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  • Preamble

    IN THIS TIME of perpetual Cincinnati Bengals incompetence and futility, with zero playoff wins in the nineteen seasons since the WhoDeyRevolution Godfather, Paul Brown, passed away in 1991 and handed the team to his fortunate son, the Despot, Mike Brown;


    WE, the members of the Who Dey Revolution, in our fervent dedication to the Cincinnati Bengals and fanatical desire to transform our hometown team into perpetual Super Bowl contenders, call for a popular revolution of fans to demand comprehensive reform to the managerial decisions and approach of Cincinnati Bengals ownership, management, staff and players, and hereby call for the adoption of the following Who Dey Revolution Manifesto:

    Manifesto Demands

    THAT the Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, Marvin Lewis, along with every other member of the Bengals management, staff and personnel, state publicly to all Bengals fans, “I will do everything in my power to help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl;”

    THAT Mike Brown will hire a general manager, drastically expand the scouting department and relinquish all control of player personnel;

    THAT all training, rehabilitation and medical facilities are considered best-in-class compared to other NFL teams;

    THAT the management fill the team only with players who fit the system, both mentally and physically, and are not reluctant to makes changes to player personnel when needed, regardless of cost or loyalty concerns;

    THAT offensive and defensive line depth is considered the top priority for all player personnel decisions;

    THAT all decisions made by ownership, management, staff and players, both on and off the field, are judged only by this criterion: “Does this help the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl?”

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August 27, 2009


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Congratulations comrades, this is yet another sign that our boycott is working

You must be smoking the same crack as Josh hamilton. There is no way in hell your "boycott" had anything to do with the Bengals not selling out a freaking Preseason game!!!!! Do us all a favor and STFU and pull your pants up from around your ankles and get a clue. It must be real lonely in your parents basement? But then again you guys are the same idiots that spend your own money to fly banners and urinal cakes. Bunch of geeks. It's nowonder you have the backing of radio nerds like Mo Egger and Lance mcCallister. They are the Kings of Geekdum.

Hey Tony, why don't you take a HIKE, PAL! Who invited you here anyways? Go back to gobengals where the RAH RAH Kool Aid drinking crowd hang out! and if you do not think this is a sign to come then you are a CLOWN just like all of them over there are! The first regular season game will be BLACKED out too and then what will you say? Pull your head out! Oh, you can't, because it is up MFB's buttocks! This place had a lot to do with what is going on with people not giving their hard earned money to a LOSER of an OWNER once again! Get Lost!

Hey Tigerj@w.......CHILD PLEASE........first of all, who says i needed to be invited? Who the hell are you? Tell you and the rest of your panty wearing ,playerhating blowhards to get a freaking clue. You guys are nothing more than the sterotypical pain in the ass, playerhating geeks who nobody respects or pays attention too. You have nothing to do with the blackout of a preseason game. Are you freaking kidding me? I guess you take credit for the other NFL preseason games being blackouted too? What a joke. Dont you guys have some more urinal cakes to suck on? How about using your "hard earned money" to move out of your parents basement? Then maybe you can pull your pants up from around your ankles. Bunch of nerds.get a job and get a life you freaking dinks. Maybe you need Mo Egger and Lance to kiss your ass some more. They seem to be the only ones that care about you buzz killing trolls.

Tony, Were just a group of bengals fans trying to create change for the bengals organization. Weather WDR is responsible for the black out or not, I like to think we've had something to with it, at least we are taking action to better the Bengals and not drink the preseason kool-aid and settle for the same old bungals year after year. There is no reason to insult WDR like that.

If I may include some shameless self-promotion here, the website I run, The Cincinnati Man, is hosting a congratulations party for the winner of our "Best Bar" tournament tonight. It's all going down at Mainstrasse Village Pub in Covington, home of 180 different bottled beers. There will be free pool, and no shortage of beards. There's no cover, either, so there's that, and we'll be not watching the Bengals game accordingly.

