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    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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October 29, 2009


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What are you talking about? The Bengals are 5-2! He's smarter than you are giving him credit for. I think that I remember him saying, "in this league it takes 19 years to develope a competitive team". He's done that so get of his case.

HHAAA! Very good comment, I was pissed until I read the whole thing.
"This fucking guy is as dumb as a bag of.... Oh, he's kidding, got it."
"Favorite butterball executive" Also classic

We need to examine just one of his "football decisions" to determine how much of a "football guy" Mike Brown really is:

1999. Mike Ditka wants Ricky Williams BAD. So bad that he offers his ALL of his draft picks to Mike Brown for the Bengals #1 pick. Mike "football guy" Brown declines so that he can draft the can't-fail QB Akili Smith.

"Football guy" grade: F

Thanks for the quotes. It further cements in my mind that the success of the Bengals is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the amount of involvement of Mike "football guy" Brown.

Sadly in MB's defense i can see why he wants to stay as GM. It's what his dad did, and did well. Paul Brown was the coach, then GM and ran a solid team for years. MB is just trying to take over daddy's corner market and run it the way daddy taught him to. MB just can't tell the difference between apples and oranges sometimes lol.
I'm not even trying to claim MB is good or smart, just that i can see where he comes from in not hiring a GM. If my dad was a hall of fame coach and taught me everything he knew i'd have a little trouble hiring a GM and basically admitting to myself and everyone else that i couldn't live up to my dad's expectations.

Just saying

I just shake my head when I look at the players this team could have had through the draft. Richard Seymour and Corey Simon on the same Dline. Desean Jackson instead of Simpson and the list goes on and on. If Mike Brown could just look outside his team to see what other guys do it would be amazing, I think it's called best practices. That must be too current of a concept for Brown.

I hate the draft bust comments. Every team has draft busts.

I don't even want to debate whether the Bengals have more than other teams as this comment is not apologizing for the Bengals drafts or Mike Brown. It is so easy to say "look at who we passed up to blah blah blah". Every fan of every team says that. The draft is a science but not an exact science. People all over the NFL fail miserably at it every year.

If you berate the Bengals for not drafting Desean Jackson shouldn't your next sentence be how good they did in picking Maualuga? I mean almost every team passed on him, some twice.

Other than that nice post.


Remember when we cold have drafted Steven Jackson but traded down and took Chris Perry instead? That was awesome . . .

back to the Ditka trade after mike B turned him down the saints found New England willing to trade. Not a pro bowler 1 came out that trade.that was the worst draft class coming out of college

good point about Maualuga, but overall I think you can look and say that the Bengals have a harder time finding good talent in the lower rounds than some other teams, first round draft picks are either busts or gold mines. Its the later round stuff that irks me, or I should say the lack of later round gold finds, and yes I know TJ was a 7th rounder.... Now I have to agree with "thetruth" in that it must be very hard for Brown to give up his position. If you family is known for basically creating modern football then it must be very hard to walk into a place with your last name on it and be able to give up control. Maybe the next generation of the Brown family, maybe, will understand the way football is going and look to hire a GM. If not at least we have a team to get angry and happy with.


Did you really just follow with that? Did you even read what I wrote? Remember when we drafted TJ? He was a 7th round pick. Look how many teams passed on him.

Remember when you should have played the lottery the other day with the numbers that you know now? Man, that would have been awesome. You really stink at playing the lottery.

whodeyfans, again its not about finding that one diamond in the rough, as draft busts happen all the time, but I think the glaring hole is that the team has a harder time finding guys in the 2-5 rounds that make a big difference over time. For every TJ we can find 3-5 guys or more who never made a big difference to this team... Heck look at how many people passed up Albert Pujols or even Matt Cassel....


I think we were writing the TJ comment at the same time. Like I said in the first post:

"I don't even want to debate whether the Bengals have more than other teams as this comment is not apologizing for the Bengals drafts or Mike Brown."

