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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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March 11, 2010


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The bigger problem here is according to Hobs, the team is now pretty much done with FA after they Bryant signing. First of all, we don't have a starting SS (R. Williams), RG (B. Williams), TE or FB signed. And as you stated, we basically swapped Coles deal for Bryant's - so this should have been a moot signing as far as salary goes. But now all of the sudden, in an uncapped year, we can't even bring back all of our starters? We should have known that in an uncapped year, Mikey would go the opposite way and gravitate towards a lower cap number than in previous seasons. And of course, the Cincy media ignores this.

Is there no way to get TO as well? Man, he actually wanted to play for us!!! It's only going to be a one year deal... in an uncapped year!!! It's almost a no-brainer. Bring him in. He acts up- get rid of him. We would be able to create mismatches all over the field with our quartet of WRs. That's what is mostly missed of Slim on the field. He was a mismatch almost every game against every team.
I was in the mindset of the Bryant & our 1st route as the better option. But now, I too have started to believe we should've gone the other way. Getting Marshall would've actually scared the shit of the opposition. Blocking out all the negatives about he guy, he's a beast! There a very few like him. And to think we had a chance to get him when he hasn't hit his prime yet is a travesty. Shame on you Brown! For once couldn't you get your alligator arms into your pockets and make an investment into hope.
The Marshall ship has sailed, and we ain't on it. No point crying over spilled milk. FUUCCK!!!
Anyways, one way to at least make me think he wants to take a swing at this year would be to add TO as well. Common Mikey, grow a pair and do it!!!!

I would disagree tha this does not represent a "meaningful departure from the past", if you consider the past as being > 5 years ago. Anton Odom, Cedric Benson, Antonio Bryan, Roy Williams, Tank Johnson. The number of at least somewhat savvy moves made in the past few years have been FAR greater than the 90's and older. Just watch sportscenter or NFL live and notice how much more we are moving than many other teams, including the Bengals of old who signed no one.

This "new" timeframe not coincidently coincides with Marvin Lewis' tenure, who is a clear believer in the WDR message. I look at these developments as positive change toward what we want here at WDR. Is it perfect, is it finished? No. But clearly the message has gotten through somewhat, as Mike Brown has brought in a scrappy, determined group of coaches who he now at least shares football decision making with.

Do we still need a practice bubble? Yes. Are there other changes that could benefit the team? Yes.

All of this pales in comparison to our #1 need, which should be the mission now: lock up Marvin Lewis long term AND give him even more control of the football operations, which he has asked for.

There are dozens of other changes we can lobby for, but this is the one change that will make or break the revolution going forward. A lot of other things will take care of themselves if Marvin is locked up longer term and has more control of the decision making process (though he already clearly has a large say given the difference in moves the past few years). LOCK HIM IN NOW!!!!

I still do not and can not understand the facination with Marshall. Again if he was so great and the best WR out there why is Denver dumping him and why is no one else making moves to get him. Seattle is the only team that even considered it and they are dragging their feet on the issue. Marshall has had the cops called on him more than Henry, Thruman, and most of the 06 team combined. News reports say he's had 17-20 domestic violence calls to his home. I have to agree with other posts and call everyone on here out for being hypocrites. When Rey got nailed for a DUI everyone on here EVERYONE moaned and complained about how MB only signs bad character people because they are cheap. So now he doesn't go after the bad character player and everyone is crying foul??? Child Please.

Marshall is a tool and if any trade should have been made it was for Boldin.


I think not picking up Marshall was a good move since you have to loose your left arm to do it, but I agree with the TO thing. That would bring some life to the town if they pulled that off as well. That would be one hell of a line up with Chad and Bryant on the outside and TO in the slot. TO is also a pretty damn good blocker.

Do it Marvin! Get us TO!

I'd almost like to get TO but if you sign TO then you are hindering Caldwell's growth. Yes i know he wasn't a great reciever last year but I think that he still has some potential and that should be explored before giving up on him. Also if we draft Gilyard from UC i'd rather see what he can do on the field than have TO, but that's just me.

I like the Byrant signing versus Marshell because it leaves us with a 1st & 3rd....Now Depending who we get it should pay off...

Like I'n hoping we end up with Earl Thomas ...Now if we end up with GOlden Tate then I would have just preferred we traded our 1st for Brandon.

I like the Byrant signing versus Marshell because it leaves us with a 1st & 3rd....Now Depending who we get it should pay off...

Like I'n hoping we end up with Earl Thomas ...Now if we end up with GOlden Tate then I would have just preferred we traded our 1st for Brandon.

@ the truth: Child Please... HA! Never gets old...