Tony, you are back? Man, you are like a NAT! LOL Child Please is so stupid and if anyone thinks Chad said that first is a CLOWN! Dude, I have followed this team for DECADES! How old are you? Are you in your 20s? Probably so! I root for the Bengals every Sunday, but I will not root for the OWNER and his despicable ways he runs this franchise or not to make this team better in the way he told everyone when PBS was built. He said we would be competitive and well, 10 years later we've had 1 winning season. You call this competitive? Like I said, go back to your RAH RAH Kool Aid drinking crowd over at and you will sleep better at night. I hope you enjoy the first game black out, but I am sure you have season tickets like the CLOWN you are! Enjoy the CIRCUS!

Wow Tony, apparently YOU care about us "buzz killing trolls." Whose jock are you on anyways? I don't get it. Maybe you're a Brown... thats the only logical reason I can see for you getting so upset about REAL Bengals fans wanting what most teams around the league have... a competent, productive head office not tainted by gross stupidity or nepotism. I love the Bengals as the 'Nati's team. MB is taking advantage of all of us. Many lemmings about cant seem to grasp an original thought and frustrate the hell out of me. You are attacking people on this site like you have some good reason for it. I havent heard it yet, just a bunch of drivel and name calling. Well youre a butterface! Argue against that! We the fans, the Cincinnati school systems, and Hamilton county are getting screwed by the Browns... i'd like to hear a coherant argument as to why us people of the Revolution are "playerhating" (whatever the hell that means... the players suffer the least, they make millions, you make what... $40,000 - $80,000 a year tops...?) or we're just trying to be "pains in the asses." Obviously you're time is spent the same way ours is, so do you actually think about the b***sh*t you are being fed or do you just take it all in... like a good little American watching a Cable News network...??? eh??? BTW by coherant argument i dont mean 7th grade personal attacks... political tactics wont work here... where is my coherant arguement? See the Who Dey Revolution Manifesto to you left... nuff said.

watch it live here, if your intronet connection doesnt suck... good ole canada

Child Please. you all got your little 15 minutes of fame and now it's time to move on and get a life. I find it funny that you would suggest i am drinking the "koolaid" but you fools pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on urinal cake and airplane banners. Let me get this straight, you are going to straighten out Mike Brown by spending your "hard earned money" to protest Mike Brown? Do you understand how stupid you idiots look? Really? You guys are right out of the dumb and dumber playbook. Who do you get your clues from Paul daugherthy, lance mccalister and Mo Egger? IDIOTS

Please take your own advice and um, MOVE ON! Talk about an IDIOT!

Please take your own advice and um, MOVE ON! Talk about an IDIOT!

Posted by: TigerJ@w | August 27, 2009 at 01:39 PM

What's wrong guys? Cant take the heat? Should i fly a banner over your website? Should i buy a bunch of urinal cakes and place them in your bathroom? "This sounds like the pot calling the kettle black" Now you know how marvin lewis and mike Brown feels. And you guys are crying like little girls. I love it. I think i am going to start my on movement. It's call the "Anti Who Dey Revolution for Fans With Common Sense Who's Pants are Pulled Up From Around Their Ankles, Who Dont Live In The Parents Basement". I wonder if i can get on HBO HardKnocks? I'm taking donations....Who Dey RevolutionBueller???? Who Dey RevolutionBueller????? JOKE Where can i get my Anti Who Dey Revolution urinal cakes?

In efforts to lighten the mood... I have to give major props to those who have given up their season tickets. It must be painful not to be able to watch the team, even though watching them can sometimes be more painful than anything. Although I have not given up my season tix (once I really got turned onto WDR and everything you guys are doing, the tickets were already renewed and paid for) I will feel good about draining Mikey's beer supply at the game tonight... for free. SO although I am not yet brave enough to sacrifice my tickets, I guess in a way due to "connections" I will be stealing from MB tonight. Does that count for even a little? haha... rock on WDR


Really? Protesting is stupid? I guess MLK, Women's Rights Movement, our founding fathers, etc... all IDIOTS right?

Stupid is stepping on a rake over and over and over again.
Stupid is having 1 winning season in 18 yrs while the owner gives himself a GM raise every year and buying a ticket.
Stupid is having 1 winning season in 18 yrs while tax payers continue to pay out millions of $$$ for a stadium that was "necessary in order to be competitive" and being patient.
Stupid is believing that no change will yield a different result.