I just hate the draft argument in general. People always toss it out for every team. It is impossible to know how a player is going to turn out. There are plenty of other reasons to hire a GM. Many more important than draft day I believe.


I don't like playing the "look who we could have drafted" game for the exact same lottery reasoning you just mentioned. HOWEVER, there are a few cases where you can pinpoint exactly what the trade off was. In the case with Steven Jackson and Chris Perry you can do that. They chose the wrong running back there for sure, but I happen not to like that example because I believe we also finagled Delta O'Neal out of that transaction. Hey gave us a few good years at what I think is the hardest position in all pro sports.

But for example, this year, you can easily look back in a few years when things have sorted out and say "we could have drafted Eugene Monroe or BJ Raji" (and to a lesser extent Michael O'her) because they were highly regarded talents at a position of need that were available to us at that pick only (they would not have fallen to round 2).

Maualuga fell enough that his risk/reward tradeoff was insanely skewed in our favor by that point. I don't know who else we could have taken but none was likely as obviously a talented candidate that also filled a need like Rey. I won't compliment them that much on that pick because I think LOTS of people, with and without much knowledge, would have drafted him if they were in charge of the Bengals.

But we're getting distracted. The point is that lots of critical roles needed in the front office get done poorly or not at all with the current arrangement. It may even be that the Bengals draft relatively well given their undermanned front office. Let's assume that's true. That's still bullshit because that means they could be drafting even better if they just made a few changes.

"thetruth" is right. It's hard for Mikey to change because it is equivalent to making him admit to himself he is a failure at his own life. That is a rough conclusion to come to and arguably equivalent to killing him. We need to make it clear that admitting you are not good at what you want to be and putting your ego aside is actually more admirable than being good at what you wanted to be in the first place.

D ashcraft,

Wrong about the 1999 draft. The Redskins were the team that traded with New Orleans. And as I recall they did indeed do jack with their picks. But that's because they blew it, not because there wasn't talented, which you stated. Here is a list of all the picks, plenty of good players to be had:

For example, Donald Driver was a 7th rounder. You'll notice that is the exact year Dan Snyder took over:


Also, my thoughts on how we draft:

Summary, they actually could be worse.


Of course I read what your wrote! Then I responded, directly addressing you even, to you doing what you said you hated people doing. This makes me either 1)dick, or 2)or sarcastic bastard who likes to poke people with a pointed stick to piss them off, also know as a dick. Take your pick.

Also, that is my favorite blown draft pick to bring up because I knew, as did everyone else, that picking Chris Perry was a horrible move for the team. When they said "Chris" I figured it would be followed by "Gamble", but when they said Perry I screamed and turned off the TV. I've never been the same. I think that was the day I became a fan of pointed sticks.

D ashcraft,

Good job, you managed to entirely miss the point. If Ditka offers two picks and MB passes, maybe we remember the offer 10 years later and maybe we don't. But an ENTIRE BOARD OF DRAFT PICKS?!?! My pet monkey is smart enough to make that trade.

The point is that MFB might fancy himself enough of a "football guy" to play GM, but the facts say No! If you don't like the '99 draft, look at his career winning percentage. It takes colossal ineptitude to lose at a 2:1 ratio in professional sports, especially in one geared toward parity.

Major Payne,

I liked your comment until the "parity" part. There's a good article up on today about how parity is dead (and actually has been for quite some time). While the guy comes across as a Denver homer, talking about the four dominant programs of the last 10 years (I think it was 10) as being: Indy, New England, Pittsburgh, and Denver, and about how Denver has "looked unstoppable thus far this year", he does make some good points.

In a nutshell: parity is dead, and the league is skewing more towards the "haves" vs the "have-nots", with the "haves" being teams with smart football minds in player personnel decisions. Obviously, the Bengals (with their 5-2 start this year) are an aberration, but, as I said, the points are well-constructed and its a good read.