I'll be the umpt-teenth person to hope for a TO in stripes yet. Like many of you, I'm not too broke up over the Marshall deal. But after reading this

I'm not convinced we are out of this just yet... Mikey might be playing this one for a nickel and dime... Jesus, I hope I'm wrong...?

The real question is, if not us, who?


When Rey Maualuga got his DUI, just like Leon Hall before him, I actually defended both of them, so don't generalize and say EVERYONE on here was bagging him/the team.

Also, the #1 need right now isn't to lock Marvin up longer term, it's to get rid of Bratkowski. While I do like the idea of locking Marvin up long-term and giving him more power, he's still under contract for another full season, and we have every reason to believe Mike Brown will wait that long to see how the 2011 situation plays out (if there's no season, he's not going to want to have to pay a coach, which, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he'd still have to do). In the interim, this team is severely hobbled by the mental midget that is Bob Bratkowski calling plays and essentially making the opposing defense's job that much easier. Every defense wants to make a team one-dimensional - with Bratkowski at the helm, they don't have to do anything, because the Bengals already are. 8 or 9 guys in the box? Cedric Benson off tackle. Defense clearing showing run blitz? Jeremi Johnson off center. 8 straight run plays that have miraculously garnered two or three first downs? Pass to keep them honest? Nope, Bernard Scott diving up the middle (which isn't even the best use of the team's best outside runner). The only time Bratkowski has shown any kind of competence is on fourth down, and that's what, maybe 8% of our offensive plays, tops? That's totally unacceptable, and the man needs to go. Not only has he far overstayed his welcome, he's also been here longer than the head coach, which isn't right.




Actually, scratch that - I just envisioned the worst possible situation for Bengals fans everywhere. Picture this: the 2011 season is actually played, and, because Mike Brown waited, another team lures Marvin away. Mikey Boy, in a true showing of his genius (or complete and total unwillingness to do what's best for the team) promotes the wrong coordinator to HC (something his father was also guilty of, letting Walsh go and win Super Bowls in the 80s) and Bratkowski wins the Super Bowl with Marvin's team (a la Gruden in 2003 with Dungy's Bucaneers). Brat spends the next three to four seasons dismantling Marvin's team, the Bengals' record gets worse and worse, and we're back to square one, vainly hoping for a change that will never come.


So, yeah, sign me up for the "Keep Marvin and Give Him Power" bandwagon.

Valid points all around. But if Bratkowski was able to muster up even 1 championship, I would certainly be able to live with a string of 3-4 disastrous years. When you haven't eaten, hell even seen food in years all you would settle for is a meal let alone think of what would be for lunch the next day. Dude we've suffered so long through such horrendous shit, 1 championship is all I could ever dream of at this point. Anything after that is bonus.

Remember the Boldest move the Bengals ever made? Trading up to get Ki-Gina Carter? Mikey remembers and won't get fooled again. A shame. Give the '95 Bengals an O-Line and Ki-Jana never blows out a knee... But Mikey doesn't think like that.

there was no upfront money to bryant that marshall would have gotten..& the bengals didn't give up the 1st round pick. i think the pick-up of 'tonio is a very SOLID move. stop hatin' on this pick up. the money saved by not trading for marshall and giving him guaranted money, can be used towards bobbie williams and/or the 1st rd. dft. pick. can't hate on this move - it's good across the board and even makes mikey boy brown look like he knows what's hap-nin.

Looking at the Ravens they picked up 2 WR's in free agency.

-Stallworth and Boldin

Looking at the Steelers they also picked up 2 WR's in free agency.

-Battle and Randle El

Looking at the Bengals they picked up 2 WR's also

-Jones and Bryant

Seems there is a pattern here....

MFB needs to sign T.O. or someone else to be one up on everyone else. LOL

It is like follow the leader...


I don't share your optimism that Bratkowski will be able to muster even a Super Bowl run, much less pull his weight in delivering a Lombardi Trophy to long-suffering Bengals fans. He's been Cincinnati's offensive coordinator for 8 or 9 years now, and they've had two years (2005 and 2006) where they ranked in the top 5 in total offense and one year (at least) in which they were dead-last - 2008. Chew on that - they finished with less total offense than a team that went 0-16. If you look at 2005, 2006, and 2008, there's one common theme - Carson Palmer. If '05 and '06, the Bengals high-powered offense featured a great deal of no-huddle looks and allowed Carson Palmer the autonomy to read the field and make decisions based on what he saw, which more or less eliminated Boring Bob from the equation. In '07 and '08, as Carson took more and more abuse from a line ill-equipped to protect him (hi, Ghiachuc!), he was given less and less freedom in terms of running the offense on the field and even calling audibles (see 2009, when every audible he called was halfback off tackle). Some of that may have to do with a desire to protect him, some of may be that he's gun-shy now, but nothing he's suffered since coming back from the knee injury should be anywhere near as catastrophic as the knee injury, and he had one of his best seasons in 2006. So, unless they somehow remember how to do no-huddle or get a real offensive coordinator, that championship run will remain a dream.