And no it's not the pot calling the kettle black. You have every right to disagree, as stupid as it is. The difference is WDR doesn't tax you every year and then place a lit doggy bag on your doorstep. Money is everything and when a city pays out millions of dollars every year for a terrible product, it should demand better and demand change.

smells like some steelers fans are finally making their way over to our boards.

i guess there isn't anyone left in vegas to rape.

Stop feeding the trolls...

Why is Tony so feisty?


There is one language that those who (poorly) run the Bengals can understand--the language of money.

The truth is, as long as fan will support a mediocre team, then the management will be content to field a mediocre team.

The truth is, as long as people fill the stands, no real changes will happen.

The truth is, the potentially great team the Bengals had only a few years ago has been squandered. Good players are gone, while a joker who can't decide what we should call him is still around, bringing attention to himself and distraction from the team.

The truth is, the only things keeping the Bengals from being the joke of the NFL are the Lions and the (Cleveland) Browns.

The organization has ceased to even try, and so does not deserve my support. Or yours.

I wonder if tony's next post will reference 1) "living in mom's basement" or 2) "pulling pants up from around ankles." I'm curious how moving out of your parents' basement allows one to pull their pants up, as you stated in your second post. Are belts, suspenders, and/or pants that fit not allowed at your parents' house? That must have been awkward growing up in an environment like that.

The great thing about the internet is that you don't have to visit every website. If you don't like WhoDeyRevolution, then don't visit the site. Personally, I will not be visiting www.AntiWhoDeyRevolutionforFansWithCommonSenseWho'sPantsarePulledUpFromAroundTheirAnkles, - It sounds like a site I wouldn't like very much, but I bet the URL is still available if you check.

Its funny that several of the "founders" of this site live outside the viewing area of bengals games, which makes them not subject to blackouts. In other words, locals (what 95% of Bengals fans?) will potentially miss several games this year. Even "The Ticket" blacks out within 75 miles of the local market. Therefore, while the "founders" get to enjoy the game from outside the viewing area, the majority of fans are getting screwed and are financially supporting the fiascos they come up with.

I would propose a new project mayhem task. Communicate to local Bengals fans where and how they can watch blacked out games. Obviously, online is the first solution. Blackouts are put in place to drive interested fans to the stadium, thus negating all of WDR's "hard work" ~ LL

"Hey Tigerj@w.......CHILD PLEASE........first of all, blah blah blah..."

"Child Please" is a retarded catch phrase...the equivalent of whatever the hell urkel used to say. please shut up now. you have the credibility of an acne-infested 13-year-old with a boner problem.

Tigerj@w is really Paul Brown II (Mike's oldest son)and the WDR is really getting to him. All kidding aside, i work with the Bengals and I can tell you personally that WDR is really starting to bother them. Think of WDR as a paper cut on Mike's hand. What needs to happen it that cut needs to get infected and spread.

LL - if I lived in Cincy and faced the blackouts that would be a side effect of the boycott I advocate as a writer for WDR (assuming our boycott gets any credit for the non-sellouts...we give credit to bad economy and bad last year), I would still advocate and participate in the boycott.

Living in NYC means I still get to watch but that doesn't change the fact that the only way to really change things is for ticket purchasers to revolt en masse and blackouts are an unfortunate side effect. WDR did not create this policy and it's not "funny" to us at all. In fact, it's quite inconvenient and another obstacle to The Cause.

But yes, we should advocate a way for locals to watch the games that are blacked out. However, all broadcasts are probably technically illegal (I would imagine, the NFL don't mess around), and given more than a few people who sympathize with the Bengals (including the Bengals themselves) would love to see us die, it might be a little dangerous for us to advocate something that is technically illegal. But fans should do what they are comfortable with when trying to find a way to watch a blacked out broadcast.


Unfortunately, there is no place to watch a blacked out game aside from the internet, or being outside of the local viewing area. That is the point of a black out.

However, just sit tight...

Wheels are in motion and I have a feeling you will hear of a local establishment that will proudly support WDR and feature plenty of football, beer, high fives and generally awesomeness...

The other link didnt work for me.

Here's a link that I got from the people on who were following Streak for the Cash - It's got a bunch if sporting events streamed online.

Have fun, drink a beer, and watch the bengals online. You dont have to hide that smug look on your face knowing Mike Brown is losing money tonight because his team sucks.