Even Mikey couldn't screw up the Malaluga pick. I'm sure that Marvin and Zimmer went to Mikey on their hands and knees begging him to pick Malaluga promising that they will feed him and walk him every day and that he wouldn't cost him any more money than the pick that Mikey wanted. With the Akili Smith debacle, Mikey knew that that trade was a once-in-a-lifetime franchise changing trade. He didn't pull the trigger because he didn't want to have pay all those damn high draft choices.


You are right that we aren't getting a parity of results, but I don't think you can say the league is "skewed" to the "have" teams. If it were, Pittsburgh would have picked first last year and Detroit would have picked last.

Look at MLB: it takes YEARS to rebuild a bad team. But in the NFL, Miami can go from 1-15 to 11-5 the next year. Or the Titans can go from 13-3 to 0-6 so far the next year.

The disparity is not coming from the structure of the NFL. They are striving for parity, even if they aren't getting it. The reason for the disparity is in the quality of the GM and his staff. The "have" teams have a great staff of scouts and football minds to find more of the "diamonds in the rough" in later rounds. The "have-nots" don't, so they end up with less depth of talent on the field.

That's the point of this thread. And the point of this site.

Sleeping With Bieniemy & HappyNat

Thanks for the response. I think with the gamble in the first two rounds of the draft it is impossible to blame the front office. I think the failures come in to view in the later rounds. Where teams need to be more selective and find the guys that fit in their systems. The Bengals have failed at that. I also hate the Perry Jackson comparison. A quick peek in Wikipedia:

"Chris Perry received the Doak Walker Award, given to the nation's top running back, was the Big Ten Conference rushing champion,and was named the Big Ten Conference MVP. His final year he had 1,674 yards, 18 touchdowns and finished fourth in Heisman Trophy voting."


"Steven Jackson ranked tenth in the nation in rushing, ninth in all-purpose yardage, and fourth in scoring; he carried the ball 350 times for 1,545 yards and 19 touchdowns, adding 44 receptions for 470 yards and three touchdowns."

The disparity just isn't there to support the argument. Now if you would argue they should have stuck with defense after giving up almost 400 points the season before I could agree with that.

Mike Browns issues are obvious and I too agree with thetruth.

I also think trading 1 pick for 9 picks is a home run.

"back to the Ditka trade after mike B turned him down the saints found New England willing to trade. Not a pro bowler 1 came out that trade."


The Redskins traded for ALL those Saints Picks, not the Patriots. With their pick the Redskins selected ALL WORLD CB Champ Bailey. (The player I wanted the Bengals to draft with their pick)

Of the players in the TOP 10 drafted that year, only 3 were NOT Pro Bowlers (Tim Couch and Akili Smith and Chris Claiborne).

The Seven Pro Bowlers: Donovan McNabb, Edgerrin James, Ricky Williams (has made the Pro Bowl), Torry Holt, Champ Bailey, David Boston, Chris McAlister

After that in the first round you had eventual Pro Bowlers Daunte Culpepper, John Tait, Jevon Kearse, Damien Woody, Antoine Winfield (great class for DBs -- round 2 had Dre Bly, but the Bengals picked Charles Fisher!), Patrick Kerney, and Al Wilson.

So in a year in which the Bengals desperately needed a cornerback, the 1st round had 3 Pro Bowl DBs and the second had 1 Pro Bowl CB, but the Bengals managed to come up with an overrated QB and a guy that got hurt (The Bengals are snake-bit in addition to having a moron for owner / "general manager")

WhoDeyFans, there is a reason college players are graded before the draft. You do not know much about the draft I can see. Jackson came out after his 3rd year in college so his stats are moot. Jackson was graded/ranked higher then Perry for a reason. Jackson was graded to go in the first round while Perry was graded/ranked to go into the second round. This was very accurate. They always say take the best player available and Perry was not the best RB available during this draft at our pick and this is why we go back to the GM problem with this team. Plus, if you would be knowledgeable on the draft you would know hardly any Big Ten RB makes it in the NFL. Why this is, um, i guess the competition could be one thing. A good GM would look at these things.

You say everyone passed up on Ray Ray, well, he was graded to be picked in the first round, well, teams passed on him and now they look stupid, but you also have to remember, how many teams needed a LB at the time.

