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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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March 09, 2010


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I put this on a comment section on the Cincinnati Enquirer. A lot of people are saying good things about it and it would look good here also! Enjoy and let me know!

Carson is a top ten OB. (if not top 5) Delhomme is garbage!


Chad will be in stripes the rest of his NFL career.

Chad will also be No. 1 and Marshall No. 2 until Chad retires. (If and WHEN Marshall signs)

J-Joe and Leon WILL get big contracts with the BENGALS.

Draft Gilyard in the 2nd if he is available.

Take Mays in the 1st, if we do not sign Marshall.

TE is deep this year, look 4th round.

Defensive line is deep this year, look 3rd round.

Mike Brown hire a GM, or step down.


Jeez... not that hard here. Sign both Marshall and TO! Get all three (Chad too) on the field - that would scare the living crap out of any team! It's not like we have any other receivers that matter besides Chad.

Bryant please, less crazy, plenty good speed, great deep threat, good ball skills (watched him a lot year before last). TO is old and scary, Marshall isn't worth the risk and price, he's like potentially signing TO six years ago, for a ton of money and a 1st round draft pick, pass. As for Ryan, carson is a top ten yes, but currently, there are seven better QB's in the league easy when you look at performance. Already said it, but Marshall trade is not worth the money drafty pick and probable headache when Mikey does something idiotic like try and turn him into a TE since we need one. I also believe Chad will be here for the rest of his career, we'll sign him through 2014. DON't TAKE MAYS in the first round, we don't need a safety that badly to take that big a risk, although i will admit it's tempting given his junior year and combine performance. Won't comment on #1 and #2 status, moot point if this organization is smart. Further, if this organization IS smart, we WILL resign both stellar CB's asap. Regarding Gilyard, I wouldn't mind reaching in the first if there is not a no brainer option when we pick like the cat from GaTech. If we don't and he's there in the second, then HELL YES. TE after round 3 is my line of thinking as well, and D Line in 2 or three is right up my alley as well. Lastly, duh, but yea, I'm available for hiring BTW.

I'm the odd one out here, and here is what i would do. I would sign Bryant to hopefuly 6-7 million a year, i'd like to offer less but i don't know if he'd accept it. I'd look for a free agent TE or one available via a trade for around $3 Mill. I'd try like hell to extend either Joseph or Hall or both if the money was there. Then I would draft a safety with my first pick, a solid 3rd down WR with my 2nd pick (Gilyard is my choice). I'd take what money i have left under our "self imposed cap" (a lot of teams have them this year) and work on extending Peko and Benson.
I'd avoid Marshall like the plague. Yes i'm willing to have a psych consult. A first round pick and $10 mill a year is just to much to risk. Denver is getting rid of him for a reason, people seem to be missing that. Also Collingsworth said on 700 WLW that Marshall is on a one strike policy with the league, you know some downtown cop will bust him for a DUI in the middle of the season.

The more I think about it, the more I think Bryant is the best count me in with Curse and the truth.

However, I don't think this "one strike" policy can be proven to exist:

I would have traded for Boldin, but then that makes too much sense.

I would make the Marshall trade (losing the 1st round draft pick), I would sign Joseph and Hall, I would let Roy Williams go and I'd draft safeties with my second and one of my third round picks.

Also I agree that signing *both* Marshall and TO would scare the crap out of other teams. It would also scare the crap out of anyone who has to babysit that crew. :-)

I like idea of getting two of these guys. Sitting in my dull life in DC, I've daydreamed about this all morning. My conclusion is that I think that its something that we 'could' do if we wanted. So lets look at this:

-- Marshall & Bryant: Loss of a first round pick might be worth this scenario. This pads the team for years. Undoubtably expensive... would it leave us short and over-extended fiscally on the position? ...yet to be seen.

-- Bryant & TO: If this scenrio goes down then we MUST draft a WR in the second or third round to create the longevity in the position. They come at a bit higher-than-normal price, and we would get a good three receivers that would make any defense think twice. The issue is their ages are 29, 30, and 37. This answer, though suitable, is short term.

-- Marshall & TO: Young and Old. Cheap and Expensive. Awesome and Awesome. ...and Crazy and Crazier. Yes, we get raped a first round pick. But this might be the best combo for the Bengals. I know this because if it happened I would crap in my pants - and that's the mark of some shit going down!