The Bengals are putting up a real stinker tonight against the Rams. Even the Bengals tv crew coverage is coming off like high school amateur stuff. Mics on during commercials, etc etc.

Be glad this game is blacked out. What I've seen so far hasn't been pretty. And it's the freaking Rams. Long season ahead, boys. Long season ahead.

Theme-creator, HUH??? Paul Brown II??? Dude, I am on WDR's side of the fence. I think you have your brain waxed by MFB since you work for him. I am watching the game on line and the Bungals are back. They are making Boller look like Montana and we are talking about the horrible Rams here. I know it is only preseason, but if you have seen this team over the many MFB years then you are seeing the real Bengals. Plus, I love how the commentators are pushing those tickets. LOL The whole upper deck is almost empty. Love it!

I've been living in the NYC area for the past 10 years so regarding local blackouts in Cincinnati someone please help me out here... if John Q Bengal Fan can't watch the game at home on the local Channel 5 b/c of the blackout, could that person still go to a local bar and watch the game on NFL Sunday Ticket? I'm having a hard time believing that the local sports bars with the NFL package would still be subject to the blackout. Just curious. Appreciate any insight on this. Gracias.

No, DTV follows the same local blackout rules.

Blackout Rules for Local Team Home Games
A regular-season, Sunday afternoon home team game will be blacked out in a home team's territory if the game fails to sell out at least 72 hours before the game. If it is blacked out on your local broadcast station, it will also be blacked out in your area on NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Each stadium's local blackout area is defined by the broadcast signal of the local affiliate carrying the game, not by the mileage surrounding the stadium.

The NFL requests broadcasters to black out games for a number of reasons:

* To make sure your local team benefits from a stadium full of enthusiastic fans.
* To protect home game attendance of the teams.
* To assure the entertainment value of a full stadium — for people in the stands and for people watching TV.
* To protect local television coverage.

Mockenrue: The Bengals are gonna suck just like they do almost every year. What would make any sane person think any different? Drafting a fattie they cannot even get in camp? Fuggedabowdit. Mike Brown is an evil scumbag and there's no chance for improvement until he's in the grave.

OK< you did it now... BURGER BEER? That shit was filtered through a rancid cheesecloth that was soaked in pig shit for two years! Then someone peed in it! MY GOD! BURGER FRICKIN' BEER? THe best that could have happened with that is that the guy who bought up all those old Cincinnati brands, would have buried the formula and the name, after buring it first. That shit was swill. The only thing worse that I've ever had was Top Hat!

Geez, I remember being 15 years old and going to my sister's boyfriend's house -- his father being a bit of a drunkard... I asked Bob if I could get something to drink. He told me to go to the fridge. Me being deprived of beer (except for the occasional beer with Dad), I opened the fridge and there must've been 20 quarts of Burger. I asked Bob if there was so much there, that his Old Man wouldn't miss any -- especially since he was drunk 24/7... ...Bob told me to 'be his guest' and take a quart. I obligingly did. I almost threw up from the smell let alone the taste! Bob told me: "That's why the Old Man drinks it. He knows that none of us (his Sons) would touch that shit!"

Brings me to a Billboard I saw heading up 75 North, it was for Hudepohl Beer. I can't remember the exact wording but it was something like: "It floods Cincinnati like the river water..." My thought was: "It floods Cincinnati and 'tastes' like the river water..."

As they say... there's no accounting for taste.

mike_brown_is_evil, I'm not sure why you called me out on that comment. Did you somehow get the impression that I thought the Bengals had any chance of success this season, or that they would even look good in the preseason? I've never said anything of the sort. Scroll through my comments on this site (or just check out my Backtype profile, for that matter). I have steadily and consistently criticized Brown and by extension his franchise, in line with the WDR goals and primary complaints.

I was merely pointing out, for the benefit of those unable to see the game, that they really weren't missing much. Which is no surprise, but false hope is a rampant problem in this city.

Too bad doesn't deliver to NOhio. I was working all night so I only got to see bits of the game on breaks and watch the highlights when I got home. I can only hope that we play better in a real game than we did tonight against the Rams. But then again, the way that the O-line played doesn't exactly instill hope. Feels like '08 again(or most other Bengals seasons in recent memory). Despite the fact that we played like a D-III high school team, there were some good things to take from the game, even though it was meaningless.