You have to remember there are ILB and OLB rankings, plus what is your need. They say need is not important, but that is a crock. I don't think the teams needing a LB in the draft did anything I would not have done besides the Broncos and the Packers. I think everyone was surprised when both those teams took LBs, but did not select Ray Ray, except the Broncos are using Ayers as a DE because he played DE and LB in college. So the only surprise to me here is the Packers taking Matthews. They were fools not to take Ray Ray at that pick. All the other LBs were projected to go in the first round besides DE Ayers in which he was drafted to be a DE.

Laurinaitis is 1st in rookie non assisted tackles right now, Curry is 2nd, Cushing 3rd, Ray Ray 13th and Matthews 29th. This was a no brainer taking Ray Ray at our pick due to we needed a LB and ML has been looking for his Rey Rey since he has been here.

On the WR front, Sean Jackson was graded way higher then Simpson for an obvious reason if you can see this or can you. Simpson was not even on the radar for this draft and that as you should know by now why he was not. A solid GM will make a difference in keeping this team competitive every year. A blind squirrel will find an acorn every now and then and MFB has finally found his acorn, but the season is not over with just yet.

I think the draft argument is valid. Other teams don't pick Sean Brewer!

Those who defend the Bengals drafting do some funny accounting, where they count guys who start in Cincy (but suck) and guys who make the Pro Bowl for other teams, as "good" drafting, e.g. from these 12 linebackers drafted since 1990 in the top three rounds, the Bengals have ZERO Pro Bowl seasons so far:

James Francis, Bernard Clark, Alfred Williams (Pro Bowl with DENVER), Steve Tovar, Takeo Spikes (Pro Bowl with Buffalo), Brian Simmons, Steve Foley, Caleb Miller, Landon Johnson, Odell Thurman, Keith Rivers, Rey Maualuga

And that's actually a position where they had success drafting! They actually are far far worse, historically, at drafting defensive linemen. (In fact that might be one reason the Bengals defense hasn't been in the top HALF of the league for two consecutive seasons since Paul Brown retired as head coach, and the last time the Bengals were in the top TEN in scoring defense was 1989)

Another valid argument is the GM knows not to get too close to players and has to make decisions not to hang on to fading vets vs not losing younger guys who still have many good years left.

A couple of years ago the Bengals chose to extend expensive contracts to Rudi Johnson, Willie Anderson, and Levi Jones. Anderson and Jones already had injury issues, and Anderson also was getting long in the tooth for an NFL player. Plus Rudi already looked to be in decline (I said at the time he wouldn't be on the team at the end of the contract). At about the same time, they chose to let go the younger Steinbach... who was a Pro Bowl alternate as a Cleveland Brown, and will in fact be playing well into the next decade at a pretty good level.

How about losing TJH but replacing him with Coles, who is about three months younger? I can see the good argument for letting TJH go, since he's not likely to play out his five year contract in Seattle (and certainly not at a high level). But you do that when you've got a young guy who can take his place. Coles is basically TJH-lite, without the toughness to be the third down guy, and five years further removed from his lone Pro Bowl appearance. Coles is unlikely to be playing at a high level at the end of his four year contract in Cincy. They basically downgraded the team, but kept the problem of having two older receivers as #1 and #2. It makes very little sense... and this year TJH has about twice as many receptions as Coles. Totally predictable.


Nice response. See I think the reason people get turned off by this site is not because of the views of the writers it is mostly because of the arrogance of the commenters. I attacked no one and yet you come back with some BS about how I must not know what I am talking about.

But since you questioned me let me drop some knowledge on you. You made the mistake of telling me I must not know much about the draft then preceded to tell me about pre-draft grades. I hate to break it to you but just because Mel Kiper looks in the screen when he is talking about players in the draft doesn't mean he is talking to you. Any draft grades that you would know about are made up by either people in the media or some blog you like to read.