Considerations: losing the first round pick changes the draft, though how considerably is debatable. What is for sure is that just locking down one or two of these guys doesn't give us a right to rest on our hind-ends. There are TEs floating in FA-land and snagging one frees up a draft pick.

All I'm saying is we need to be looking and the rest of the puzzle or signing someone, cause I don't think that we are doing both.

I'm at least partly happy with any one of these trades. I think Bryant may be the best deal. Let's get one of these guys and let Carson prove that he's the best QB in the league for the 2010 season. He's got the talent, next year is the year.

It's TO or Marshall now. Bryant came and went without a deal. He's heading to Washington next and I guarantee they sign him for #1 job and money. Part of me thinks TO is going to be their guy (read his and Chad's Twitter accounts) because he has Mike Brown written all over him (a good player well past his prime brought in to sell tickets. See Webb, Richmond). Part of me is holding out hope that these visits are a charade so that the Bengals are playing the waiting game to try and drive Marshall's price down a little bit. We'll see. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting. If Bryant or TO aren't signed by tomorrow, I expect that Marshall is their target.

I can't take anymore, everywhere I go it Marshall, Marshall, Marshall. Why oh why. Answer me this if he's that good, and it's a steal for a 1st round pick (a) why is denver so eager to get rid of him when they gave no other top WR, and (b) why has not one team other than "maybe" Seattle even considered it??

Sorry rant over. I just think he's the last thing we need. I'm
hoping for Bryant since the FA class is week, MB drop the damn ball on Boldin he should be in stripes.

Something I haven't seen mentioned when considering free agent WRs and pass-catching TEs - which player in their right mind is going to want to come to the Bengals after meeting Marvin and Brat and getting the "we're a running team" spiel? Even Marshall, as young as he is, would probably be miserable to see the prime years of his career wasted on a team that's out-and-out proven that they have no intention of using him. Just some food for thought.

Marshal is too big of a gamble for a 1st rounder and big money. T.O. may be older but he's the only Hall of Famer in this group. The guy can still run, he's in shape. A 1 year deal with an option for 2 would be perfect (does such a thing exist?). TO adds the size and speed we need here.

Keep our 1st rounder. Marshall's sick skills are plenty tempting but not worth the $ & the risk. Offer the cash to TO and Bryant and see if they bite. TO will be only for one year(maybe with a club option for a 2nd). And Bryant will be locked up for hopefully a 4yr deal(no more cuz I think he'll be speedless by then). We don't give up our pick; get to draft for need and fill in a spot(perhaps safety, or even WR) We definitely need to lock up our CB's. J Joe and Hall are 2 big reasons our D kicked ass! I'm happy with Tank re-upping. Now maybe get Roy-Will to sign for cheap for a veteran presence and some attitude on-field. We need to be feared on both sides of the ball. Crazy(mentally) and crazy(talent) is a good mix. Can't wait to have all the pieces in place to FINALLY make a run. Obviously we need everyone to stay healthy and everything will take care of itself. Still bitter over our would've been Super Bowl run of '05. I don't care what Squeeler fans or any other shitheads say, that was our year. Our offence would've killed every D that year. TJ, Chad, Slim(RIP), Kelly Wash, Rudi, our line was stacked. We were on the verge of blowing those bitches out till that cheap shot happened. I hope that Von Oelhofaggot crokes. Fuckin faggot! Him and that cocksucker Cowhard and that bitch "like in the" be-Hind Ward. Wish I was still able to play to fuck those bitches up.
Anyways bloods still boilin!!!
A few more notes:

Get rid of that pc of shit TE Coats... he sucks. He can;t catch shit in a toilet!

Mike Brown, hire an f'n GM!; PLEASE!

Mike Brown, hire an f'n scouting crew!; PLEASE!

WHODEY baby!!! Make '10 count!

Marshall for a 1st rounder? Where do I sign! First round picks for the Bengals are WAY more of a risk with Mikey Boy. Shit give me Marshall and his talent, rather than some assclown that is going to hold out until a week before the season starts and then NEVER live up to potential. Come on guys, do you really think Mike Brown is going to make a good choice with that 21st pick? Really? Better than Brandon Marshall? Think about that one REAL hard.


I'll be happy if Carson can be in the running for best QB in the division during 2010.

I would only give up my 1st round pick for Marshall if I could give them my 2011 pick and not my 2010. We need a safety and a guard this year just as much as we need a WR.


