens, I understand your point, but I think the busts you list were their emergency adds, they needed to get bodies in spots ASAP to try to fill all the immediate holes. Keep in mind that back in 2003, when Marvin took over, the team that he inherited was 2-14; they were desperate to find bodies that could upgrade these positions. Some of your busts all helped them go from 2-14 to 8-8; so I can let those not-so-good moves slide.

Sorry to reuse this post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, but it is very pertinent to the discussion and I want to make sure that people understand how I see things. My perspective is more architectural; sometimes it helps to step back and look at the whole picture.

Let me take you back and give you a brief history lesson on how we got to where we are:

After their great 2005 season what was their weakness? The defense. Even if Palmer and Henry would not have gotten hurt and if we would have beaten the Steelers, they would have been destroyed by the Colts. The 2005 team had no pass rush, terrible secondary (corners were good but no safety help or depth), awful special teams and terrible defensive coaching (which could also look bad due to the lack of talent). So in the draft what do they do, they focused on their needs:

1) Joseph - great pick, after a slow start he has become a top 10 CB.
2) Whitworth - great pick, selected b/c Donte Whitner (S) and Witten (TE) were off the board. He was selected to be groomed to replace the beginning to age Jones. (Planning ahead)
3) Rucker - Pass rusher, he has provided good depth to the team when able to play
4) Peko - Run stuffer, he has been a gem turning into a top 10 DT.
5) AJ Nicholson - Hard tackling LB, unfortunately he didn't make it.
6) Reggie McNeal - no idea who this guy is
7) Ethan Kilmer - Special teams star - unfortunately injuries got the best of him.
7) Bennie Brazell - WR with return abilities - unfortunately he didn't make it.

On top of this they brought in:
1) Sam Adams (DT) - yes he was getting old, but it was a worthy gamble. He was a temporay stop gap, he was only picked up to help stop the bleeding on the running game- remember they had a terrible run defense in 2005.
2) Dexter Jackson (S) - run stopping safety. Good pickup to help stop the run.
3) Rashead Jenty (SLB) - Hard tackling, stud pass rusher from the CFL. Only meant to contribute in special packages, but ends up starting b/c of injuries.
4) Anthony Wright and Doug Johnson (QB's) - only to fill in if Palmer couldn't make it to the field.

So you have a great offense with no special teams or defense to back it up. They focus on their weaknesses like they should have in the offseason, and what happens early in the season? They start out 3-0 and then Jones, Anderson, and Braham (3/5's of the O-line and the key spots) as well as Pollack and D. Jackson go down with injuries and Thurman get busted for his DUI- never to return. Their season was an uphill battle from there. They limp to 8-8 in 2006, yet they still almost make the playoffs.

Fans are pissed, Mike Brown is pissed, etc. So I think this is when Mike steps back into the picture out of frustration. One day someone will write a book about the behind the scenes and we will know for sure. So you finish 8-8 (a good record for what you had to deal with), but your once dominate O-line is turning into a question mark, no LB's left on your team due to mental illnesses and injuries, and a secondary and D-line that still sucks due to injuries and now. Which one do you fix first?

In the 2007 offseason, they went with the gamble that the o-line injuries were a fluke, and focused on the secondary in the draft since it takes the secondary a year to develop, but they randomly selected Kenny Irons and a QB for some reason- still to this day those two picks make no sense (screams of Mike Brown logic). They only get Hall and Ndukwe to contribute.

They gambled wrong. Jones, Braham, and Anderson fall apart again in the 2007 season and Palmer gets beat to hell b/c of it. They go 7-9 in 2007.

2008 draft roles around. You have a once dominate O-line that is most likely crap b/c it lost its dominate center and you now have two unreliable left and right tackles (but are still capable of playing), still crappy D-line, big hole at the LB's and secondary (due to a weak front 7), and unhappy WR's who are beginning to age. This is where I would have tried to trade Jones and Anderson and focused on rebuilding the O-line to protect Palmer and restart the running game to take pressure off of him.

Instead they get Rivers (LB), Simpson (WR), Sims (DT), Caldwell (WR), Collins (T), Shirley (DT, Lynch (S), Sherry (TE), Craig (OLB), and Urratia (WR). Kind of makes sense b/c WR's take a year or two to develop and you need to replace Chad and TJ, but they don't focus on their number one issue. They get Odom in FA to try to upgrade the still non-existent pass rush (he gets injured), and they bring in Zimmer to turn around the defense.

So what do we get in 2008? Terrible O-line = Palmer gets raped on the field, shreds his elbow, and is lost for the season. We go 4-11. But we also see signs of a good defense coming together after all of the years of drafting and FA adds.