Second, to your point that Jackson came out after his 3rd year so his stats are moot? Seriously, I compared 1 season. One guy was close to winning the Heisman the other was a junior at Oregon State. You see that is one full season each. If you are telling me that Jackson's mean more because he was a junior then there is no hope.

Oh yeah you said, "If you would be knowledgeable on the draft you would know hardly any Big Ten RB makes it in the NFL"

Please tell that to the following:
Pierre Thomas
Ladell Betts
Marion Barber
Laurence Maroney
Rashard Mendenhall
Shonn Greene
Beanie Wells
Larry Johnson
Michael Bennett

Those are just the running backs from the Big 10 that are active.

You continue to talk about grades, that is a croc. You draft based on need. A few years ago the best player in the world according to your grades was Reggie Bush. The Texans took Mario and everyone talked about how dumb they were. They don't look so dumb now.

Like I said before, the Bengals glaring need was defense. If you argue they had no business picking a running back when they needed defense I can not argue. I do however think your arguments are based off of what you know now.

Don't forget Al Davis, he's both owner and GM and the Raiders are awesome... at sucking. QB FTL.


Listing all the accolades Perry won proves my point. He carried the ball 30+ times a game and most of his games Mikey could have seen from his living room. He wore college defenses down (I remember he had a 50 carry game against MSU) in an offense that featured him and no doubt had a great year. He deserved all the awards for his year in college. But all the praise and slobbering all over him by announcers doesn't mean anything about his future NFL performance, unless you are Mike Brown.

SJax was clearly a more explosive runner in college and had the physical tools to make the jump to the NFL. I watched a couple Oregon State games that year and it was clear he was a beast and you found yourself saying "wow" a his ability. Watching Perry that year the only "wows" were related to how many carries he had and wondering when the physical wear and tear would catch up to him. If Mike had bothered to watch any PAC10 games and not just the local games he might have had a clue.


Or are you proving mine?

" I watched a couple Oregon State games that year and it was clear he was a beast "

So instead of hiring more scouts the Bengals should just watch a couple of games. Ki-jana Carter also looked incredible at Penn State. Reggie Bush was all world at USC.

When Chris Perry played in 2005 he was pretty awesome. The guy had great talent, however, he couldn't beat injuries. For a guy that carried the ball 30-50 times a game in a tough conference that is something no one could have predicted. Except you of course because you watched a couple of Oregon State games.

It is insane not to see it is easy to say which players are better now based on the last few years. No one knew that going into the draft. Guys like Blair Thomas, Lawrence Phillips, Curtis Enis and Ron Dayne? I saw a couple of their games in college also. It was clear they were the best running backs of their time.

- A good GM recognizes a good draft pick trade went it is presented to them (let alone a sweetheart deal like Ditka's in '99) and knows how bundle picks to trade up when it is advantageous. Mike "football guy" Brown can do neither.

- A good GM can use draft grades as one of many tools to use with draft picks. MFB seems to use some "tingly feeling" when his spider senses detect a high level of "up side" and/or low cost.

- A good GM can draft projects because he has already accumulated talented starters and is grooming backups. Meanwhile, when Mr Football Guy loses his Pro Bowl TE, he doesn't look for a veteran free agent but instead goes fishing for a defensive player to "convert" to TE. Good grief.

Sorry WhoDeyFan, that list of Big Ten RBs is a joke with the exception of Larry Johnson. You showed 2 rookie RBs to prove a point??? They have not done anything yet. Plus, aren't we talking about top RBs here? Why are you showing us backups? There have been 49 RBs drafted from the Big Ten and here is a list of some of the busts that were drafted in the first round or second round...