Settle down, little fella - your ignorance is showing. Tossing around homosexual slurs and lame nicknames for Steelers players and coaches is something we've all done, but it's not exactly appropriate for this forum, where we're trying to cultivate an intelligent community so we don't seem like ignorant Bengals fans whining for a change in spite of one of the best seasons in the past 20 years.

Also, reign in the enthusiasm - as I've told blester01 and others in the past, this won't be the Bengals' year. No matter how much talent we load up on either side of the ball, no matter how good our defense is, there's no way this team wins the Super Bowl with Bob Bratkowski as offensive coordinator.

As a final note, 2005 wasn't "our" year - yes, the offense could hang with any team in the league, but the defense was porous and unless they generated a ton of turnovers, they got shredded by the better teams. Can you honestly tell me that they would've caused Peyton Manning to throw five picks? Had they made it past the Steelers, the Colts would've knocked them out en route to winning the Super Bowl.

Wyatt Beougher,
First off you've clearly never met me cuz you'd never refer to me as "little fella". I'm 6'1, 235 and pretty jacked. I used to play ball so I'm not some fat-couch fan talking out of my ass. I know the game.
Much respect to you for being a fellow Bengal. Sorry didn't mean to offend you or hurt your fragile eyes with my vulgar talk. As you might imagine, much worst is said on the field of play. You can take the player out of the game but you can't take the game out of the player. If you're gay, that's fine. Didn't mean to offend you. It's just street talk. Don't take it all literally.
I agree with you 100% on Bratkowski. We need a more innovative OC. Someone that can introduce a more intricate game plan; especially in the passing game. Forgive my optimism but there is shrinking window on the opportunities of capitalizing on the most talented QB in the team's history. And seeing as that a Saints and Colts teams with way crappier defenses could make and win the Super Bowl, then I think with some additions to our passing game(WR & TE) we can at least hang with the best of them. Again injuries play an integral part of any season(for us and the opposition). One injury to Palmer, Manning, Brees, Brady, etc. and the season gets completely flipped. It's wide open after that.
As for '05, yeah our D sucked overall but they were at least winning us the turnover battles. And from what I could tell of your guarantee of the Colts victory that year, (they did eventually lose to the team that had to cheated to win against us) it is not a longshot to assume that he game would've been quite similar to this year's Super Bowl game: a shoot out. We definitely could've scored enough to keep up nd as you saw from Mr. Manning he is human and a pick six is the mistake he needed to make to cost his team the game. And injuries played their role in that game as well. If Freeney is healthy that game is quite different.
In life as in sports: nothing is guaranteed. Well except in life you are guaranteed to be born and to die.

I'm sorry, but this article was talking like Carson had an amazing year. The first half of this season Carson was doing alright, I mean he was at least clutch. The second half of the season though he was not very productive. So I agree another receiver is going to be great but that's if we got a quarterback who can throw. Or maybe the offensive line will be better and I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't think Palmer should be off limits tho.

I have to clarify a couple of things:

1. It is almost a definite that the Kimo hit was not a cheap shot. He was blocked into him by Steinbach. It was a freak accident that happens in the game of football. If it was a cheap shot; Kimo would not have been crying on the sidelines as many players witnessed nor would he have immediately jumped up and called for help. I know if it were me and I did a cheap shot on purpose I would have spat on him while watching him withering in pain, I would not have been jumping around calling for help.

2. Wyatt, I agree they most likely may not win the Super Bowl b/c of our weak minded OC. However, I think if they make the right moves, which it seems they are preparing to make the necessary moves I predicted; they should be SB contenders. 2010 may be their year that we stop hearing "same ole Bengals" but may still fall short of the SB. I agree that if things go according to plan, 2011 could be their year, but ironically 2011 may never happen.

3. Neutered, you are correct. In talking about Palmer you have to take into account he has been messed up since 2006 b/c he has not had a dominant O-line in front of him since 2005. Since 2005 he has been beat to hell mentally & physically from having a weak line in front of him. They put pieces into place last year to begin rebuilding the O-line. Last year's line was not dominate, but they put the foundation in place for the unit to begin to emerge as a dominate line this year. In order to complete the line they need to add a stud guard in the draft, and some quality depth in FA. By having a line that can do a better job in protecting Palmer some of his error's should improve. Yes, he has issues with mechanics and his mojo is beat up, but I think if he can work on his technique this offseason and feel more comfortable in the pocket we should see a better Palmer than we did last year.