We know what they did in the 2009 offseason- all the right things: refocus on rebuilding the O-line (it looks like it worked thanks to the grooming of Cook the past couple of seasons); they extend Benson's deal to keep him in town for 2 more years and he will be the punching bag for the upcoming season to take heat off PTSD'd Palmer (if Benson sucks he can be replaced in the draft, if he succeeds they filled a need); and they finally can begin to focus on depth and situational players on defense.

Had the 2006 season not played out as it did they would be in a completely different place. Unfortunately it caused a snowball effect of bad decisions, bad luck, and a lot of frustration on everyone's part. It basically took three years to recover from that unfortunate season.

Through all of the bad times during 2006 to 2008 this team was quietly building a good team in the draft (just like Cleveland is doing right now). People like Bill Cowher and me took notice. I never predicted a playoff run b/c I was unsure of how the new O-line was going to produce and it was quite a surprise. To be honest I thought 2010 was going to be their breakout year, and I still think it will be (to show they are legit). They may not improve their record this year, but they will not be worse than 8-8 unless all hell breaks loose again like 2006.

I think how they do depends on their moves in FA. If they are aggressive and go after some big name players, then I am predicting they will improve and make a push for the SB (but may still fall short). If they play it cool, and focus on adding talent and depth in the draft then 2011 will be their year. If Mike steps in and makes some crazy ass decisions (like drafting Tebow) we will feel their effects in 2011.

I think Marvin knows how close they are and is looking to make some moves. I hope that I am right b/c if so we will be in for a fun season.

I think that we are all kinda in accord here... The Stripes need a solid (and experienced) Free Agent WR or two, a solid TE drafted or otherwise, and a hard hitting DL if we can scrap it up....? Anything extra is gravy. Right? Anyway...

They way I see it is Chad is still going to be the central threat to any passing offense. Whoever the WR that lands in Cinci is they are going to play second fiddle to him. I'm not saying we need to go looking for a second fiddle, but let's look at who we snag in those regards. After that second half of the last season, if we get a guy who any sort of threat then I'm good to go. We all agree that Mikey Boy isn't going to go out and get us the monster movers, so I'm just waiting and trying to keep my expectations (somewhat) real.

And in that regard, I'd love to see T.O. land in the Queen City! True, he might Pedro Martinez the club house... but I'll take that gamble. I'm sure everyone here has had to defend Chad in a comparison to T.O. to some barroom idiot at least once in their lives... I would LOVE to see them on the field together. Shoot...throw in Dez Bryant (he's my first round call), convert Jones' 6'6" ass to a TE, and add just one of those other WR jokers from last year, and I'm ready to run the shotgun like its 2005, baby!!!

On a funny note....

I think the Bengals should load the team with players with a bad past or criminal history. Then the Bengals could be on HBO this year and call the show "The Real Longest Yard" while us fans cheer....

Mean Machine!!!!
Mean Machine!!!!
Mean Machine!!!!

In order to get this going we need Michael Vick.


Other than the Jones conversion, I like pretty much everything you said. The Bengals are going to take flak for Ochocinco, Rey Maualuga, Matt Jones, et al., already, so why not add TO? He can still produce, as the first two games of the Crazy Legs era last year proved, and it might actually free up some of the double coverages on Chad and allow him to catch a ball without fighting through two or three guys. Is it a long-term solution? No, but, as has been mentioned, it allows a chance for one of the younger receivers to develop (or for Matt Jones to get back into game shape).

As far as running the shotgun, a point I've made since my second or third day on this site is this: when Palmer was given more autonomy over changing the offense at the line of scrimmage in 2005 and 2006, the Bengals' offense was near the top of the league and Palmer was being compared to P. Manning and Buttsechs Brady. In the half-decade since then, he's been given increasingly less freedom to work his magic at the line of scrimmage (and when he did last year, it was always to a vanilla run play). My suggestions to let Jordan Palmer be the OC are only half in jest, as I think this team would be in the best shape possible if they'd have someone draw up a gameplan in the week leading up to the game and then let Carson do his thing during gameday. He's certainly better at making adjustments throughout the game than Bratkowski is (while I have no empirical data to support that claim, the fact that Bratkowski makes no halftime adjustments whatsoever means that by virtue of there being no possible way for Carson to be worse at it, he's got to be better).

As I told blester01 a few posts back, this team will not win the Super Bowl so long as Bob Bratkowski is their offensive coordinator.

On this point Wyatt:

"As I told blester01 a few posts back, this team will not win the Super Bowl so long as Bob Bratkowski is their offensive coordinator."

Even I can not cover an argument on that one.

For others that bring up Marshall, I personally think that by Denver giving him only a first round tender, they are daring someone to make an offer, that they can then match and keep the receiver.

The best part is the description! You have to love that.My kid has always been fascinated with astrology. He's too young to understand things about NASA but I'm glad to find this so I could somehow explain to him a bit even though I do not completely understand it all.

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