1. I hope Slim Thug plays like he is now in the regular season. Slim + Chase Coffman in the red zone(if we can actually get in the red zone this year) will cause matchup nightmares for defenses.

2. Hopefully Quan Cosby's punt return for 6 will secure him a roster spot, and put Chatman on the chopping block in the process.

3. Like what I've seen from Bernard Scott this preseason. Not quite as fast as 3D, but also not an injury risk.

The Bad
1. O-line. I'm glad CP9 wasn't in the game. If he was, I would have feared for his well being very much(I believe the O-line allowed 6 sacks). MFB and Punkin really need to stop lowballing and get Andre Smith on the field NOW. Not sure if he would have made a difference today, but at least I could see what he has to offer.

2. Turnovers. There were way too many of them, including two fumbles that went the other way for points and a couple game changing picks.

3. Brat's playcalling. Pretty self explanatory there. Why isn't he fired yet?

And some WTF moments.

1. Antonio Chatman. Why is he still on the team?

2. Jerome Simpson. Why is it that every time he's made a play this preseason, there's always a holding or OPI that negates it. I've been critical of Simpson since he's been on the squad, and I still don't know if he'll pan out.

Bottom line. We still look like the same old Bungals. No matter how much talent we seemingly have every year, it ends up getting wasted. I hope for better things this year, but I'm expecting the usual. If Kyle Boller can pick apart our defense, I'd hate to see what a real NFL quarterback could do to us. Whothefuckdey?

God I love this site. You guys provide a very valuable service for us Bengals fans that are fed up with Mikey boy and the way the team is run. Theme-Creator is right; what needs to happen it that cut needs to get infected and spread. I can't wait to see what the next Project Mayhem is. Keep up the good work!

The only way Brown would get money is if you buy NEW tickets from the box office or Ticketmaster. If you buy them off eBay he's already seen his cut of that money.

So just buy your Bengals tickets off eBay or from a dude on the street corner for half price and sneak in a flask.

Best wishes to you all - this brings back memories of our fight after Katrina when our owner wanted to relocate the Saints to San Antonio.

Wow - I was just looking at the Bengals ticket pricing chart on and that is the most retarded pricing structure I've ever seen.

The Bengals are only charging $77 a game for lowers on the 50 yard line, yet the worst seats in the house (2nd level endzone) are $59 a game?

That is crazy retarded - Trig Palin retarded if you will.

The Bengals front office does indeed suck. I don't think any team in the league has a pricing structure this moronic. Charge $120 for the great seats and $35 for the crap seats - not $77 and $59.


Between semi-literate TigerJ@w and barely-literate Tony (and the others who got involved in the flaming), it's hard to tell which is worse - the trolls that come to this site to start flame wars or the WDR regulars who "rise up" to "defend the honor" of the Revolution. I just wish that you guys would realize that by sinking to Tony's level and calling him names, you're not reflecting well on the rest of us. TigerJ@w, I admire your passion and desire to see the Revolution succeed, but sweet merciful Christ are your posts mind-numbingly annoying. Take the extra two seconds to proofread and spellcheck them, buddy - this site will be a better place because of it. I'm obviously not one of the founding members of this site or a writer for it; however, I hope I'm not speaking out of line in saying that the image we're trying to present is that of a higher class of Bengals fan, a group of intelligent diehards with free capital that could be spent on the Bengals if only the product would improve. And by engaging in flame wars with trolls and posting barely coherent comments to generally well-written articles, we're shattering that image and coming across as a bunch of unhappy homers. And I will admit that by engaging with "Jessica", a self-professed Steelers fan, in the Cincinnati Subway post, I violated the argument of this post, but in the future, I'm not going to take the bait, and I would ask that the rest of you do the same as well.

Perhaps the writers on this site will contradict me; however, I think that by showcasing our intelligence, we're doing the Revolution a greater service than simply posting blather, especially now, with attention to the Revolution at an all-time high.


The were a lot of people asking how you could watch a blacked out Bengals game. There is a way and to the best of my knowledge as long as you do it in your home for your own personal use it is legal. However, you might want to consult and attorney first just to cover you butt. All that being said, here is how you do it.