4. In 2005 had the Bengals made it to next round, they would not have made it any further due to their porous defense, anemic pass rush, and god awful special teams. Yes, they would have put up points to make the game interesting, but we never would have been able to shut down the Colts offense like the Steelers did- we just do not match up well against them. To beat them or the Pats, you need 4 quality DB's and have the ability to generate a rush with your front 4 (like the Saints did this past SB). We still do not have this yet, but I think they are very close to achieving it.

Screw the rest of you guys "contributing" to the site. I'm totally behind that tubby guy CK from now on. The dude PLAYED the game. Pee Wee football experience is something you can't question. Rock on CK!


I'd still call you "little fella". I'm 6'3", 250 pounds, and I have friends that are taller and/or bigger than me, and I still call them "little fella" when they get all excited and started spewing forth with the verbal diarrhea. Your excuses about not being able to take the game out of the player are also crap, as I played football from the time I could lace up cleats until my senior year of high school, when I blew out my knee (9 years, all told), and I'm certainly able to talk venomously about Steelers (and Steeler fans) without resorting to empty homosexual slurs. I guess my dad and coaches ingrained in me that a real player is a monster on the field and a gentleman off of it. That's not enough? Look at Dhani Jones - the guy's still an active player, and he's quite well-spoken and articulate and manages to make his points without the use of any sort of profanity or racial/ethnic/sexual slurs. As I said, it's one thing to say that kind of stuff when you're with your buddies, but this is a public forum and you're reflecting poorly on the rest of us.

As for the rest of your "argument", there were a lot of "ifs" involved, but the general consensus around here (a site full of Bengals fans) is that the Bengals wouldn't have made it past the Colts in 2005, for the reasons I listed and blester01 expounded upon so nicely.

I'm new to these forums. I wasn't aware there's a certain protocol when it comes to certain language. It's just that I noticed that even the host writer has tended to use some profanity in his writing so I just figured it was cool to use that kind of language as if I'm talking with some of the gang. I'll be sure from here on to take it easy on the profanity. By the way in no way did I make any racial slurs. That wouldn't be right coming from a brother.
Just to mention, I played a little further than pee-wee ball. My career ended in my junior year in college ironically from a shoulder injury I suffered in amateur boxing. I'm not trying to come off like some hot-shot but I'm also no slouch when it comes to sports experience/knowledge.

Yeah CK - we used to keep it family friendly on here but we are becoming complacent. Fuck it.

Profanity can be quite hilarious but we'd prefer to keep the racist/ignorant stuff far away from here. Your original post falls closer to that line than I'd like. Regardless of what the South Park episode said, fag is still not considered to be part of polite discourse (yet, at least).

Of course, we also will rarely, if ever, police these comments, so if you write it, likely nothing will be done about it anyway. But we'd prefer to not become the Enquirer comments.

And kids, try not to insult/condescend to each other too much. Just a little should do just fine.

Nice followup Bien, couldn't have said it fucking better.

CK, welcome to the fun comrade! At least if I ever need some big guys to have my back I now know who to contact.


Wasn't really intended to be an attack on you - the whole "Settle down, little fella" was me doing a little bit of mockery because you seemed a little too wound up about the whole thing. And, to be honest, there really aren't any hard and fast "rules" to posting on this site - I'd just prefer that when we get linked to by the bigger sites, new visitors don't come on here and find a bunch of homophobic, xenophobic, or racist drivel (and, to be fair, I never accused you of saying anything racist, just that racist comments, like homophobic/xenophobic ones, really have no place here) that detracts from the overall message.

Also, I could be wrong, but I think you're taking a shot at my football "career", as it were, by saying you played "a little further than pee-wee ball". I'll admit you played three years beyond when I was forced to quit, but I did have offers from two division schools in western PA that were tabled after I injured my knee. But I also boxed for three years and trained for an MMA fight (that ended up not happening because I broke my ankle on the day of the fight), which, when combined with 11 years of baseball and 3 years each of basketball and wrestling, means that I've got a pretty broad range of athletic experience as well. I was never trying to detract from your experiences or undermine your opinion, just hate seeing people come on here and make the rest of us look bad by using potentially offensive language.


I have forgotten to mention it three times now, but I did love the "Dan Coats can't catch shit in a toilet" line. I'll be sure to use that any time I'm at the bar watching the games this season and Stone Hands drops another easily catchable touchdown.