Does anyone think that part of Marvin's request for more power might be that he wants to fire Brat and MB wouldn't let him??? I know he wanted to bring Hue Jackson back last year, maybe as OC. Brat is one of the very few coaches if not the only coach that Marvin didn't pick so i'm sure he wouldn't mind ditching him. Maybe we can pray that Marvin gets extended, gets more power and Brat is shown the door.

You misunderstood me. I never said I thought Bratz was capable of delivering a championship. I believe he is probably one of the 5 worst coordinators(OFF & DEF) in the L. I just said at this point, if it meant dealing with a few years of futility(yet again) later on, I would trade that anytime for a championship. No matter what it would it take. Just trying to get my level of desperation across.
I would have love to see them go after Martz when he was available. He's got a few screws loose, but at least he's innovative enough to get some different schemes of attack going. Shitty ol'Bratz is working with a 10-play repertoire. And 7 of those are simple run plays. Still kills me that he didn't even call 1 f'n play-action vs the Jets playoff game when we were running easy on them.

One thing with Marshall I think gets overlooked too much is his actual cost. The real cost (to fans at least) is the lost draft pick for him. But he's a known, at least, not a rookie. The contract cost is not as big a deal as made out to be. BECAUSE IT'S NOT GUARANTEED. If he quickly becomes a problem you can look to trade or just cut him and move on. Sure, it costs the Brown family some cash in the short term vs Bryant if he doesn't work out, but they have the money.

Also, in an uncapped year, they still have money to bring back the Bobbie Williams' of the world.

The point is he is the best talent available and can potentially ensure Carson always has a legit number one throughout his career.

As far as being hypocrites about character, that's probably more true than I'd like to admit. However, it's more just an admission that Mikey doesn't care about character stuff, so why bother to fight it? I wish we had a real franchise that didn't put itself in the position where it has to take risks on character to make up for its mistakes or use character as a way to get cheap talent. But that's the way it is. It is not how I'd run a franchise and it's not what La Revolucion would like to see but we're more about structural change than player evaluation.


Actually a portion of Marshall's contract would be Guaranteed. If he signed a top WR deal probably around a 4 year $40 million dollar deal more than likely at least $20 of it will have to be guaranteed to have Marshall sign it and Denver not match it. Yes there is no cap penatlies this year but contracts are still guaranteed, and while i'd love to say since there are no cap penalties the Bengals should just guarantee the 20 mill and call it a loss if they cut him. However i don't expect teams to chuck 20 mil down the drain to make me happy. I think they'd be better off trying to draft a WR than risk Marshall getting kicked out of the NFL after giving him $20 million dollars.

Again though if Marshall is the best talent available why does no one seem to want him but the people on this board???

Sorry one more thing on Marshall and why i overjoyed we didn't trade for him. This team is finally getting away from the "me first" player attitudes and i think that played a large part in last years success. Trading for Marshall would have thrown all that down the drain since he is obviously a me first player. He completely shut it down and was suspended during Denver's playoff run because he reached his personal goal for the season and didn't care anymore.,211405

Right - I suppose some will be guaranteed but my point is large contracts don't hold back a team for years like they can in MLB and NFL. The Brown Family can afford Marshall. Make no mistake.

Bryant has alleged issues just like Marshall, keep in mind. I think Marshall's are probably worse, but who knows? Also, at least if last year's locker room is any indication, I think lots of character issues creep out from age and situation. A receiver coming to the Bengals walks into a pretty good situation. A stud opposite him. A proven QB. A solid defense. A locker room with veterans. I think Marshall would be fine.

Sorry, mean to say MLB and NBA. NBA in particular.

I kind of agree also. I think Marshall has the most upside no doubt. I also think character issues only really show when a team is losing. When the Broncos were 6 and 0 there were articles everywhere talking about how Marshall changed into the role model teammate.

Marshall may have been a better move, but at this point I am happy with the Bryant signing. It is important to continue to improve. Cleveland just signed Ben Watson, that makes them a better team.

Get Williams signed, upgrade tight end somehow (free agent, trade, draft). Improve the future of the safety position.