Ki-Jana Carter (does this ring a bell?)
Tyrone Wheatley
Tim Biakabutuka
Curtis Enis
Chris Perry (does this ring a bell?)
Ron Dayne
TJ Duckett
Michael Robinson
Terrell Fletcher
Robert Holcombe
Joe Montgomery
Anthony Thomas

Shoot, let's go to the 3rd round for busts since a lot of good RBs go in the 3rd round...Shoot, you probably have never even heard of these guys. LOL

Jon Witman
Sedrick Shaw
Chris Floyd
B.J. Askew

You have proved nothing with your post. The best RB probably ever from the Big Ten was Eddie George. So I would say there have been 2 top RBs from the Big Ten that have actually shown they were top Draft Pick RBs from the Big Ten. 2 out of 49??? Yea, let's go get a RB from that conference. LOL Um, well, errrrrrrr, MFB did, in KaJunka and Chrissie Perry. Nice Picks, eh!

Don't give me the injury thing either. Btw, experts grade the college players for a reason. Plus, they also use the grades from the NFL combines and separate professional workouts. You think they provide this information for nothing? They have analyzed these players, watched who their opponents were, etc..
they take all of this into account. Perry was going to win the Heisman? Winning the Heisman trophy does not mean you are going to do well in the NFL. I can name just as many BUSTS that won the Heisman as ones that did something in the NFL that was of importance.

You do not draft on base of need, you draft on selecting the best player available that is on your board at the time and do not reach for a player in which MFB did with Perry. You do this with some exceptions of course, depth is a major factor in the NFL, but as I said too, need does come into play also. You think Perry was the best pick because he was a Heisman candidate? Well, the experts disagree so who is right now? Yea, they don't get all of them right, but for the most part they pretty much are right.

Tiger J@w,

Michael Robinson is a quarterback (one ideally suited to the Wildcat formation because he can throw, run, and catch the ball - I saw him play wide receiver for two years at Penn State during my time there and then the year after I left the area, 2005, he led the Nittany Lions to the end-of-season #3 ranking). Unfortunately, the short-sighted 49ers, who have had quarterback issues since Jeff Garcia left the organization, haven't deemed him fit to play the position, even though there have been times in the past three years that he would have had to be an upgrade.

I realize that he's listed as a RB on their site, but he only played WR and QB in college and was drafted (ostensibly) as a QB. Also, and this is coming from a Penn State alumni who thought Larry Johnson should've won the Heisman his senior season over some Palmer cat from USC, can LJ really be considered a success? He's had 1.5 good to great seasons and a lot of nothing otherwise. (And, to curtail the "Palmer rightfully won the Heisman trophy argument" Palmer didn't set single game passing records seven times in one season, and his USC team had a lot more offensive talent than LJ's PSU team did.)

Yea Wyatt, I know what Robinson did in College, and I know he is listed as a RB, but he did play RB in College, he played both QB and RB and the 9ers converted him to a RB. I was just throwing WhoDeyFan a bone with LJ, but for the most part, you don't take a RB from the Big Ten. I can only show so much evidence and he can't show us RBs that came from the Big Ten that did anything special. This is why he has not been back to post.

n 2003 with the Nittany Lions, Robinson started eight games—three at quarterback and five at tailback. He completed 62-of-138 passes for 892 yards, five touchdowns and five interceptions and finished second on the team with 396 yards and three scores on 107 carries.

In 2004, Robinson again started eight games. He was second on the team with 33 receptions for 485 yards (14.7 avg) and three touchdowns. He completed 14-of-39 passes for 170 yards, a touchdown and five interceptions. He was third on the squad with 172 yards on 49 carries.

@TigerJ@W -

Wow, not only are you an idiot, you are also kind of an asshole. You want to know the real reason I have not been back to post?

Because from your last argument stating that no active running backs coming from the big 10 have done anything special tells me your limited football knowledge comes from madden and fantasy football. Just because you would not draft one of these running backs on your fantasy team does not mean they are not excellent football players. A multi year career in the NFL is the proof that a running back is a great player. Picking Larry Johnson as the only decent player from the following list told me all I need to know about your lack of football knowledge.

Pierre Thomas
Ladell Betts
Marion Barber
Laurence Maroney
Rashard Mendenhall
Shonn Greene
Beanie Wells
Larry Johnson
Michael Bennett

When one resorts to name calling, means, you have lost this debate. Thanks for proving my point!

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