Wyatt, you jump all over me for commenting on a conversation the other day that I supposedly wasn't part of then blast this guy CK when he was not mentioning you. You start by calling him a little fella. No matter how many times you explain why you wrote it, it is an insult.

This is my favorite: "I'd just prefer that when we get linked to by the bigger sites, new visitors don't come on here and find a bunch of homophobic, xenophobic, or racist drivel"

I hope those new visitors don't click into any of the racist chin articles.

Maybe it is you that needs to calm down little fella.

WhoDey Fans,

Shouldn't you be on the message boards, celebrating the signing of Dan Coats?

Alas, you seem content to troll here, yet you also seem to lack the cognitive skills to realize that I ADMITTED TO TAUNTING CK (yes, I used all caps as an exclamation that time, now that you've kindly explained to me what the cool kids on the interwebs use it for). You got me - it was intended as an insult.

As for why I commented on CK's post after telling you not to comment on mine? Well, there are a few differences, the main one being that the first post you commented on (the one that I basically told you to keep your unmerited opinions out of) was directly addressed to another commenter, whereas CK's was just a general comment. Secondly, as I mentioned in my responses to CK in this thread (as well as fifteen or twenty other threads), I do everything within my power to ensure that the people who frequent this site come across as intelligent, mature, free-thinking Bengals fans, because if we instead look like know-nothing homers (like you), it's a lot harder to get people to take our message seriously.

Now, in response to your seemingly valid comment regarding CK's post vis a vis the Chin posts, my only argument would be that the Chin is, very clearly, an over-the-top satire piece. Does it contain slurs of the type that I chided CK for? Absolutely, but I would hope that visitors to this site could see it for what it is and not take it seriously (also, very seldom does it relate to the Bengals in anything more than a tangential fashion), like you apparently do. On the other hand, CK's post came across as an overexcited, Steelers-hating, still-bitter-about-2005 Bengals fan rant, which the casual visitor to this site could certainly misread as being representative of the general tone around this blog.

I hope that clears my side of things up for you, and hopefully you'll get over being butt hurt about me telling you, essentially, to mind your own business nearly a month ago. Incidentally, if I may be so bold as to inquire (although I know you won't give me an answer, just like the last three or four times I've posed the question to you) - why DO you come to this site, when you pretty clearly disagree with its tenets and stated goals? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable somewhere where people with similar opinions congregate? Or do you just feed on the attention (no matter how negative) that having a differing opinion brings to you?


Man settle down little fella. I will answer your question then ask you one of my own. I come to this site because there is usually some decent content here. By content I mean the posting, not the comments. I enjoy most things SWB writes and although him and I (who I have met face to face at a bloggers conference) may disagree on many things Bengals as I am more of a glass half full kind of guy he makes some good points. The commenters are the ones who so over the top blame Mike Brown for everything wrong in the world. Not sure why you think I troll. I have been coming to this site since its inception. I remember when you started commenting. You continue to become more arrogant and condescending to anyone who disagrees with you.

Here is my question to you: Why do you feel so entitled to dictate the goals and mood of the commenters. It seems like it is your mission to police these boards when really you have no dog in the fight.

A little more about me, I own my own Bengals site, and spend far to much time reading every other one out there. I do have season tickets and have for some time. I own a bengals bus and use it often. I travel to away games whenever I can.

Man I re-read your post and it amazes me how arrogant you are. I could get into calling BS on your claims to have division 1 offers and your mma fighting BS (man those were some timely injuries huh). I could also get into explaining how I was a division 1 college athlete all 4 years and how I hate when people claim to have "almost" been one. It is a very hard road balancing that with the studies that people don't realize. But I don't care about all that crap.

So go ahead, claim I don't respond. Continue to think you are the smartest person on the internet and continue to blast me, I really could care less. If I happen to not respond to you in the future, don't get butt hurt about it. Just know that I am here to talk Bengals even though I disagree with most of the commenters, I am not here for a junk measuring contest with you.