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You made an excellent point that everyone overlooked. I believe that control over Marvin's staff has something to do with his contract extension and publicized power struggle with Mike. From what I have read/ heard, he has wanted to replace Brat for a couple of years, but Mike is not on the boat. Best case scenario would have been to replace him before last year. So the offense would have not only rebuilt its o-line, but also learned a new playbook and terminology. So this season they would have hit the ground running. Unfortunately Mike did not agree with Marvin on this.

I think everyone can agree that we are only going as far as Brat can take us. Let's just hope that we get lucky and get a defensive coordinator that Brat matches up well against in the playoffs, which is not a high probability. I would love to see match up between Zimmer and Brat take place; I bet Zimmer would just mentally punish the dude.

Regarding Marshall: I think if you compare apples to apples, Marshall is definitely the better talent and more of force to be dealt with on the field. However when you consider their intangibles (behavior, attitude, costs, etc.), Bryant was the better move. Everyone blasted Jones b/c of his coke issue, but Marshall has just as much baggage if not more. Bryant had his problems (what professional player doesn't), but I don't think they are nearly as bad as Marshall's. Marshall would have also eaten a large chunk of the pie that may be applied to signing guys like Joseph, etc. Since everyone complains that the Bengals let their talent go; I want the extra cash to go to guys on the team that deserve it; not to just one player.

Get that predatory lending shit out of here. I've noticed all over the internet these bottom feeders doing this crap. It is people like you who helped get us in the financial mess that this country is in I really wish there were some way these viral ads could be made illegal. Kind of ironic though that they pick a website that is about Mr. Fiscal Conservative, Mike, who never comes close to overloading his credit cards. Seems like the ultimate irony is that Mike should be a role model for individuals and the government on how not to spend money you don't have. Please don't take that statement politically nor twist it into a political argument on this site- it is just an odd realization I just had.

I've found the solution to all the Bengals' problems at WR - they need a high-character guy with a proven track record, who can stretch the field, and provide a deep threat, right?

Here's our guy:

The sad thing? I actually wouldn't be opposed to it.

What the hell is this crap...Why waste money....

The Bengals on Friday signed free agent wide receiver Chris Davis, a third-year NFL player from Florida State.

Davis (5-10, 181) was a fourth-round Tennessee draft choice in 2007, and in two seasons (2007-08) with the Titans, he played in 17 games plus two postseason games as a receiver and kick returner. He averaged 9.1 yards on 33 punt returns, 26.0 yards on six kickoff returns and had seven receptions for 69 yards. He also had two special teams fumble recoveries.

Davis was waived by Tennessee, with an injury settlement, on Aug. 28 of last year, and he was not with an NFL team during the 2009 regular season.


Look at his height and weight - he's the Bengals' version (read: injury prone and inexpensive) of DeSean Jackson. They're trying to make up for drafting Simpson. If nothing else, it should push Jones and Cosby (since he was a returned for the Titans) in camp and maybe they'll cut Simpson, even though that would reflect poorly on their general mana...hahahahahahahah...sorry, couldn't keep a straight face there.

@ Wyatt

That was funny....

I think that makes around 8 to 9 WR's. If MFB can do that, than why can't he load us with TE's and maybe produce 1 good TE. LOL I am still stunned by MFB resigning Mr. Coats (Mr. No Hands). It is like a roller coaster ride.

Lord, have mercy on us.

I can't seriously be the only one who thinks signing Willie Gault is a good move, can I? Sure, he's almost fifty, but from all accounts, he looks 25, takes AMAZING care of himself, and runs a 4.4 40. FOUR-FOUR! There are wide receivers at the combine that didn't manage that! He wants to play, and I'd be willing to bet he'd play for a veteran minimum contract. He could be the NFL's version of Randy Couture!

Of course, in spite of that glowing praise, I'd like to see if he can still take a hit, because if he can't, he'd literally be nothing more than a down-the-field decoy, and I don't think that's something the Bengals really need. But his workout can't be any worse than Matt Jones' was, and he got a contract!

Hooray, Matt Jones in the flap, I mean, *fold*...
He will be contacting Reebok soon, to see about changing his name to Matt "Basketball" Jones

Sorry, can't agree with you on Marshall. While talent-wise, he's clearly the better selection, ask yourself why, if he's such a stud, that the Broncos are letting him go while in the absolute prime of his career for a low-ball tender? And, why has no one selected him, even though his tender is for a measly 1st round draft pick? This sounds like a no-brainer. The answer is his character and attitude absolutely make T.O. and Bryant look like grown-ups. Click on the following link and you'll begin to understand why the Broncos are letting him go and why he's drawing so little interest.

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