Go outside the market area (at least 75 miles, but 100 to be safe) and purchase a direct TV receiver. Make sure you registar it to an out of market location (like say your vacation cabin on a distant lake or second home down south or a friends house out of market, etc.) Then order sunday ticket. Then bring the receiver home to your in market location and it will work. I have taken recivers from OH with me to my Florida home and I get 5,9,12 like I did at home. PLEASE NOTE: this will not work with some newer 5 LNB models. But all the rest work fine.

There you have it.


The were a lot of people asking how you could watch a blacked out Bengals game. There is a way and to the best of my knowledge as long as you do it in your home for your own personal use it is legal. However, you might want to consult and attorney first just to cover you butt. All that being said, here is how you do it.

Go outside the market area (at least 75 miles, but 100 to be safe) and purchase a direct TV receiver. Make sure you registar it to an out of market location (like say your vacation cabin on a distant lake or second home down south or a friends house out of market, etc.) Then order sunday ticket. Then bring the receiver home to your in market location and it will work. I have taken recivers from OH with me to my Florida home and I get 5,9,12 like I did at home. PLEASE NOTE: this will not work with some newer 5 LNB models. But all the rest work fine.

****I forgot an important set. When you setup the reciever make sure that you do not plug it into a phone line or the internet. When you call Direct TV to order tell them you phone line is not functional or you only use your cellular, etc. If you don't do this, they can discover your location by IP address or caller ID. The entire key to this working is that you cannot let them know the exact location of the receiver.

Well put Wyatt.

Sorry Wyatt that I am not up to your so called intellectual posts. LOL I did not know this site was made to become an English class. Yes, I post sometimes and misspell words, but I am just typing fast and moving on. Should I take time out to look it over, um yea, but mainly you and the others got my point.

Also, how do you know that your damn boring post is not mind numbing annoying also? I about fell asleep after reading your first paragraph or should you be separating those sentences and making them into three paragraphs for better reading? Hmmmmmmmm
Learn to separate your sentences so I won't fall asleep the next time, mmmm, k.

You told me nothing new that I or anyone else does not all ready know. Tony was attacking me personally so I responded appropriately to his type of trivial banter. You may not like what I post, oh well, move along little dogie just like he did and it is simple as that. I am sure it will be too hard for you to do though. Maybe I should misspell something to make you feel better right now. Do you feel better now?


No need to get hostile - I know you've got the Revolution's best interests at heart, as I think most of the regulars here do. It's just my opinion that by giving into the trolls and flamers that come on here, it takes away some of the legitimacy of this site and what we, as disgruntled Bengals fans, are trying to accomplish.

Looking back at it, "mind-numblingly annoying" probably wasn't the best way to put it, but I'll freely admit to being one of those annoying internet guys who think that just because you're posting something on the internet, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be proofed and well-written. While you've never had a problem getting your point across, your delivery is a big part of the presentation, and the more intelligently and professionally we present ourselves, the more seriously our movement will be taken.

And while I don't agree with braveduck's comparison of our protesting poor management for a professional sports team to civil rights and women's lib protestors, the fact remains that thanks to the internet, our grass roots campaign actually has the potential to gain some steam and potentially even make a change someday. In order for that to happen though, we've got to present ourselves with the utmost legitimacy, and if that means taking the extra couple seconds to make sure everything's kosher, isn't it worth that effort?

PS - I tried to keep my paragraphs short for you, so that you can hopefully read the whole post without falling asleep and realize I'm not bashing you.

PPS - You had several grammatical mistakes in your post: "so-called" with an apostrophe, "mind-numbingly" (adverb) instead of "mind numbing" (adjective), and "already" as opposed to "all ready". Also, the sentence "I about fell asleep after reading your first paragraph or should you be separating those sentences and making them into three paragraphs for better reading?" is poorly constructed and creates the illusion of a choice when the two pieces joined by "or" aren't really parallel choices. It should've either been two separate sentences for two separate ideas, or you should've joined the two phrases with "so" instead of "or". Also, there's nothing wrong with longer paragraphs - I apologize for not writing for the short attention span audience, but I prefer to put whole arguments or ideas into one block of text, as it should be.

That said, I'm guessing my current attempt at constructive criticism won't be received any better than the last one, but I honestly only did it with the Revolution's best interests at heart. (Okay, this PPS was purely for spite, but I think you've earned it.)

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