WhoDey Fans,

I apologize - my offers weren't division one. I guess in putting "two division 2 schools", I saw the first two and left the second one off of there. I was never good enough to play Division 1 football (I was quick from sideline to sideline but never had enough flat-out speed to make the jump), and I'll admit that without a moment's hesitation. In the end, the knee injury worked out well for me, because I feel like I got a better education by going to a Division 1 school and being able to focus solely on my education. In terms of the MMA fight, it really wouldn't be that hard to believe if you'd ever been to southern Alabama. I was working in Mobile at the time (late 2006-early 2007), and there was a bar there that had a full fight card every month, and anyone could sign up, so long as they could pass a physical. I passed the physical, signed up for the February 2007 card, got matched up with an opponent, trained for eight weeks, made weight the day before...and then broke my ankle at work the day of the fight. Never said that I was UFC-bound or anything along those lines, just that I had done the diligence of training for a fight. That's still one of my biggest regrets, as it was one of the things that I wanted to at least try, and now that I've had Lasik surgery, the eye surgeon recommended I not subject myself to anything that could cause physical trauma to my eyes (or risk going blind). Obviously, as I prefer being able to see, that's one thing I won't be able to cross off of my bucket list.

I don't run a Bengal site, and other the Morning Line on the Enquirer's site, I don't follow any Bengals sites other than this one. I don't have season tickets because I don't live in Cincinnati (and because I agree with what this site is trying to accomplish), but I do try to attend at least one road game a year, either in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or whichever city I'm working in (if the Bengals play someone in that city when I happen to be there). I don't own a Bengals bus or use one frequently. I fail to see how that makes me a worse Bengals fan than you are. I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh with my paternal grandfather and two aunts as the only other Bengals fans I knew. In spite of that, and in spite of the past 20 years of mediocrity (or worse), I've remained a Bengals fan. In spite of not having the privilege of being able to attend games at Riverfront or PBS all my life, I've remained a Bengals fan. In spite of missing a great many games over the past five years due to the extensive travel that my job entails, I've remained a Bengals fan, even as I've stopped watching other sports almost entirely.

In terms of me being arrogant or condescending, yes, I'm like that towards you because I don't particularly care for you because you come across equally as arrogant as I do. My intention wasn't to stop you from coming here, simply to ascertain why you would continue to do so in spite of being (in theory) diametrically opposed to this site's goals - now I know why you come here, so that gives me a better framework of how to respond to you. In terms of why I "police the comments", since you haven't comprehended the first two or three times I've said it in my earlier responses, I'll put it as plainly as I can - I want to see this site succeed with its goals. I don't have the inclination to be a regular contributor to this site, which is why I haven't submitted any writing any time they've asked for additional writers (not that I wouldn't, but my free time isn't predictable or consistent, and I wouldn't want to let the other fine writers of this site down, assuming they'd have me as a fellow contributor). So, in looking at what I could do to help the Revolution, I realized that as this site gets more mention and/or links from sites like SI, ProFootballTalk, and FootballOutsiders, it's only logical to assume that it would also get more new visitors. In order to impress upon those new visitors that this site is a legitimate attempt at changing the Bengals organization and not simply a bunch of Bengals fans running off at the mouth and blasting fans of other teams (as previously mentioned, I grew up around Pittsburgh, and Steelers fans are some of the worst for badmouthing other teams, players, and fanbases), there needs to be some kind of presence on here, if not to stop those kinds of small-minded posts from being posted, then at least to put a disclaimer out there that that's not what they should expect from this site. As someone who enjoys the content on this site, you of all people should understand why I wouldn't want people scared away by posts like CK's initial one. In his ensuing responses, CK seems to be a pretty decent guy who might've gotten carried away initially, as opposed to the rabidly homophobic Steelers hater that he originally came across as. In my line of work, public relations is a crucial part of the job, and ensuring that the general public has a good opinion of my company and the work that we do is essential to us continuing to get contracts. While this blog isn't exactly the same thing, the basic principle isn't all that different - the better and more intelligent this blog community looks, the more members we should hypothetically attract. The more members we attract, the more momentum our movement will gain. The more momentum the movement gains, the more likely it is that we will have some effect, no matter how small, on the way things are run in Bengaldom. So, as a Bengals fan who wants to see my favorite team actually compete for (and win) a Super Bowl, and who realizes that under the current structure and organization that such a goal will not be possible, I do "have a dog in the fight". It's in my best interests (and the best interest of every Bengals fan, I'd argue) to see this site succeed. Driving people away with small-minded drivel isn't the way to do that.


Good for you on the education I am sure it will serve you better in life than a few years of bumping heads on a division 2 football team. Also, I am not sure you meant to say it this way or not but the way I read your thoughts was that you received a better education at a division 1 school than you would at a division 2. Some of the finest schools in the country are not division 1.

I also didn't list my site, bus and tickets in comparison to being a better fan, not sure where that came from.

I will apologize if I come off as arrogant, I truly am not that way. I do get attacked frequently on here because I have a different opinion than most visitors. However, if you look back in older comments, I disagree with someone then the flame starts.

Dudes, Wyatt / WhoDeyFans,
Whether we disagree/agree, talk in different ways, use different language(some more profane than others), whatever level of education we have, however far we've gotten in athletic performance, we all have one thing in common: We all want a Bengals Super Bowl Championship. Just one and I for one will be happy. I seem to be somewhere in the middle when it comes to my view of the organization and its moves and how things have unfolded specifically in the last 5-6 years, but that's my opinion. And last time I checked this is a free country where everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I now better understand where Wyatt comes off trying to regulate everyone's comments. He wants it to be a more respectable site. But dude, you can do it in a less arrogant/irritating way. If this is to be viewed as a legitimate high-traffic site, it will never happen unless profanity is completely eliminated. Don't get me wrong, that "regular-joe hardcore fan" talk is what drew me in here. Once in a while I like to blow off some steam about things and when that happens some expletives tend to fly.
As for WhoDeyFans, I like your optimism. I'm just trapped somewhere in-between the positive and the negative. By the way, what is the name of your site?
So like that, I will end my Koffi Annan-like speech and hope we can restore some peace and unity to our common goal. That sounded a lil' gay, but hey there's nothing wrong with that, right?! See, no homo-bashing!
P.S. Great move signing that Coats dude. Genius!


little different vibe over there.

Thnx, WhoDeyFans...
Will definitely take a look.


To clarify, I never intended to disrespect any division 2 school for their education. One of the consistent top five "Best Schools for the Money" in US News and Weekly Reports (well, they used to be - I haven't read USN&WR since I was in college, almost 7 years ago) is a division 2 school near my hometown - Grove City College. That was actually one of the places I got an offer to play at, but without the football scholarship, it was too pricey, so I opted to go to Penn State for about half the annual cost. While the education may not have been better than what I received had I gone to Grove City, Penn State actually has a well-respected Political Science program and by not having to split my time between education and athletics, I think I ended up with a better result. I hope that clarifies my statement regarding education. Funny story - former Steeler third-stringer and (perhaps former by now) Division 2 career rushing leader RJ Bowers went to Grove City College and during our junior year of high school, he hit me in the head with a fastball with the first pitch of our first game that season. The only reason he ended up playing football was because he didn't get any baseball offers because he had absolutely no control to go with his 90+ mph fastball. He actually had more walks (and beaned batters) in his high school career than strikeouts if I'm not mistaken.

I apologize for the tangent there - not totally sure what made me remember that. Anyway, I'd like to apologize to both of you for coming across as rude and arrogant - I'm usually not like that, but being a part of this movement and this site is something that I actually take pride in. As I mentioned, I'm mostly apathetic towards sports anymore, so when the two teams I actually do still care about (the Bengals and Penn State football) are doing poorly, it cuts me to the bone. I didn't talk to my girlfriend (a Jets fan) for a week after the playoff loss this year, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I don't mean to take these things so far, but sometimes I do get carried away, and, again, I apologize. I'll do my best in the future to maintain a level head and promote the rational discussion that will do more for my cause than me chiding new commenters.

And CK, I understand where you're coming from in regards to cleaning up the profanity, but I think we're still on different pages - the goal of this site isn't necessarily to be PG-rated and family-friendly, but being outright hostile towards homosexuals or minorities could not only cause the sites I mentioned before to not send traffic our way, but it could also alienate potential Revolutionaries. There are a lot of very successful sports-related sites on the internet that feature profanity pretty liberally; however, as Sleeping With Bienemy mentioned, homosexual slurs aren't quite as widely accepted. Plus, gay activist groups tend to border on the fanatical, and I'd hate to see GLAAD (or a similar organization) take aim at WDR for what (I think) was intended to be a harmless comment. Truth be told, I'm guilty of using the same terminology (not the nicknames, as I still prefer Whines Hard to anything else I've heard for Ward) in my daily life with my friends, but you won't see me putting it in writing anywhere. That's one of my biggest issues with any almost every site I visit in my daily browsing - people tend to take the internet far too lightly, and it ends up reflecting poorly on them. Meanwhile, you could make the case (and I don't imagine I'd argue it) that I probably take the internet way too seriously, which reflects poorly on me.


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